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20 Replies to “Muslims go to Piccadilly Circus to provoke Christians with offensive reinterpretation of Jesus”

  1. A clear message about Jesus in Islam:
    Jesus is not God or Son of God but Messenger of Allah.
    Same message to command good and not evil, to condemn prostitution and gambling.
    We don’t believe in ‘giving to God and to Caesar,’ but give everything to Allah. Society will be clean for both Muslim and Non-Muslim. A perfect world.

    It sounds so peaceful, so sweet an offering to the kuffar except, like Socialism, wherever it is practiced the people die and the rest live in poverty under an asinine political class or a religious class.

    To live exclusively for Caesar or exclusively for Allah get’s us screwed. One claims Jesus feeds the Poor without criticism the other Jesus upholds Sharia Law without criticism. The more lost they are, the more they both demand the ‘age of consent; to be lowered so they can both draw strength off a broken child, a male or a female respectively. For the Caesarites fear the condemnation from men for their acts, and the Muslims fear the condemnation from women for their deeds – so that a gendered child is singled out and bullied to be brain-wired the same way.

    Communism: “Mason estimates that in 1939 women only comprised 8.4 per cent of the total Gulag population, while Anne Applebaum has estimated that in 1942 only around 13% of Gulag inmates were female.[1]” 87% men excluded, starting with 40% from the boardroom. http://thevieweast.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/a-day-in-the-life-of-women-of-the-soviet-gulag/

    Islam: Honor Killers of women. http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Honor_Related_Violence#Statistics_on_Honor_Related_Violence_and_Killings

    Pedophiles and Pederasts. For some reason they know each other and have obtained preferential rights to demand the enforcement of Hate Crimes should their building of mind-prisons be noticed.

    And please, a reflection that Vlad’s hard work deserves more than just Daily Mail comments.

  2. Why, oh why, doesn’t someone play the knockout game with this disgusting character? Isn’t there one man in all of Great Britain? Have they so completely feminized the place that not one man is left alive? A man would knock that bastard out so quick he wouldn’t know what hit him… Do people even know what a man is, anymore? Honestly! The generation that fought World War II would be disgusted by the sheer cowardice of their grandchildren…

  3. Notice all the dhimmis in the background just passing meekly by,not even batting an eyelid,and all this on the streets of Britain,in broad daylight.Oh,watch out,don’t stare or else you might get arrested.That video makes me ashamed to be British.

  4. There you go. No one listening to what this man actually said and why.

    If a person swears an oath, that person is locked into it until they repent and take the consequences come what may.

    Repentant Muslims face death from their loved ones. Repentant Communists face torture and imprisonment.

    This Muslim, like a programmed Socialist, first made an oath of servitude. They capitulated like a man throwing himself off a balcony when his wife was festooned by shopping products because she did not have a left-brain hemisphere to be able to choose. Like watching and having to wait for a baby trying to grab and work the xbox controls. Frustration maketh the Man.

    “Allah is All Merciful and Mohammad is His Prophet” The cry of this suffering Dhimmi, the little child in the school playground who now becomes the bully’s bitch. A feminized male serving the God of Masculinity.

    So what he tells you is what he hopes is true and wants to believe. If he sticks by it he won’t get hit anymore. A Cowards prayer. Unfortunately, anyone weaker than him, he will abuse. His master’s voice is in him, even young boys become teasers to him for a way to assert himself.

    Half of what Jesus said, he cannot hear. Jesus must have submitted too, he reasons.

    However, there are many that think by smashing his face in is the solution to serve their God of Feminism – that puts out pleasures on earth if they would worship women as the ones who can do no wrong – as their were their loyal ‘save-a-ho’ trusty tools…

    Both Muslim and Socialist can be seen coming, and are manipulated by viler creatures than can a D-Notice on Operation Ore hide, much higher in the given-up-their-soul stakes.

    Pity then this Muslim, his mental prison, and make precautions to safeguard your children as you would from any Socialist who casually wants comfort-sex. They are both as dopamine dependent as a drug addict to blot out the pain of self-realization.

  5. Perfect child

    Excellent analysis.

    I wasn’t aware that the vast majority of the Gulag population were men. Thanks for that. It explains a lot.

  6. Thanks DP111.

    If we do not understand the perspective of the speaker, we will never understand why they believe that what they say, is fair and just.

    Simply by clicking his heels three times he entered into a magical land.

    This Islamophile had done no more than Sociophiles and Sexiophiles. One will lower the age of consent for girls, the other for boys and one find new ways to decapitate their brains in order to achieve the rise reflex.

    They each-to-a-being submitted to invite in a New Identity, to fill themselves of what was missing: “Please Allah/Mammon/Sexual-completion come into my life and I will serve you.” This is how they started, to be free from the anxiety pushed upon them. Their weakness became their Pride. It grew until a psychopath or sociopath broke forth, and took them over. Walking around in fine clothes of office.

    The youngsters spot a phoney.

