News links for Dec. 30 2013 – 2

1. Bruce Bawer: Signs of hope for Europe

2. This would appear to be the same bay that the icebreaker full of scientists studying global warming got so stuck in the ice that they have actually given up their study. The video below was 1912, the same month.

3. Blast from the past. My personal favorite BC comic strip.

4.Russian police disperse a crowd of people holding an impromptu demonstration against terrorism in the town which has seen two attacks in the past thirty some hours.

5. Muslim M&S worker refused to sell ‘unclean’ Bible book to grandmother, customer claims

{3}A Muslim store worker at Marks & Spencer refused to serve a customer buying a children’s book on biblical stories because she said it was “unclean”.

Sally Friday, a customer at a branch of one of the famous stores, felt publicly humiliated when she tried to pay for First Bible Stories as a gift for her young grandson.

When the grandmother put the book on the counter, the assistant refused to touch it, declared it was unclean and then summoned another member of staff to deal with the purchase.

(The spin doctors at Marks & Spencer’s just got a big Christmas raise I bet for the work they are going to have to do this year. It is also noteworthy that no comments are being accepted at the DM) 

6. CCTV of the explosion at the Russian Train station


Richard, EDL Buck, M, Oz-Rita and all who sent in material. More to come shortly.

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8 Replies to “News links for Dec. 30 2013 – 2”

  1. I found a site that is well pro-Muslim

    I think they just went down the dark side with one step and with the second one they were all in.

    The are pro-Palestinian. Now they are pro Rohingya. etc

    They are also pro high taxes. They think they have the charts/ analysis to prove it.

  2. Just came across this in Pravda, quite a good article hope you can recommend it to your readers. In it the author criticises ‘western’ interference in Russian politics. He talks of Kohdorkovsky (who has just been released from jail) having set up a political foundation in Russia with Henry Kissinger and Lord Jacob Rothschild on the board. Do the Russians fear ‘western’ interference in their affairs, or American ? – or is there another party at work here.?

  3. Moroccan actress mimics the Quran’s recitation, sparks controversy

    When the host asked Latifa to give a sample of the poems of her spectacle, she started describing the doomsday in what it looked first like a poem, then it swiftly turned out to be a mixture of altered Quranic verses in a humorous and ironic way.

    The video where the controversial artist appears mimicking the Quran went viral on social media with many Moroccans expressing their displeasure to see a Moroccan artist mocking their sacred religious book.

    The video was also harshly criticized by a number of Moroccan newspapers. Latifa Ahrar’s move was condemned by Atajdid and Al Alam newspapers, as well as by some Moroccan politicians. Mohamed Najib Boulif, Minister Delegate for General Affairs and Good Governance and member of the Party of Justice and Development, denounced such type of Art, labeling it as “dirty Art” that must be forbidden.

    In her response, Latefa, said that there “is no dirty or clean Art, there is only one Art.”

  4. 5/ Inayat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, says “Many Biblical stories complement the teachings of the Koran.”

    That’s great news. I look forward to seeing the MCB publish combined Bible-Korans for use in British mosques, and British imams basing their Friday harangues on Islam-complementing verses from the New Testament.

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