News links for Dec. 28 2013 – 1

1. Jihad Watch: British female convert to Islam fomenting jihad in Somalia on back of a camel

2. Ship studying global warming in Antarctica stuck in ice as is the icebreaker sent to rescue them. Onboard journalists writes of severe and profound cold of Antarctica.

3. London Shiia ceremony. Hizb’allah flag at 1:34

4. Car bomb kills three in Southern Russia. Tards are suspected.

5. Otawa Canada Christmas Day. Shiia muslims march at Parliament hill to try and sell their version of who the calif should be.

6. Geert Wilders speech in Italy Dec 18 2013:

7. Iran’s “Treaty of Hudaybiyya in Geneva”

The significance of Hudaibiyya in Islamic teachings is that…treaties are made to be broken.

The mainstream media portray the tensions between Iran and Israel as a conflict between two malign governments. But it is only the government of Iran that is the offensive aggressor, and only that government which has pledged to wipe Israel off the map — not the other way around.

8. Official: 4 U.S. military personnel detained by Libya

9. Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo goes full on 80s disco.

Thank you M, Fjordman, Richard and all. Christmas seems to have been an eventful day for islamic barbarism world wide.

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  1. 5/ This Arba’een bullshit seems to have been on Dec 23 or 24 everywhere else. I suppose it’s a gracious accommodation and concession on the part of Ottawa’s Shia settlers to march instead on Issa Day. But why weren’t Ottawa’s Sunni settlers out planting bombs along the route? Too cold? Couldn’t set the timers with their mittens on? I guess that’s something to look forward to on future Ottawa Arba’eens.

  2. #1: the “british” female is “protected” by 800 jihadists? And lost 20 kgs? I suggest that after that, the only possibility of “safe sex” in close vicinity to this mass-murderer would be with her camel.

    #3: In some cases the wearing of a chador should be made obligatory – as in the case of these unappetising flabby meat self-flagellating tards. Thanks for the tape, Eyeore, best appetite cutting method for someone on a diet.

    # 5: if I was that Canadian flag, I would feel all dirty now and demand a thorough washing.

    #6: Ahhh, Geert Wilders translated into Italian….*dreaming* – and I just love the word: “BASTA” !

    #7. “…The mainstream media portray the tensions between Iran and Israel as a conflict between two malign governments…”

    In fact, I think these bastards portray mainly ISRAEL as a malign government. Complete reversal of values rules the waves of the effluent.

  3. #1 Poor camel.

    #3 That’s just vile porn. Our children should not be exposed to that nastiness. Seriously, that’s not even PG.

    #6 Basta y Sobra!
    But Geert is not looking well. His eyes are all puffy, and he’s taking more water than usual. I worry.

  4. #2 LOL

    #7 This aspect of the Islamic religion is one that isn’t voiced enough, it gives warning to all that Iran doesn’t mean to keep the treaty on nuclear enrichment, unfortunately the vast majority of people in the west don’t understand this fact and because our leaders and the MSM refuse to talk about this aspect of Islam refuse to believe us when we tell them.

  5. Yes, Hitler stabbed Stalin in the back. Other peoples or armies have promised safe conduct and then massacred people to a besieged city or went back on treaties.

    But in Islam it is canon law.

    That is a big difference.

  6. Turkish Airlines employee stabbed in Libya

    TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — A Libyan security official and the Turkish media say a Turk has been stabbed to death in the Turkish Airlines office in Tripoli.

    The official said the victim of Friday’s attack was an employee killed in an argument over lost luggage.

    Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency quoted an airline spokesman as saying the victim of Friday’s attack was the official in charge of accounts. It said however the motive was theft.

    The two accounts could not immediately be reconciled.

    Both said a second Turkish employee, a female, was wounded and is being treated. The Libyan official said a third arrived at the same hospital but it wasn’t clear if her case was connected.

    The official spoke anonymously because he was not authorized to brief reporters.

  7. Jack you are right, Hitler stabbed Stalin in the back because he was an ambitious dictator with delusions of grandeur, the Moslems do it because their holy writings say they are suppose to .

