News links Dec. 23 2013 – 1

1. More than 100 police injured in Hamburg riots: Officers hit with petrol bombs and bricks during clashes over closure of culture centre

German police suffered 117 casualties during the country’s worst night of rioting for a decade near the infamous Reeperbahn in Hamburg. […] This is the first time in many years that we have seen such aggression,’ said a police spokesman.

‘Rioters came back to attack fallen officers regardless of their injuries.’

This is the left now, and always. Just like the earlier National socialists, even if these ones pretend to oppose them.

2. Dec. 17 2013 India demolishes US embassy barriers after diplomat’s arrest in America

(If Obama has a plot to alienate all the traditional US allies and get close to all her enemies he is half succeeding)

3. How some religious diversity is playing out in India where what appear to be two muslims are arrested under the new, ‘Black Magic’ laws.

4. Blaze Exclusive: Pakistani Terror Group Threatens Deadly Attacks on New York, Washington, D.C.

Click over to the blaze for the story. Its interesting. The video is embedded below but don’t bother its an hour, in a middle Eastern or South Asian language and boring. Hopefully we can get the important bits and translate it soon.

5. Hundreds of Afghan asylum seekers demand residency permits in Belgium

The town’s authorities decided to put an “emergency plan” in place after several hundred Afghans gathered together in front of the mayor’s office. Regardless of heavy rain and strong winds, the demonstrators had marched about 70 kilometers from Brussels to see Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo, who also serves as the Mayor of Mons. It took them three days to get to Mons.

Many videos are available. Perhaps M can post some in comments. I will try and subtitle any that seem worth it. Meanwhile, Belgium needs to make decisions.

Thank you M, Richard and Fjordman and anyone I missed for the links.

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  1. Abbas says Jesus was a ‘Palestinian messenger’

    BETHLEHEM, Judea-Samaria (AP) — In a Christmas message, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has referred to Jesus as a “Palestinian” messenger of hope.

    Palestinian officials said Abbas used the term in a historic context, applying to all those in the Holy Land at the time, regardless of religion.

    Few scholars dispute that Jesus was raised as a Jew.

    Abbas’ emailed comments Monday appeared to be part of an effort to reach global public opinion and strengthen links between the Palestinian and Christian narratives.

    Abbas said Jesus was a “Palestinian messenger who would become a guiding light for millions.”

    A majority of Palestinians including Abbas are Muslims, but he and predecessor Yasser Arafat have called for unity of Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

    Bethlehem, the traditional birthplace of Jesus, is a Palestinian town in the West Bank.

  2. Israel to Abbas: No, Jesus was not a Palestinian

    Foreign Ministry pans PA president’s ‘outrageous rewriting of Christian history,’ says he needs a hug from Santa

    Israeli officials reacted with bitter scorn to a Christmas message from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in which he called Jesus a Palestinian and suggested Israel was to blame for the exodus of Christians from the Holy Land.

    “He should have read the Gospel before uttering such offensive nonsense, but we will forgive him because he doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told The Times of Israel on Monday. Abbas’s statement is an “outrageous rewriting of Christian history,” according to Palmor.

    These rather unfriendly statements are “not exactly in the spirit of Christmas,” Palmor, the Foreign Ministry spokesman, said cynically. “Maybe he needs a hug from Santa?”

    Abbas also mentioned Palestinians “trapped under siege” in Gaza, and “those who are prevented from worshiping in Bethlehem.

    An Israeli government official took offense particularly with the suggestion that Israel has caused Christians to leave the Holy Land. “The exodus of Christians from Bethlehem turned into a flood the moment the PA took control,” the official said.

  3. I think the violent demonstrators should be shot or if possible arrested, tried and imprisoned or executed.

    I can be for illegal demonstrations where people march without a permits, because the government just does not want to hand one out.

    But throwing petrol bombs, stones and bricks is out of line. Having a sniper shoot a petrol bomb thrower as he is throwing or shooting the bottle would be good.

    Some people would say bombs have been thrown before hundreds of times and police were not seriously hurt. If they had been wearing street clothes or regular police uniforms they would have been.

    Shooting the would escalate things. The black bloc people would go Bader-Meinhoff gang on society. They are not that far from it already. But to continue to allow them to riots several times a year virtually with impunity is to a country, civilization what progressive flooding is to the seaworthiness of a ship. These riots might be slow creep, but they are damaging and they will sink civilization.

    Better than sniping a bomb thrower in the act would be to capture them after filming the entire incident and putting them on public trial. A trial that would be held both inside & outside the court room. Revealing their names, showing their pathetic sponge lives where they contribute naught to society would hold them up to public ridicule and embarrassment.

    The masks have been there to thwart authorities from identifying them. But it also allows them to meld back into society. If people knew that Joe was part of the black bloc, they would give him the cold shoulder and it would have an affect.

    You got to do this more than once. It can;t be a one off. You need to prosecute them after each protest with rock or bomb throwing. You have to prosecute them so much so that when they plan and going to a protest they know they will be in the public spotlight without a mask making lame excuses for their pathetic behaviour.

  4. Whatever else the Nazis did they did NOT riot on behalf of immigrant squatters.

    The state functioned in such a way that generally served the average German. (at the cost of persecuting stateless persons and other group deemed offensive to the regime)

    The USSR was designed to cripple the average Russian.

  5. #1 The left in Germany is moving to create a situation where they can take over, unfortunately it is a win win situation for them, if you use firearms they claim the government has lost control of the streets and needs to be replaced, if you don’t use guns the police end up being killed.

    #2 Obama hates the entire west and any third world nation that befriends the west, he is willing to destroy all of civilization to damage the west.

    #5 When did the west get so weak that people in our nations illegally can demand anything?

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