News links for Dec 1 2013 – 3

1. What appears to be Anjem Choudary’s gang of bearded clams gather in front of the Angolan Embassy to protest a policy which, according to the Angolan embassy in Washington, is simply untrue. But damn well should be true everywhere.

2. Brutal racist beating of British girl on subway.

CCTV shows five men attacking a 22-year-old woman on a bus at London Bridge. I wonder though, if it was 5 white guys doing this to a black girl, would we all know about it already?

3. CNN Arabic has responded to the Geert Wilders flag post, and the Rosetta Stone project at Gates of Vienna about it.

4. Some photos of Anjem Choudary’s bearded-clam Angola protest. This one appears to be signs plastered on to letterboxes in the UK. One of the post boxes appears to be wearing old army boots.










Thank you M, KitmanTV, Fjordman, Richard and all who sent in links. There is more to come today sadly. Someday I will post that there is nothing to post on these subjects I hope and I’ll go out for a pork tenderloin and a beer.

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  1. 2/ Another victim of disinformation. I’d like to have audio on that.

    4/ Looks like some ‘British people’ still have freedom of expression in Britain.

  2. Please post “Allahu Ackbar” and various other Muslim screeching warnings on your videoclips in future please. That sound drives me nuts and is the equivalent to scratching a balloon with your fingernails or a squeaky blackboard.
    I tell you, every time I hear these mentally handicapped retards yelling that monotonous annoying crap, I want to burst my own eardrums with hot needles.
    To paraphrase Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber – “Want to know what the most annoying sound in the World is? – Allllah-oooo Ackbaaaaaa!”

  3. #2 “These ‘femen,’ feminized young boys due to Socialist policies of fatherlessness, know they are supposed to have some kind of relationship with women, but don’t really know… kinda like it has something to do with power-struggle and sexual-domination like Gay-guys, so they have arguments with girls to see who is the doormat and who is the Rug-Butter, kinda like a Musselman testing out a koofar, and if they talk-back its soooo like Allah Akbar, but it’s Black, it’s a Black Thing, so its Armani back-at-ya, whose got the best plimsolls, diss and makeup…. so girly-boy, of Islamic and Black Month Extraction, that don’t know how to treat women as normal human beings… they can’t leave them alone… gotta watch them all the time… fascinated-hate relationship… muther-muckers… sooo damaged goods… and the Government just mop up their offspring… and here they are on a bus again… sitting on each others laps for comfort… looking at the women they can never know… and become justified in the Religion of Peace… oh, this is my stop. Bye”

  4. perfectchild,

    pitchperfect. It gives a coherent account of their appalling behaviour. That must be very close to what’s happening there.

  5. Lebanon city of Tripoli hit by deadly clashes (BBC, Dec 1, 2013)
    “At least 10 people have died in north Lebanon in two days of gun battles between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Clashes in the port city of Tripoli also left 49 people wounded including 11 soldiers, a security source said. Tripoli, with a small Alawite community surrounded by a Sunni majority, is seen as one of Lebanon’s most volatile sectarian fault-lines. President Assad is an Alawite and is fighting a Sunni-led revolt. Correspondents say tensions have been high since last week, when residents of the Alawite district of Jabal Muhsin began flying Syrian flags in support of President Assad…”

  6. Central African Republic crisis: France sends more troops (BBC, Dec 2, 2013)
    “The first reinforcements to the French force in the Central African Republic (CAR) are deploying in a bid to restore order after a rebel takeover. Some 200 troops have arrived, with another 500 expected imminently. Some former rebel forces have reportedly been leaving the capital, Bangui, as the French troops arrived in the city. More than 10% of the 4.6 million population have fled their homes since Michel Djotodia seized power in March. He is the country’s first leader from the minority Muslim community. Muslim-Christian sectarian attacks have led to warnings of a genocide…”

  7. Afghan police killed by truck bomb (BBC, Dec 2, 2013)
    “At least four Afghan policemen were killed when a suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into a police base, officials say. The incident took place in Wardak province, south-west of the capital, Kabul. Seventeen others were wounded, some of them critically officials say. The blast went off as worshippers gathered at the police base mosque for morning prayers, AFP reports. The Taliban said they carried out the attack…”

  8. #2

    The government around here is constantly exhorting us to get rid of our cars and take mass transit. Using the death-by-a-thousand-cuts method, they coerce us with media propaganda, financial penalties, unfair taxes, draconian drinking driving laws, and traffic calming devices, all designed to get us on the lonser limo. But one thing they never mention is the fact that if you are set upon by violent humans while enjoying public transit, no one will help you. You will be as alone as you would be in a dark alley on the bad side of town at 3 a.m.. I think it is now the same worldwide. Everyone, including the driver, will just sit there and do nothing while you are savaged. Oh, and when the next stop comes, they all get off and take the next train for their own safety, leaving you even more alone.. That’s not a joke. We have been systematically taught that “taking the law into your own hands” is always wrong, and that only a unionized government employee has the training and the skill to deal with any dangerous situation, and that if you try it, you will certainly fuck it all up – so don’t try. They never mention that…

  9. Burma to Act Against Defamatory Banner After OIC Protests

    RANGOON — Burma’s government says it will take action against Buddhist protesters who allegedly carried a banner insulting Islam during a demonstration against a visiting delegation of global Islamic leaders last month.

    […]Buddhists in mid-November staged protests across the country, accusing the OIC of trying to interfere in Burmese affairs

    In Bahan Township, some Buddhists monks allegedly held a banner saying, “Oppose Islam, as it is similar to animalism, with uncontrollable birth rates.”

    The banner used a derogatory Burmese word, ta yeik san warda, which is used to describe animals.

    […] monks around the country campaigned earlier this year to restrict interfaith marriage, claiming that Buddhist women are vulnerable to rape or forced religious conversions. Rights activists called this campaign inappropriate and discriminatory.

    […]“We are outraged and we register our strong condemnation against the denigration of Islam by monks in major cities of Myanmar under the pretext of resenting the visit of OIC foreign ministers to Myanmar [Burma] a few days ago,” Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, president of the council, said in a statement last month.

    He said that equating Islam to animal ideology was not only insulting, but also “tantamount to declaring war on Islam.”

    more on the page :

  10. Sri Lanka – Muslima arrested with with gold in the rectum

    3 Muslim nationals were arrested yesterday and today at the Bandaranayaka International Airport along with 3.1 million worth of Gold.

    For the first time a woman, a Muslim, was arrested last night at the Bandaranaike International Airport for smuggling two pieces of gold biscuits in her rectum.

    She has also been wearing three unfinished gold bangles and one gold necklace weighing 231 grammes valued at 1.7 million Rupees.

    Meanwhile, another male was arrested with gold sticks in his travelling bag while another was arrested while trying to smuggle gold by attaching it to his phone battery.

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