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12 Replies to “Egypt Bombing Kills at Least 10, State Media Say”

  1. At least 14 dead, 130 injured in Mansoura’s powerful explosion

    Deadly bombings hit the Daqahliya security directorate early on Tuesday in Mansoura, Nile Delta, killing at least 14 and injuring 130 in what seems to be the worst terrorist attack yet since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

    The injury and death tolls, which are expected to further climb with eyewitnesses saying causalities were still inside the damaged building, were announced by Egypt’s health ministry.

    Al-Ahram’s Arabic site quoted an anonymous security source as saying that two bombs went off almost at the same time. The first bomb, he says, was planted in a higher floor in the building, the second in a car next to the security directorate.

    A third bomb planted in another car was defused, the source added.

  2. Egypt PM declares Brotherhood ‘terrorist’ group

    Cairo (AFP) – Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Beblawi has declared the country’s Muslim Brotherhood movement a “terrorist” organisation, state news agency MENA reported Tuesday, quoting the premier’s spokesman.

    Beblawi’s remarks came just hours after a car bomb ripped through a police headquarters in the city of Mansoura, north of Cairo, killing at least 14 people, mostly policemen.

    Scores more were wounded in the attack, medics and officials said.

    “Prime Minister Beblawi has declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation,” MENA quoted the premier’s spokesman Sherif Showky as saying.

    Egypt’s military-installed authorities have often accused the Muslim Brotherhood of funding and training militants who regularly launch attacks on security forces in the restive Sinai Peninsula.


  3. Rep. Bachmann Calls on Obama to Label Muslim Brotherhood A ‘Terrorist Organization’

    “From the time of Hassan al-Banna and the ‘secret apparatus’ staging terror attacks across Egypt and the assassinations of Prime Minister Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha and judge Ahmed El-Khazindar in 1948, to the ongoing attacks on Coptic Christians and churches and the terror campaign targeting the military in the Sinai and elsewhere, the Muslim Brotherhood has always kept terrorism as part of its arsenal and living up to their motto, ‘Jihad is our way,'” Bachmann wrote.

    She added that the Brotherhood engages in a two-faced policy of publicly condemning terrorism to media outlets in the West, and then supporting terrorism when they think no one is looking. When they get caught, the predictable response is to claim that they were misquoted or taken out of context. Alain Chouet, the former head of the French Security Intelligence Service, observed that “like every fascist movement on the trail to power, the Brotherhood has achieved perfect fluency in double-speak.”

    Bachmann added after the January revolution, the Obama administration and the American media fell for this double-speak, embracing the so-called “moderate Muslim Brotherhood.” But as the people of Egypt quickly discovered, they were anything but moderate.

    “Under former President Morsi’s brief tenure, the Muslim Brotherhood’s program of extremism was given a green light. One of Morsi’s first agenda items was to demand the release of convicted terrorist leader Shiek Omar Abdel Rahman from American prison. Morsi also released scores of convicted terrorists from Egyptian jails,” she noted.


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