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2 Replies to “Indonesia jails muslims for attacks on Burmese Buddhists.”

  1. No Muslim country wants the Rohingya Bangladeshis, least of all Bangladesh, which feels it has too many Bangladeshis already, and who needs more of those? Indonesia is even willing to find in favour of Buddhists to make the point (though the penalty for bludgeoning eight Buddhists to death is little more than one month per Buddhist. Allahu Akbar).

    Britain created the problem in the 19th century by relocating Bangladeshis onto depopulated land in newly-acquired Arakan, because Bangladeshi Muslims were easier to control than Burmese Buddhists. Britain might try righting this wrong by helping get the Rohingya Bangladeshis back into Bangladesh. Or it might reasonably say this is ancient history and wash its hands of the matter.

    Instead, once-great Britain is pressuring Burma to yield Arakan to the Ummah, working with, for example, the UK-based Arakan Rohingya National Organisation, a founding member of the Arakan Rohingya Union ‘which was formed with the initiative of Euro-Burma Office and Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC).’

    Stateside, Washington’s federally-funded Holocaust Memorial Museum is ‘not saying that genocide is taking place in Burma,’ ‘not trying to equate these different situations’ by projecting stark images of ‘homeless and stateless Rohingya Muslims forced to flee a deadly outbreak of sectarian violence’ on its outside walls.


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