News links for Jan 24 2014 – 4

1. Breivik’s “Double-Psychology”

(This post at GoV contains new information that no one else seems to be bothered to post and its important. Please click the link above and have a look. The media was fast to use Breivik’s BS to condemn those who opposed the islamification of the world. Funny how silent they are on this new revelation)

2. This is an article from Dutch news but I have been sent various versions of this from many sources. It is about a muslim man who is alleged to have raped his granddaughter. There is a video as well as this article. I will speak more on this another time. (The video has been removed but it is still up at YT)


3. Dearborn Autistic boy told not to bring bible to school.

4. Pentagon relaxes dress code to accommodate religious whatevers.

5. This flag was spotted by a Vlad reader on the back of a car in Australia at a McDonalds Parking lot. We are trying to work out exactly what it is, realizing of course that it could be on the car of a new zealot who is flying anything Islamic that would be offensive to the general Australian population and not that particular which one it is. Here is a video I did of the standard Islamic banner called ‘Al-Rey’ some time ago.

The reader informs us that this person looked like a convert to Islam who had the classic beard etc. that jihadis wear.

AQ Flag in Oz McDonalds



H/T and thanks to Bear, GoV, M, and all who sent in materials.

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  1. Several people have noted decals on car windows in the Bankstown area of Sydney – showing two scimitars crossed over a map of Australia – above some tard gibberish. The text is unintelligible – but the meaning is clear. The most devoted of the muslim rabble wants the whole country. And the least devoted wouldn’t mind if the impossible did occur.

  2. #4

    No mention of who is really important here to the new Muslim America. Transparent tip toe around the elephant. That Hindu guy looked like a radical? Americans don’t know the difference between Hindus and Muslims. Bright bunch down there and very dangerous to themselves and the others right now through exceptional ignorance of the world and its ways.

  3. @Eeeyore

    It’s only on a few cars that I have seen – and they’d only dare drive it around their enclave. It’s about 30kms from where I live – but from time to time I do pass through that suburb – so will definitely keep an eye out and camera handy.

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