Will Britain one day be Muslim?

Daily Mail:

This week has been another terrible one for those of us who want a society in which all races, religions and cultures mix to their mutual advantage and enrichment.

On Tuesday, five men were sentenced to life in prison for plotting to use a huge fertiliser bomb in what would have been the UK’s largest mass murder.

Omar Khyam, Waheed Mahmood, Salahuddin Amin, Anthony Garcia and Jawad Akbar – first and second generation immigrants – responded to the tolerance of the British people by trying to kill as many of them as possible.

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  1. A visitor to Dubai’s or Abu Dhabi’s international airports might be forgiven for thinking that concern for the Arabization of Europe is the fever dream of a few overheated paranoiacs that does not on the whole trouble Europeans. Arabia is a well-appointed hotel on a warm beach a short flight from Europe in winter, or a comfortable transit point to more distant sun and sand, with free internet and racks full of glossy, heavy magazines like Yachts Emirates and Luxury Life, also free, and an opportunity for some fairly exotic people-watching. It’s a place to do business and find work and a market for high-end European brands also snatched up by Chinese and Malaysian tour groups. One doesn’t expect to hear tables of English holiday-makers raging in airport restaurants about the death of free speech in the U.K., exactly, or the latest British Muslim plot to blow them up, or angry French Catholic families demanding to know where the non-gender-segregated prayer room is, but it does all seem so blasé you can find yourself wondering if Eurabia isn’t something Europeans will simply get used to.

  2. The Socialists, (controlled by the Communists who employ them as Useful Idiots – another term for intellectuals), believe every human is equal and blame the West, the White Male and his unwilling victim, the White Female, are guilty of crimes to Humanity. Diversity and running White Men out of positions of power to defer to a superior magic of presence is the final solution.
    In this genocide come Arab Nationalism. If it were white Nationalism to breed a real Master Race based on Eugenics it would be halted at the door, but down-breeding on mass-welfare and enforced by hate, has a free pass. Their objectives are the same: to make blind so that the blind may lead. A less-intelligent human species to rule.
    Our children are their target. Common Purpose is one seduction for women, Islam the other for men. To love possessions with the theft of a Communist to share the wealth, or beastiality to plow what your hand posesses with the plunder of a Muslim who covets the wealth. To break open the man’s wallet or woman’s locket. Thieves that come in the night.
    And they talk of Hate Crimes.

  3. O/T, sort of. For the Islam at the Movies files. Last night I watched the 2013 British-produced ‘Diana’ in its wretched entirety, two years in the life of the self-harming, serial Muslim-shagging princess who would doubtless have saved the world if only the paparazzi had let her live a year longer. The film was savaged by the critics, and deservedly. But even as propaganda for the marriage of Pakistan and the U.K., or at least for their copulation, it fails on its own terms, actually reinforcing stereotypes the writers presumably thought they were shattering: the Diana Naomi Watts was given to portray is almost that of a colonial era heat-and-dust memsahib escaping the spiritual emptiness of life with a starchy District Collector to find The Meaning of True Passion in the curry-flavoured kisses of a dusky lover (except he likes hamburgers! How non-stereotypical).

    But how could anyone even think of making such tripe in 2013? While for the rest of us, Pakistanis are just another bunch of aggravating Muslims, for the Diversity-oriented they are apparently a brand of Noble Savage, brown people in touch with Nature, like some romantic misconception of Indians in the days before there was such a thing as Pakistanis – people who, in contrast to Anglo-Saxon Brits, really understand cricket and football, have passion for these sports beyond Anglo-Saxon capacity, and who also respond instinctively to improvised black American music – all people of colour of course have a feeling for bebop – unlike the musically-challenged Diana, stuck at her piano playing contrapuntal old Bach and requiring private tutoring to ‘get’ jazz. But a people who are at the same time deeply civilized, bearers of an ancient wisdom who know mystical poetry by heart and say profound philosophical things about triple bypass surgery, and have joy-filled extended families who live in perpetual fecund tropical night with shining-eyed children and wise old women who also speak aphoristically. It’s a relief at least that so many found this hate-crime of a film and its pro-Islam message risible.

  4. Brave item in the DM………..

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    The bottom line says it all.

  5. Will Britain be Moslem on day? Maybe but I refuse to think that they will remain Moslem for long, despite the propaganda and guilt mongering the British are still the people who created the largest Empire ever seen, and then stood alone against Hitler even when it was obvious that doing this would destroy their Empire. In the long run Britain and Europe will once again become free nations but the long run may be a Century away.

  6. It looks pretty dark right now. But I expect that in a hundred years or so, some sunny June day (that is a new national and international holiday) people will bring out their grandfathers trophies from the events that created the holiday. Bandoliers of dried Muslim ears.

  7. @joeb

    He’ll go far, that one.

    I noticed Akbar Ahmed’s name coming up in the tweets (e.g. ‘Greetings, have heard tremendous things about you from Professor Akbar Ahmed, my teacher, mentor, and second-father!’). No doubt he is familiar to many readers here. 34 years in Pakistan’s Civil Service, visiting prof at Harvard, Cambridge and Princeton, author of ‘Discovering Islam,’ basis for the 6-part BBC ‘Living Islam’ series, ‘Islam Under Siege’ ‘Islam Today’ and other books, adviser on Islam to George W. and Prince Charles, on and on. A few minutes reading Akbar Ahmed and you recognize he is either spectacularly misinformed about his area of expertise or lying through his teeth. A suitable ‘second-father’ for this dhimmi dirtbag.

  8. Ces inondations et ces séismes en Europe des avertissements d’ALLAH donc aux européens de convertir immédiatement a l’islam pour éviter leurs fin par ces punitions d’ALLAH les inondations volcan les séismes tsunami raz de marée vent violent plus 200 km/h la neige cataclysmique avalanche grêlon les tornades ouragan si la fin du monde pour éviter la peur et l’enfer

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