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5 Replies to “Interesting Dawkins video on leftism, freedom of speech and criticism of islam”

  1. Remarkable for a representative of the secular humanists actually comment on the cowardly hypocrisy of the P-C left and its insane alliance or at least willingness to carry water for Islam. For once, good for Dawkins. It’s the first time he’s made sense.

  2. Dawkins, one step at a time. Next he might admit that evolution implies that humans are speciating as we speak. He still believes in equality and a universal human consciousness.

  3. Dawkins says the LSE is the last place he’d expect to see freedom of speech being impeded. It’s interesting, because I’m not in the least bit surprised that this hotbed of leftism is in the vanguard of curbing freedom of speech. It’s one of the first places I’d expect to see doing it. And as surely as night follows day…

  4. I can’t see that video, it says: “video is private” 🙁
    I like “firsts” and from the comments it seems this is a “first” (Dawkins making sense).

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