News links for Dec 12 2013

1. An interesting biography of Nelson Mandela

2. Bangladesh hangs Islamist leader Abdul Kader Mullah (One for the good guys)

Bangladesh has executed the Islamist leader Abdul Kader Mullah, convicted of atrocities in the 1971 war of independence with Pakistan.

He is the first person convicted by Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) to be executed.

The ICT was set up in 2010 to investigate abuses committed during the 1971 conflict, in which some estimate three million people were killed. (emphasis mine)

3. Quebec plates found in Syrian bunker

Dozens of Canadians have traveled to Syria to fight alongside various factions of rebels battling the Assad regime.

CSIS wants to know whether there are any direct links between the rebels and the thieves stealing cars in Quebec.

4. Women in India demand action on acid attacks. (Caution: The images are harsh. But the ‘people’ who threw the acid meant them to be)

A gang of young neighbourhood men would harass Sonali Mukherjee whenever she left home — taunting her, following her, hissing lewd comments.

But Mukherjee, 18 at the time, was not afraid.

A sociology student, she stood up to her tormenters. After she threatened to go to the police, they sneaked into her house and poured acid on her while she slept, melting away much of her face.

5. Here is a video of one of the first demonstrations against Islam in France Nov 10 2012. Not that long ago. But still inspiring. Thank you Oz-Rita for doing this.

6. Putin: ‘We Will Never Allow Military Superiority Over Russia’

7. Man given gash requiring 50 stitches after he stood up for a woman being knifed at a club. (Think he still wears the Keff?)
Thank you UK Pete, M, Fjordman and all. Much more to come soon. Sorry to say.


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  1. RE; # 5 How sickening and perverse is it when a citizen feels like a foreigner in his own nation, an outcast, different, strange or out of place, culturally disconnected, abandoned by the very political class that was elected to provide him with safety, security.liberty, and personal freedom. How much of this treasonous deceit and skullduggery by the groveling lackeys of Islam are the people supposed to bear before out of desperation turning to violence?

  2. Good business. Very good.

    Iceland jails former Kaupthing bank bosses (BBC, Dec 12, 2013)
    Four former bosses from the Icelandic bank Kaupthing have been sentenced to between three and five years in prison.

    They are the former chief executive, the chairman of the board, one of the majority owners and the chief executive of the Luxembourg branch.

    They were accused of hiding the fact that a Qatari investor bought a stake in the firm with money lent – illegally – by the bank itself.

    Kaupthing collapsed in 2008 under the weight of huge debts.

    For years, Kaupthing and other Icelandic banks had aggressively pursued overseas expansion plans, but when they went into administration, they brought the country’s economy to its knees.

    Just a few weeks before the collapse, Kaupthing announced that Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Bin Hamad al-Thani had bought a 5.1% stake during the financial crisis in 2008…”

  3. #2

    We hear very little from Bangladesh, but it is comforting to know that there are a great many Muslim people there who do not want to live in a big Taliban concentration camp. Gee, you could say the same thing about Egypt… Maybe there’s hope. Maybe one day they’ll work up the courage to quit that disgusting cult they are all so unfortunate to have been born into…

  4. AUSTRALIA Footage of cruelty to Australian cattle in Gaza sparks Opposition concern over live exports

    The Opposition says footage that appears to show Australian cattle being beaten, stabbed and dragged in Gaza may warrant a suspension of trade licences.

    Animals Australia has released footage that it says was filmed in the Gaza Strip in October. [ During Eid el Adha also called Feast of the Sacrifice ]

    The Department of Agriculture has been investigating a possible breach of the live export regulatory regime for more than a month.

    In a statement the department said it believed, based on appearance, some cattle in the footage are Australian.

    “However, we are working to determine the circumstances surrounding this incident including verifying the source, date, time and location of the footage,” the statement said.

    […]“I think anyone who watches this footage and sees images of Australian cattle being stabbed in the eye, having their throats slit while still alive and being taunted and tortured would understand that now is the time to end the live export trade,”

    […]Meanwhile, the WA Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) says it believes much of the footage released by animal welfare groups showing alleged mistreatment of Australian livestock overseas was a “constructed set-up”. “They always seem to be able to come up with some dreadful footage and I’m not so sure that a lot of this stuff is not set up.”

    graphic video :

  5. Yemen state TV has aired footage of al-Qaeda’s recent deadly attack on a military hospital in capital Sana’a.

    The attack, which took place last Thursday, was part of a wider terrorist assault on the Defense Ministry compound in the capital.

