News links for Dec 5 2013 – 1

1.Saudi bans male doctors from checking dead women

Decision followed demand by the Kingdom’s top Islamic scholar

Saudi Arabia has told its hospitals to prevent male doctors from checking dead women following a demand by the Gulf Kingdom’s top Islamic scholar.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Shaikh, Saudi Arabia’s grand Mufti, sent a letter to the health ministry asking it to ensure male doctors at all hospitals in the country of 29 million people will not be allowed to check dead women either in medical or criminal cases.

&lt;b&lt;“The Mufti made clear that the body of a woman whether alive or dead must be respected and should not be seen by males,” </b>Arar newspaper said.

It quoted health ministry undersecretary Abdul Aziz Al Humaidi as saying the ministry had sent a circular to all hospitals upon receiving the Mufti’s letter.

“We have asked all hospitals and medical centres in the Kingdom to ensure that dead women would be checked only by female doctors,” he said.

2. Chinese army planning moon base?

3. Pakistan: Death only penalty for blasphemer: Shariat Court


ISLAMABAD: After 23 years, the Federal Shariat Court (FSC) has issued orders to remove the provision of life-imprisonment from the blasphemy law, stating that only death is punishment for blasphemy and sought a report from the government for implementation of the order within a couple of months.

4. Some discussion on the early home of the Catholic church, the Hagia Sophia, being turned into a mosque only. (Frankly, this should be grounds for war in the conventional sense. But the West has lost its compass. The video fails to mention that it was the original ‘Vatican’ built in the city named after the first pope, Constantine)

5. So how is it in Pakistan?

6. People in the area in Australia where the muslim mass mosque stabbing took place (classic islamic alliteration there) say that it is common for many cars in the area to sport Muslim -Brotherhood stickers in the windows and its not a good area for non-believers to visit.

***UPDATE*** The attacker asked everyone at the mosque if they were “Jewish” before he went on a stabfest. The article just says racist remarks after that but I bet we know what kind.

Thank you M, Richard, Fluffi and all who sent in material.

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  1. #2 If this plan is carried out and no other nation has a moon base China will control the earth, they would be setting at the top of a massive gravity well and could throw missiles or kinetic kill weapons (think real big rocks) with relatively no risk of retaliation. And you will note that they are talking about nuclear missiles when the west is limited by treaty to not put anything nuclear in orbit.

  2. U.N. approves Central African Republic intervention as violence escalates (CNN, Dec 5, 2013)
    “Months after a coup escalated chaos and violence in the Central African Republic, the U.N. Security Council on Thursday unanimously approved the deployment of African and French forces there. The council also voted to impose an arms embargo on the nation, which is east of Cameroon and north of the Democratic Republic of Congo. A representative of the Central African Republic told the council the vote would “give reasons to hope for a new dawn” for the country’s embattled population….”

  3. Militants attack hospital at Yemen’s Defense Ministry (CNN, Dec 5, 2013)
    “Militants staged a deadly attack on Yemen’s Defense Ministry on Thursday, ramming the building with an explosives-laden vehicle, followed by gunmen who battled security forces inside. The attack targeted a hospital at the Defense Ministry complex, Yemen’s state-run Saba news agency reported. At least 30 people, including four foreign doctors, died in the attack in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, a Defense Ministry official said. Earlier, Defense Ministry officials had said 10 soldiers and nine militants were among the dead…”

  4. Just a qwiki thrill:
    “Seeking ways to limit the president’s executive overreach, Republicans still shy away from impeachment.” by Jonathon Strong
    An academic was the first to cross the invisible line.
    “The ultimate check on presidential lawlessness is elections and, in extreme cases, impeachment,” Georgetown law professor Nicholas Rosenkranz told Representative Darrell Issa at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday on the president’s duty to uphold the law.”

  5. So if only females doctors in Saudi Arabia can see dead women, even in criminal cases, does that mean that a female doctor who testifies against a male (who claims that the wife he’s accused of murdering killed herself) that the position of the wounds rule out suicide will be believed in court?
    Or will two female doctors have to so testify – since Islam considers women’s testimony as only worth half that of a man’s.

  6. This caught my eye. I don’t know anything about this story other then what it says.

    Notice though how that is a fuel fire that isn’t clothing burning. Also if you notice the fuse was fuel on the floor of the tower. I don’t believe she doused her cloths with fuel before she lit that Hijab on fire. Also notice the comments basically saying this is Allah’s punishment. I bet this went down as just another accident.

  7. AUSTRALIA – Muslim charged with mosque murder diagnosed with mental health issues

    A man charged with a stabbing murder at an outer-Melbourne Islamic centre on Thursday had previously been diagnosed with mental health issues.

    Erol Elmas, 22, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday in a hospital gown with his face “lacerated” from wounds sustained during his arrest outside the Turkish Islamic and Cultural Centre.

    Defence lawyer Sarah Pratt, of Victoria Legal Aid, told the court her client had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and a drug-induced psychosis.

    more on the page :

  8. 1/ Heaps of Saudi women get university degrees both in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

    There are female Saudi M.D.s, and they treat men.

    No one needs to feel sorry for BMOs (Black Moving Objects).

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