News links for Jan 27 2014 – 2

1. In Syria, some Christians are fighting back. And winning.

We are going to make graves for the terrorists in this land. These are our holy places, and those churches are thousands of years old, we will never give up on them. If they think they will come and destroy it and pillage it, we will not permit them, we will be hear stedfast till we finish the last of them. If they think the money that comes from the Arab world is going to help them, they are mistaken. We are the owners of this land, not them.

2. Edward Snowden interview with German paper. English version (Non-dubbed into German) I recommend watching this all the way through.

(Thank you Don C for finding this version)

3. Tony Blair makes the exact same absurd noises he has been making for years and somehow it is being spun into an admission of the dangers of Islam. Yes, the headline is good, but the article is just a triple masticated regurgitation of the wish-craft he has been peddling for years.

By ‘Wish-craft’ I mean he seems to be operating under the premise that if he repeats something he wishes was true often enough that somehow it will become true. A not-so-rare strategy of Western leaders I find when it comes to Islam. Even the Russians are guilty of this one although they try and also make it so.

4. Terrorists believed to have netted some 10 mln euros from armed heists

5. North Korea: Jan. 26 (Yonhap) — All relatives of the executed uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, including children and the country’s ambassadors to Cuba and Malaysia, have also been put to death at the leader’s instruction, multiple sources said Sunday.

(In North Korea, executions are a family affair)

Thank you Fjordman, M, Wrath of Khan and everyone. More to come. In a few more hours, what I consider to be a very important clip from Quebec should be ready. If you agree when you see it, please spread it.

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  1. ‘65% of females in Yemen marry underage’ (gulfnews, Jan 26, 2014)
    “…Child marriages are rampant in Yemen. A study revealed that the bridal age in more than half of the finalised marriages in Yemen was under the age of 15. According to the study conducted by Sana’a University, only 7 per cent of “husbands” were under the age of 18. It also added that nearly 65 per cent of females are married “underage,” while that number rises to 70 per cent in rural areas. Despite efforts to put an end to “this catastrophe”, experts and activists differ on whether setting, by law, a minimum age for marriage will solve the problem. Some say the issue has been receiving considerable attention and growing approval to setting a minimum age for marriage that will be agreed on by the society. Others disagree…”

  2. Egypt army backs Sisi as presidential candidate (BBC, Jan 27, 2014)
    “Egypt’s top military body has given its approval for armed forces chief Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to run for the presidency. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf) said: “The people’s trust in Sisi is a call that must be heeded as the free choice of the people.” Security sources say he will resign and announce his candidacy within days. Field Marshal Sisi led the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi in July, following mass protests against him. An election must take place by mid-April. Correspondents say Field Marshal Sisi would be likely to win, given his popularity and the lack of any serious rivals. On Saturday, tens of thousands of people backed his candidacy at a rally in Cairo, after the field marshal said he wanted to gauge “public demand”. At the same time, almost 50 people were killed in clashes between security forces and protesters demanding Mr Morsi’s reinstatement…”

  3. China: Twelve dead in Xinjiang violence (BBC, Jan 27, 2014)
    “Clashes that killed 12 people in China’s western region of Xinjiang were caused by “terrorists”, Chinese state media report, citing police. Six people were shot dead by police and six were killed in explosions in Xinjiang’s Aksu prefecture on Friday, state media said. Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uighur minority group, sees sporadic clashes. Verifying reports from the region is difficult because the information flow out of Xinjiang is tightly controlled. Authorities traditionally blame extremists for outbreaks of violence, while Uighur activists point to tight Chinese control as a cause of tensions….”

  4. US condemns Afghan order to free 37 ‘Taliban prisoners’ (BBC, Jan 27, 2014)
    “The US military has condemned an order by the Afghan government to release 37 prisoners deemed by the Americans to pose a threat to security. In a statement, the US said it was an “extra-judicial release” of detainees that would be “a major step backwards”. The detainees are part of a group of 88 prisoners previously held by the US but handed to Afghan control in 2013. The US insists they are “dangerous individuals” but Afghanistan says there is not enough evidence against them. Earlier this month, the Afghan government announced it would release 72 out of the 88 prisoners, prompting almost instant condemnation from the US which said there was “strong evidence” linking the 72 to “terror-related crimes”. Hundreds of prisoners at Bagram jail have been freed since the Afghan government took over the running of the prison in March last year…”

  5. UPDATE 2-Gunmen kill at least 62 in Nigeria, including in church (Reuters, Jan 27, 2014)
    “Suspected insurgents armed with guns and explosives killed at least 62 people in northeast Nigeria, including at a church service, in a region where Islamist sect Boko Haram is resisting a military crackdown, witnesses said on Monday. They killed 22 people by setting off bombs and firing into the congregation in the Catholic church in Waga Chakawa village in Adamawa state on Sunday, before burning houses and taking residents hostage during a four-hour siege, witnesses said. On Monday, a separate assault by suspected members of the shady sect killed at least 40 people in Kawuri village, in remote northeastern Borno state, security officials said. No one immediately claimed responsibility for either attack…”

  6. Yeah IM trying to figure out what to do about that.

    If its not on Youtube on an official ARD channel, it may be available somewhere as a Bit Torrent

  7. #1 Given time the Christians and the West will get their acts together.

    #4 Robbery has been a favored tool to finance revolutions for a long time.

    #5 When you are living in a nation with a God King you have to kill the kids and relatives of the people you have killed to prevent revenge attacks.

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