    So what was needed was to emotionally-damage children, to expose them to horrors of demons who take souls, pirates who take from the rich, and sexual acts that take from each other, and then to be presented before the narcissistic snake-oil salesmen who’d sell them peace from the biggest Thief of All, with counseling, identification, justification and a History Month of victimhood-celebration. Then we have a pliable and controlled generation of humans whose masters act on behalf of The Thief.

    The only way out is repenting over that very first step of receiving what was not theirs to receive, of that gift that was easy to accept in one night. They had become identified with the world by hating it, so that love became conditional and the truth became no defense.

    With a scarcity of souls, children became their feast, to recreate their own dying natures.

    So remember the mental-torture of the Islamic child, the Communist Child and the Same-Sex surrogated child, and listen to what is said, as adults, with pieces of their minds missing. The awareness that in their blindness they will be called upon to abuse the innocent in the name of their handlers.

  7. A person should read aloud, John 1 and several of the psalms and other readings on which the Incarnation and Blessed Trinity are based. The idea that these doctrines have no basis in scripture is false, and the idea that Christianity retains its integrity without them is also false.
    As false as Islam.
    As false as Mohammed.
    Athanasius forever.

  8. Chris Jones there are plenty of real men in Britain but playing the knockout game with this guy would achieve nothing but a jail term and more sympathy for his kind. The shit is slowly hitting the fan here. More and more people are coming to realise what pricks like him are up to. The British inherently do not like extremes but at the same time are tolerant. One day there will be a difinitive straw that breaks the camels back and then watch how many real men there are. There is a difference between a real man pushed too far and a f#@$ing idiot who just strikes out.

  9. Well, that blew away the Muslim, Socialist and Sexual-deviant from repenting, eib, from finding that moment of realization that the pain and anxiety that followed them all their lives could be faced and forgiven and disappear by realizing the truth sets them free, that they do not need to change the world but only themselves from judging it.

    Heaven and Earth will fall away. Nothing is fixed. Humans are changing, the stars are changing, the language is changing. More versions of Jesus than you can shake a stick at. Yet the principles of healing the mind remain exactly the same for everyone.

    John 1:

    “6 There was a man sent from God whose name was John. 7 He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all might believe. 8 He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light.”

    You see, John the Baptist was a difficult dude for Christians to deal with. A man with nothing but a camel hair suit and no promises of riches in Heaven or on Earth. Jesus went to him to repent of his sins and symbolically washed them away, and then Jesus went into the wilderness to face his temptations. John could have easily been called The Savior.

    So John 1 clearly points out, “no no, not this man, but that man”. John was sent by God, but not of God. The other guy is something else.

    However, we should not have faith in any man. Call no man Father.

    What we’re shown in Mark 1 was no mention of a Roman-God Virgin Birth, but the discovery of The Way to enlightenment. Not to submit-to-serve as St Paul did on the road to Damascus, but to let go of your baggage. Blessed are those poor in spirit. Then to seek… This leads us into the wilderness to find The Truth. …And you will find. And then you will weep… And then discover The Life. …And then you will laugh. And blessed are those who are reviled for my namesake in teaching this.

    Very simple instructions that will never fade away. Yet the birds came and snatched them away.

    There you have it DP111. The Golden Calf Worshipers.

  10. Well, that blew away the idolators.

    Submission-to-join, or giving-to-get, is not the path to salvation, to the life of a free conscience.

    You do not belong to anyone. Your children do not belong to you.

    Muslims, Socialists and Sexual-deviants have identified with the outer for a sense of belonging. They are slaves, in bondage, and under their pressures to conform, they think by submitting willingly they will then be free… and superior to everyone else if they but just merely agree to serve their master’s voice.

    The more they recruit, the less they will be known until the darkest of them rule and dictate a percentage here and a percentage there.

    The Christians get pounded because they do not know what they have. The key to life, of a person who trod the path to freedom.

  11. Dp111, and I don’t think a religious/socialist/sexualist persona is enough.

    If people wanted the truth, they would not care where the clothes, title or name came from.

    If they wanted faith and assurances, they would seek someone to dress up in a white coat and have a degree.

    I come with a sword to divide.

    Would I want the life of Salmon Rushdie, to have 24 hr security from average Muslims, or the life of a dissent in a North Koren Correctional Penitentiary, or imprisonment for Hate Crimes against the proclamations of Preferential Groups? From the East to the West I would have no home to rest.

    I have a little website and my thoughts shared with the world. You have to make your own mind up. My image won’t do it.

    Should their be a book come out of it? I hope so. You are in the world, but not of it. Great to know those who know themselves. http://achildcansee.wordpress.com/

  12. See Dp111? No one jumps for joy at discussing how this Muslimized gentleman, who speaks of a Muslimized Jesus, can become free from declaring any human was sent by God. No debate. Zip

    Soon it will be behaviors made by God, and Heaven has an open door for those who give-up and believe.

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