News links for Dec. 12 2013 – 2

1. ‘After I struck the neck, I used another of the knives I had sharpened to try and remove the head’: ‘Killer’ of Lee Rigby describes moment soldier died as he takes to the witness stand just feet away from grieving family

(Read that article. Its pretty clear what his motives are)

2. OIC Blames Free Speech for “Islamophobia” in West

The common thread that binds the entire document together is the OIC’s repeated insistence that the main culprit responsible for “the institutionalization of Islamophobia” in Western countries is freedom of speech.

“The Istanbul Process started with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton…. We need to build on it.” — OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Isanoglu

3. Jupiter’s Moon Europa Spotted Spouting Water 

The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted possible plumes of water spraying from Europa’s south pole.

The jets resemble the giant icy geyser seen on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Plumes on Europa could be even more exciting because they hint at the ability to tap a subsurface habitat that might even harbor extraterrestrial life.

4. An interesting comparison of religious Christians and religious muslims.

5. Halifax unity mosque suggested for gay, transgender Muslims

A small group of Muslims in Halifax want to start a unity mosque where openly gay and transgender Muslims can pray and women would be allowed to lead followers in prayer.

Syed Adnan Hussein wants to create a space where gay or transgender Muslims can be themselves while they pray — which he said doesn’t happen at other mosques.

(Among the other reasons why this will never happen, is that in Canada a building for public use is required to have insurance. I think talking to an actuarial about such a building would be a jolly good laugh)

Thank you Fjordman, M, TL, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials. More to come. I’m just warming up. The M files have yet to be done.

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  1. 3. Jupiter’s moon Europa. It is to bad we gave up space exploration this moon is our best possibility in my opinion for colonization (underwater). The first explorations best system would be something like a nuclear submarine (literally). Europa has 62 mile deep oceans compared to the deepest trench’s on Earth about 6 miles. I would be very surprised if they find no fish life of any kind there. We would be able to go much deeper there because less g forces. With our deepest diving subs we should able to reach 62 mile depths.

    Just to get through the miles thick ice to get too water we would need a massive drill and nuclear bomb. It would be great though.

  2. OxAO, I’d be as happy as anyone to fry up a Europan fish fillet with lemon and garlic, but that might be setting hopes a bit high. Fish of course implies hundreds of millions of years of other things to get to fish, then having a wide variety of that stuff still around for everything (including the fish) to sustain itself on. One dead bacterium might not be too much to ask for, though, and would have the same paradigm-moving effect.

  3. “OIC Blames Free Speech for “Islamophobia” in West”

    ADL blames free speech for anti-semitism in the west

    The more things change, the more they stay the same

  4. 1/ Given his premises (the key one being that everything must serve the purposes of Islam) it’s all perfectly logical. I hope that’s what people are seeing, as long as they have to be subjected to Adebolajo’s world view. The reasoning is no different from that which you find on ‘moderate’ Islamic websites. Random e.g.:

    ‘The prophet told us, the Ummah is like a body. When one part of the body feels pain, the whole body feels pain.’

    – Our Legacy: The Barbary Coast, on ‘moderate’ Iqraa TV

  5. don c you and i will never know if we will have a new aquarium or not to look at from Europa. I personally believe civilization is degenerating which means really major advancements will be slower and slower to achieve.

  6. With luck we will be going back into space, and this time it will be private enterprise which is much less likely to give up on the dream, many people oppose free enterprise in space but that is the only hope for us to return and stay in space.

    Also remember those with the dream of space consider our technology to be crude and to need improvement the ones who don’t think our tech is as good as it will get and that we will never have anything but the capsules and shuttles we now have. Critics of the space mining companies are saying that the companies will never be able to bring that metal back to earth.

  7. When we discovered the new worlds they promised trade with the east and go around Islam. Then they found gold and good reasons to Colonize.

    Sadly we don’t have a reason to go in to space other then to say we been there. Hydrogen-3 maybe the most valuable product to mine but it is a long way off before we need this kind of energy and make it cost effective.

    The Hydrogen-3 could be used as an energy on the moon if we had good reasons to colonize.
    There just isn’t enough water for large colonization.

    We need to look into the oceans of Europe to see if there is anything of interest.
    We might find nothing but we have too look.

    We might find ourselves 1000 years into the future at a world dominated by Islam and the rest of us will have a very good reason for colonization.

  8. The main reason to go into space right now is to prevent another country taking control of the near and far earth orbits, once you control near space you control earth, in orbit you are setting at the top of a gravity well and will have the advantage in any fight.

    Another reason to go into space is to push the tech development, every dollar the US spent on space voyages was repaid a thousand fold in tax from the commercial spinoffs of the new tech.

    Also mankind will go into space, the question is when, will it be now when we can take our time, learn what we are doing and save lives as well as do less damage to the environment or will it be latter when we have to, when we are in such dire need we will go despite the deaths and damage to teh environment? I say go now and develop the tech to be safe rather then wait until it is vital to get there and we have to hard land the minerals on earth.

  9. Also we don’t know what we are going to find until we get out there and explore, and it has to be a human doing the exploration, the robots can only look for what they have been programed to look for, they can overlook life while searching for iron.

  10. Probes (star trek) or very good robotic systems can give us a lot information. I would love to see a robotic nuclear sub on Europa. Just the process of getting there and into the water would be Ahhh Inspiring.

  11. Robots find what they are programed to hunt for, when the unexpected is discovered they ignore it, the unexpected is what we are wanting to discover.

  12. Given what the current internal and international situation is a lot of people are going to start wanting us to return to space simply to protect themselves from tyrant nations controlling the orbitals. What we all have to remember is that everything is tied together, nothing is happening in a vacuum, our actions in Europe affect what is happening all around the world and what is happening around the world is affecting our ideas about returning to space. A lot of people who are working to stop the jihad want us to return to space to prevent Russia and China from being able to tell us what we are going to do.

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