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8 Replies to “New immigration video by Vlaams Belang, Belgian opposition party.”

  1. I think they have been Dormant too long, and that is the big ..BIG..PROBLEM we have over here as well, GO..GO..BLEGUIM.!!!!!…tell it how it is, because our Politicians don’t seem to have the GUTS to do.

  2. Excellent video. The perfect mixture of satire and seriousness, and overall very effective I think. I would love to see the PVV, the FN, Lega Nord, and Alternative fur Deutschland follow suit. I think the youth in the Identity movements could produce a similar video with a unique, youth-oriented spin on it.

    More videos of these nature should be done as they send a very clear message that “You are NOT welcome!” to both perspective incomers and those already residing in Belgium. Anyone know what Vlaams Belang’s popularity is like in Belgium currently? I remember reading somewhere that last election their popularity dwindled, which I found very disheartening indeed.

  3. Black flies! Horse flies! Deer flies! Mosquitoes – lots of mosquitoes!

    Mosquitoes don’t spread HIV. They say. But what about the filth of kafir blood itself? Who knows what the unclean have been eating? Safer for Muslims to avoid Canada altogether.

  4. @ don c: “…lots of mosquitoes!…”

    Excellent! One should broadcast into those countries, “Tokyo Rose” style, all the dangers that lurk in civilised countries for the allah-u-akbarists.

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