  8. Google drops Wilders’ anti-Islam Gmail account

    Google has deactivated the [email protected] Gmail account politician Geert Wilders was using to spread his anti-Islam stickers. The deactivation was probably prompted by the many complaints Wilders’ umpteenth anti-Islam initiative had prompted.

    It was the politician himself who reported via Twitter on Boxing Day that his account had been closed. “Unbelievable; Google just blocked the account. It seems Mohammed Rabbae’s complaint was successful,” he tweeted. Rabbae had complained at Google that Wilders was abusing its service.

    His complaint –on behalf of the National Council of Moroccans- had been among many complaints that were lodged against Wilders after he came out with his anti-Island sticker a week ago; it read “Islam is a lie. Mohamed is a criminal. The Koran is poison.”

    The politician claimed the sticker was not meant as an action against Muslims as the majority of people of this faith is not violent. He has since launched a new account where people may order his sticker.

  9. EGYPT _ CAIRO _ DEC 28 2013 One student shot dead and university buildings set ablaze as protesters clash with police in Cairo

    One student has been shot dead and university buildings set on fire as supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood clashed with police in Cairo.

    Police say they entered the campus and fired teargas to disperse pro-Brotherhood students who were preventing their classmates from entering university buildings to take exams.

    Protesters threw rocks at police and set tyres on fire to counter the teargas. 13 others have been injured.

    Police arrested 101 students for possession of makeshift weapons including petrol bombs, the state news agency reported.

    The clashes took place at the Cairo campus of Al-Azhar University, a respected 🙂 🙂 🙂 centre of Sunni Islamic learning, which has been the site of frequent flared tensions in recent months.

  10. PAKISTAN – Death sentence given in blasphemy case

    MULTAN: Additional Sessions Judge Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal on Friday awarded death sentence to a man he found guilty of blasphemy.

    According to the prosecution, Imam Ali, 63, a resident of Haroonabad, was found drawing pictures of the Holy Prophet on the walls of his room. Police said Ali had been a devotee of Habib Abdullah Shah and the caretaker of his shrine in Bahawalnagar. He was arrested in 2011. Qari Muhammad Ahmed, 27, the complainant, said, “I found the drawings in his room.” Saddar police registered a case against Ali in March 2011. A nephew of Ali’s said that several lawyers had refused to take up the defence case fearing a backlash.
    The judge also fined Ali Rs100,000. Ali told The Express Tribune he believed blasphemy law was unjust. “Unfortunately, there is no way out of such situations for a poor man like me.

    video : why do muslims get angry over Prophet Muhammed cartoon drawings?

  11. Rita, we can’t be paralyzed by fear. This is the time to think strategically. Look at our enemies’ enemies. Come at this from all directions. Gotta think like Geert!

    Between this vile cur & that hoary bitch, they’ve accumulated too many years of executive office malfeasance. They don’t have to worry about skeletons in the closet, they’re buried under still-decomposing bodies.

    I’m more afraid of being blindsided by a taqiyya alternative. Investigating the challenger/s will task us to the utmost.

  12. #5 Typical of Muslims. Choosing Christmas day to march demanding that people fixate on islam while ignoring the slaughter of Christians by muslims.

  13. Yucki be very worried about Hillary, she and the Democrat Machine are getting ready to see that fraudulent voting steals another election for the left. If they manage this the precedent has been set that left wing Democrat Presidents are above the law, she will be free to do what she wants despite what the law and the Constitution say.

  14. Voting fraud’s a fixture in my state. Nobody ever elected Michael Dukakis. That’s a fact.
    How do we get around it? Other than inviting outside observers like Jimmy Carter & Ban Ki Moon.

  15. There is a movement to call a Convention of the States to discuss, and adopt 11 amendments to the Constitution, one of those is to require picture ID of all voters in an election electing anyone to Federal office. A lot of people are against the idea of a convention but we are in bad enough shape the risk of a run away convention is not as bad as what is currently happening. You can google Convention of the States or the Liberty Amendments to find out what all of the 11 amendments are. Three states have already prefiled to call the convention and the people pushing the idea say that 24 should have filed for one by the end of next year. They need 34 to file to call a convention and then they need 38 to vote to adopt the amendments.

    Check them out and let me know what you think.

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