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3 Replies to “Conservative Candidate in Ontario disses democracy, wants public funding for ‘faith based’ schools…”

  1. Mystery surrounds discovery of Apollo statue in Gaza

    A local fisherman says he scooped the 500-kg God from the seabed last August, and carried it back home on a donkey cart, unaware of the significance of his catch.

    Others soon guessed at its importance, and the statue briefly appeared on eBay with a $500,000 price tag — well below its true value. Police from the Islamist group Hamas, who rule the isolated Palestinian territory, swiftly seized it and say they are investigating the affair.

    […]However, Ahmed Al-Bursh, the ministry’s director of archaeology, said he had seen it and promised that Ghrab would receive a reward once the issue was resolved.

    “It’s a unique and huge statue from the Palestinian civilization. It demonstrates that there were various civilizations on Palestinian land. It’s a precious treasure,” he said.

    Once the statue was released by police, Bursh’s ministry plans to repair it and put it on show in Gaza.

    video on the page :


  2. How do you suggest creating a competitive system of schools then? you have a better idea?

    Islam shouldn’t be called a religion and get any kind of public funding

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