News links for Jan 27 2014 – 1

1. Gunmen kill police officer guarding Hindu temple in Pakistan

[…] Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim countries where other religions account for little more than 3% of the population.

The attack is reminiscent of a November attack in Peshawar where a police officer was shot dead while he was guarding a church. […]

2. Jan 25 Deadly suicide bombing hits Kabul (video at link)

A suicide bomber has blown himself up close to a bus carrying soldiers in the Afghan capital Kabul, killing at least four people, official say.

The Taliban said they carried out the attack in the south-east of the city.

They have stepped up their campaign ahead of the departure of Nato-led combat troops at the end of 2014.

3. Trailer for arrested film maker, Dinesh D’Souza’s new film.

4. Israel warns of rising jihadi threat from Syria, rethinks neutral policy in bloody civil war

A sharp increase in the number of al-Qaida linked fighters joining the fight against President Bashar Assad in Syria is threatening to spill over the borders and prompting the Jewish state to re-evaluate its policy of neutrality in the civil war next door, a senior Israeli intelligence official warned on Friday.

5. Liberté, Egalité, Jihad

Why are disaffected French youth exchanging France for Syria?

So far, 18 French jihadis have been killed in Syria, 70 have returned, and 220 (four times as any as in May 2013) are thought to be on the ground there. Another 200 to 300 might be preparing to go. About 80 percent are of North African descent, usually young men who ignored the precepts of their ancestral religion and indulged in debauchery until they were “born again” into a life of puritanical fanaticism. The other 20 percent are French converts.

Thank you Fjordman, M, and everyone. This evening expect quite a powerful video from Quebec about muslim intimidation and thuggery against people, and especially muslim women, who are testifying in favor of Quebec’s new secular charter.

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  1. #3 That is a must see film.

    #4 The war was always going to spread, it will first engulf the entire Middle East and then spread to the rest of the world.

    #5 Where else are they going to get the combat training and experience to try and conquer France and then the rest of Europe?

  2. 4/ Sancho Panza: If the rock hits a pitcher or the pitcher falls and hits the rock, too bad for the pitcher. (Sounds better in Spanish, but you get the idea.)

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