The BBC, moral relativism and dangerous, even treasonous deceptions.

Yesterday I posted a story as part of the links & News of the day, an item about universities in the UK and gender segregation at lectures.

I had another listen to it today and noticed what was said at just after the 50 second mark. (link should bring you right there.)

Did you hear that? The BBC reporter actually said:

“…the muslim right to segregate trumps women’s right to sit where they want”.

Get that?

The BBC reporter made the statement that there is such a thing as a ‘muslim right’, which of course there is not, and this fictitious right actually trumps the real right of women to choose where they want to sit.

For clarity’s sake there is no such thing as a collective right. If Jews for example want the right not to eat pork or work on Saturday, then they have the individual right to not order pork or cook it or eat it which may mean they have to change jobs etc. and they have the individual right not to work on Saturday, which again, may mean they may have to change jobs as some companies may be open Saturdays and it would be grossly unfair to non-Jewish employees to force them to work more saturdays to accommodate a Jew who chooses not to. However that Jewish person has the individual right to choose a job or career that doesn’t require working on the Jewish sabbath. He does not have the right to force others to not eat pork or work on Saturdays. These is because there is no collective ‘Jewish right’. Only how people make choices within the parameters of their own rights.

What this BBC reporter has said is tantamount to treason if such a thing was still a crime in the UK, as they are inventing laws which actually undermine the most fundamental in free societies. That of individual rights which cannot and must not be “trumped’ by imaginary collective rights to bully those who do not adhere to those religious principles.

Muslims have, and always have had in free societies, the right not to sit together. If some bearded clam and his burka clad slave want to attend a lecture together and sit apart they are already perfectly entitled to do so. But to force this on the rest of the population and claim it is a right? Well that would be like forcing non-Muslims to not have pork as a menu option in a publicly funded school because it offends muslims just to be near it. And that, we all know, could never happen. Right?

I wonder how Rosa Parks would do in today’s United Kingdom. I suspect I know.

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  1. Eeyore I am pretty sure the journalist said the university body said the rights of Muslims trump that of woman to sit anywhere. That is truely shocking. I honestly believe that the reason the lefties let these freaks get what they want is because they do not know how to say NO to brown people. Seriously I think it is that simple!

  2. What should we expect? It’s Al-Beeb again, driving its Marxist-Islamofascist agenda with all of its usual impunity.

    For them there can be only one solution and I am not talking about disenfranchising them from their virtually unlimited access to the taxpayer funded public trough, or sequestering their obscene pension fund and returning it to the taxpayer, or even speaking to them firmly about what their Charter really means – I have something else in mind and although I am not allowed to say what this outside possibility is it really would warm the cockles of my heart if I was still around to participate.

  3. ‘The Muslim right to segregate’.

    As a reporter, he had the job to state the argument presented to him. But he didn’t say “the Muslims believe they have a right to segregate, but instead readily agreed they had a right to segregate. However, the truth is, all human beings have the right not to be segregated. That is the freedom Rosa Parks fought for.

    One can only equate like-with-like. You don’t equate the uncivilized with the civilized, zombies with humans, the dead with the living.

    ‘The Muslim right to segregate’.

    This phrase fits right into the Socialists Tea Cup, and the poison will kill them. ‘The Women’s right to 40% of the boardroom no matter if they are capable or not”. Marxist Cultural Relativism.

    Reporting this cult in this manner he gives them an equal status and a place at the table they should not have.

    There is no Muslim right to segregate. Period.

  4. These foreign students from oil-rich Muslim countries are a cash cow for British universities, but are costing Britain every other way.

    As that demonstrator was suggesting, the universities compete to be Muslim-friendly in ways that might actually outdo the Muslim countries the students are from, which far-reaching damage the British are (as here) tangled up trying to undo.

    Most of the Muslim foreign students are subpar, many subsubpar. The university has to choose between dumbing down its degree programs (something universities everywhere have been doing for decades already) or establishing de facto parallel streams, a high road and a low road to the same degree.

    Not all Muslims are as dumb as they look. The bright ones bring home firsthand knowledge and experience of Britain and the best a British education offers. And they win friends and influence people.

  5. Eeyore, the bbc is THE most dangerous organization in Britain. I studiously avoid it myself, very rarely watching any of its output. EVERY PROGRAM, be it news, current affairs, drama, nature, history is stuffed with propaganda, whether it’s pushing climate change, or any other of the gamut of leftish causes or policies.
    Having a raging toothache, my resistance at a low ebb, 3am, not much to choose from, I succumbed and watched a documentary about Byzantium/Constantinople/Istanbul. Part of episode two out of three, describing how Mehmet II had finally conquered Constantinople in about 1430.
    He then went on to regale us how muslim conquest had saved the city from a thousand years of Christian intolerance, how, under islam, Constantinople had become a wonderful,,cosmopolitan, multi faith, multi ethnic melting pot, attracting Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc from all around the world to live in tolerance and harmony. I just could not believe my ears ! Anyone with the slightest knowledge of that area – Asia Minor, Balkans etc will know that its history is peppered with pogroms and massacres against any other faith group committed by muslims. Of all the major faith groups they are the most intransigent, intolerant, violent MURDEROUS, BARBARIC creed on the planet.Millions of watch ‘highbrow’ programs like this in the belief that they are ‘educating’ themselves. People believe what the bbc tells them. It is tantamount to giving out instructions how to hand feed a crocodile with chicken legs. I sometimes despair of what we are up against, that this lying, mendacious, disingenuous organisation is trusted and believed by so many people. It is more dangerous than nuclear bombs or chemical weapons. It is (amongst others) persuading a whole civilization to commit cultural and, ethnic, suicide

  6. Paul mason, the ex-bbc journo in that report, is a hardcore leftist. He went to channel 4 news, as all they do is alternatively read out The Guardian and Socialist Worker, or anything written by Marx. The BBC wasn’t leftist enough for him. Next stop for Mason will be Al Jazeera. I guarantee it.

  7. One of the tactics the left has been using to attack and destroy Western Civ has been the idea of collective rights, since their collective rights always outweigh our individual rights we have been losing rights at an alarming rate. We are rapidly approaching a time when only physical violence on our parts will allow us to keep our rights.

    Welcome to the world the left thinks they can create utopia from.

  8. Seneca III: “I have something else in mind and although I am not allowed to say…”
    I know what you mean. I wish I could say it about Our Dear Leader.

    Phil: We’re so busy learning “how to hand feed a crocodile with chicken legs”, we can’t monitor or protest effectively the rubbish in school textbooks. (BTW, I intend to steal that line. Thanks!)

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