Augsburg: “Allahu akbar”-Graffiti on Churches

From PI News

On the night to Thursday, the Arabic words “Allahu Akbar” were painted on the portals of several churches in the city centre of Augsburg. According to local police, the Cathedral, the Church of St. Maurice and the Protestant Ullrich Church are affected. At the Cathedral both the north and the south portals were painted with white letters. Hard to imagine a mosque would have been affected. Claudia Roth (Member of Parliament for the Green Party) probably would have organized a candlelight vigil in her hometown because of an “Islamophobic attack” and would have called for an alliance against fascism. However, it were churches, and thus, that “little night time graffiti prank” is only worth small footnotes in the newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine (with photos) and the broadcasting centre BR and will soon be forgotten.

(Original in german / Translation: Carpe Diem)

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4 Replies to “Augsburg: “Allahu akbar”-Graffiti on Churches”

  1. The Moslems are free to vandalize Churches and no one says much, let one person vandalize a Mosque and everyone screams bloody murder.

  2. Hit back, and very hard, vandalize some mosk`s! Nobody`s does something, not against this actions, not against the knockout-games committed in the USA for now, not anything! It`s so annoying that white ore Western people let themselves being insulted, raped, mugged, intimidated and murdered by Racist negroes and fascist moslims and not doing anything about it. It`s very simple: its a declaration of war!! So all actions in defense are allowed! Unbelievable that even with all the proove of te world they – negroes and moslims – represent everything they accuse white people off, can still get away with it trough victimize themselves over and over again!?
    This must be an evil plan organised by somebody, Elite, central banks, CFR, marxists nutcases or bilderberg. Otherwise one cannot explane the suicidal masochisme of behaviour. There must be some manipulation going on somewhere. The big question is: what they want to achieve?
    Fuck mandela, and fuck Obama, its time to turn back this rotten developement for once and for all.

  3. Personally, I don’t see it as a Black White issue hans…….but I do get (and agree) with your point.

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