Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood terror and the US government position

More proof that the Egyptian government is correct and that the US government is way way wrong.

Egyptian Government Interior Ministry: Brotherhood protest leaders will be executed  

“the penalty for leading a Muslim Brotherhood demonstration will be the death sentence, even if it is a woman.”

The harsh move comes in accordance with yesterday’s declaration of the Broterhood a terrorist organization, which was issued after the car bombing in Mansoura that killed at least 15 people “

(This actually proves that the current Egyptian government is actually non-sexist. Equal rights means equal responsibilities)

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7 Replies to “Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood terror and the US government position”

  1. They’re going to be packing them pretty tight in the prisons, if the Ministry means what it says. More merciful to just shoot them and they can kick back in heaven.

    Brother Bashir at University of Greenwich is panicking:

    ‘Egypt is going back into dark ages: Its totally now controlled by a few fundamentalist Christians and ultra secularists. They are totally committed to creating a Christian Egypt.’

    I look forward to some video of BHO defending the Muslim Brotherhood, maybe giving us a bit of the history and background.

    Ross, do you mean all Muslim women are victims of extreme Islamic repression, or only Muslim women who choose to participate in Islamic terrorism are victims of Islamic repression?

  2. Always remember that women are deadlier then men and have a capacity to for hatred and violence that few men can match, women leading the demonstrations are going to be the more violent of the demonstrators.

  3. Sorry, Ross can’t give these women a pass. When women behave properly as good muslimas – i.e, as mute animals – that’s one thing. These gals are braying just as enthusiastically as the male jackasses.

  4. Yucki not to be picky but all Jackasses are male, the females are Jenny’s. With the demise of the westerns most people in the cities don’t have anywhere to learn this fact.

  5. HRW condemns as politically driven Egypt’s decision to tag Brotherhood ‘terrorist group’

    Human Rights Watch says no proof has been given that the Muslim Brotherhood is involved in terrorist acts

    Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticised Saturday the interim Egyptian government’s decision to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, arguing the decision is politically driven.

    “The Egyptian government’s designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation appears to be aimed at expanding the crackdown on peaceful Brotherhood activities and imposing harsh sanctions on its supporters,” HRW stated, urging the government to reverse its decision.

    […]The rights group also condemned the freezing of funds believed to be linked to the Brotherhood.

    “On 23 December, Al-Ahram reported that the Central Bank had frozen the bank accounts of over 1,000 non-governmental organisations reportedly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. This announcement so drastically affects health services in Egypt, much of which are Brotherhood-linked charities,” HRW said.

    “The government’s assault on the Brotherhood has gone beyond clamping down on peaceful political activities to curtailing desperately needed health services and schools for ordinary Egyptians,” Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at HRW, said. “There seems to be no end to this wave of oppression.”

    “Egyptians can and should debate the sincerity and extent of the Muslim Brotherhood’s commitment to democracy, but the unrelenting repression of the group flouts fundamental human rights and freedoms,” Whitson said.

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