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5 Replies to “More testimony at the Quebec hearings for the proposed secular charter.”

  1. “This is interesting”

    ^^^^^^^ This is the understatement of the day/week !!

    Watch it! Powerful! One of the most articulate testimonies yet !

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Bangladesh Islamist leader Motiur Rahman Nizami to hang (BBC, Jan 30, 2014)
    “The head of Bangladesh’s main Islamist party, Motiur Rahman Nizami, has been sentenced to death for arms smuggling, prompting fears of fresh unrest. The Jamaat-e-Islami president was found guilty along with 13 others of trafficking arms to separatists in the neighbouring Indian state of Assam. He was industry minister in 2004 when the arms cache was discovered in the southern port of Chittagong. He faces separate charges of war crimes dating back to independence in 1971. A verdict is awaited in that trial, and if convicted he could also be sentenced to death in that case. A number of his party colleagues have already been found guilty, and some sentenced to die, for war crimes. Jamaat supporters have led protests against the trials, in which scores of people have been killed…”

  3. I thought the music was a bit superfluous. The BASTURDS don’t even use the ‘ drop ‘ system but slow strangulation – SADISTIC SWINES. And meanwhile western lefties are upset about the soda stream fiasco…Powerful stuff.

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