    52 people were killed and 167 wounded in the country’s worst terrorist attack in 18 months.

    CCTV camera footage (see below) shows the dramatic moments when terrorists detonated two separate car-bombs and stormed the compound, picking off patients and staff alike with cold-blooded accuracy.

    In one particularly harrowing incident, a terrorist encounters a group of people huddled together in fear in a narrow corridor. After calmly approaching them he hurls a grenade and runs – with his terrified victims scattering in panic or falling dead or injured amid the resultant explosion.

    Al-Qaeda has stepped up its attacks against Yemeni security forces in recent years – though these attacks have been mainly in the lawless southern and eastern provinces where extremist groups are active – taking advantage of the weakening of the central government in Sana’a since a popular uprising that toppled president Ali Abdullah Saleh in 2011.

  6. CBC – Halifax unity mosque suggested for gay, transgender Muslims

    A small group of Muslims in Halifax want to start a unity mosque where openly gay and transgender Muslims can pray and women would be allowed to lead followers in prayer

    […]”What the Qur’an says clearly, just like the Bible, that homosexuality is not accepted,” said Jamal Badawi, a professor emeritus at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

    “It is not regarded as the norm in terms of the needs of society and the relationship between men and women.”

    Badawi said people shouldn’t misinterpret what he or the Qur’an says. He said Islam does not preach violence or hatred against gay or transgender people.

  7. UK -Muslim benefits cheat who stole £82,000 while her husband ran £400,000-a-year tandoori restaurant is dragged screaming to cells as she is jailed

    Johura Begum spent £130 a time at the hairdressers despite wearing a burka
    She also splashed out on Burberry clothes and designer handbags
    Claims she had no idea that her husband owned a successful restaurant
    Said she didn’t know parents owned home she claimed housing benefit for
    Her husband was due to be sentenced also but failed to turn up at court

    She said her husband Mohammed Chowdhury was earning as little as £30 a week as a waiter, when in fact he owned the successful Spices Tandoori restaurant in Colchester.

    Begum’s barrister Girish Thanki claimed Chowdhury was a drug addict and a gambler who had married his wife bigamously.

    He said Chowdhury would not let his wife go out to work – even though she was desperate to get a job.

  8. that video on Mandela is hard to listen to as the guy is clearly a racist fuck, and I have heard all this before, yes, much of what he says is true, but taken out of context and from the perspective of someone who clearly supports apartheid….I will listen to the last half later, after clearing my mind and energy of this scumb dog,
    Back when I donated money to the ANC in the 70.s, it was then and before then a very radical group, not terrorist, but freedom fighters for release of the brutal evil regiem that forced hideous
    restrictions on all blacks and even coloreds, (the browns) Anyone calling the rebels terrorists, clearly comes from a supportive position of Apartheid[ It is like calling the resistance movement in France terrorists, or the Polish rebels, terrorists….Terrorists are those savages that terrorize people
    who are trying to live in freedom, democracy and peace, terrorists in the true sense, hamas, hezbollah, taliban, islamics,…….
    In the early stages the ANC did blow up strategic physical areas, but this scumbags interpretation
    of history most certainly needs to be documented, by proof…..What a bunch of bullshit
    Yes, of course Mandela supported socialism, and those who came to his support, and the only ones who did, were the leftists, the socialists, they supported ending the evil regeim,,, not our decent freedom loving countries, who now weasel their way into some type of light in relation to
    their historical position…..

    I notice also, that you have the occasional wackbag racist commenting on this site, and that is disconcerting..

    One more thing about the economics of SA, clearly everyone who has taken time to research, will find out that the corporations, the white dominated economy, made any decisions made by the black |Anc govern,ent impossible to carry out, the sabatauge was paramount…It is not a surprise that crime, corruption would be the resulting effects of the way the change took place. It was for show mainly and all the same legislation, business and economic structures stayed in place, but were altered to create a situation where a successful economy was impossible

  9. Morticiaa:

    “I notice also, that you have the occasional wackbag racist commenting on this site, and that is disconcerting..”

    The line between free speech and making personal calls as to what I will not tolerate, or, what I suspect is a troll trying to get this site closed down is a slippery one and covered in razor wire.

  10. yes, I know, I saw a comment one time that was really anti=semetic, but I was in hospital at the time and could not reply
    Notr criticizing you, I know there are some crackpots who follow all the sites

    Bless you and all you do for heightening awareness of the greatest issue second only to population control/food production, of our modern times, that of the stealth jihad

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