News links for Dec 2 2013 – 1

1. More details about the Burka escapee. Pay close attention to what the imam interviewed has to say. He is trying to phrase his thoughts to avoid showing the hatred and contempt he has for all of us but does let his love for the escaped terrorist shine through. He had to be negotiated with for 4 hours with muslim police officers before he would release the CCTV footage of the escapee. His excuse was pathetic of course. Imagine if anyone else would only talk to the same demography of police officers. This interview reveals much horror of the politically correct and seemingly islamic state of Britain. Listen carefully.

2. The importance of eye contact, emotional expression and non-verbal communication: How niqab and burqa can harm the psychological development of Muslim children


One of them might be mom

Scientific psychological studies confirm what parents know instinctively: that the mother’s eye contact and facial mimics are important when it comes to the development of her childrens’ empathy, communication and feeling of security. One important example is mothers with post-partum depression. Depressed mothers tend to have less eye contact and a less lively facial mimic, and the result can be delayed or even dysfunctional development in the child, emotionally and socially.

Nicolai Sennels

3. Daily Mail on the black gang that beat on the white British girl

4. Sharia in action in Canada: Muslim cab drivers refuse man with guide dog “because of their religious beliefs”

Simmonds said he could tell the driver was obviously uncomfortable, so he asked him if he had a problem with dogs. The driver replied that associating with dogs was against his religious beliefs.

It was the third time Simmonds was refused a ride that pushed him to file the human rights complaint.

5. Nuns kidnapped in Christian Syrian town

AGI) Damascus, Dec 2 – Nuns at the convent in Malula have been taken hostage by Islamic militants, the Syrian news agency SANA reports citing local sources.

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5 Replies to “News links for Dec 2 2013 – 1”

  1. #2 Is it really true?

    If you believe so then you have to look into research on how people react when facing someone in a conversation. Psychologists say we often “mimic” others, when they make facial expressions.

    It is a form of novverbal. subconscious expression taking place alongside the spoken word.

    Psychologists have theorized that people whose own muscles which are botox impaired cannot mirror/react to the person they are in a conversation with and therefore cannot empathize.

    Talking to Nancy Pelosi is like talking to a brick wall.

    Any word on John Kerry and botox?

  2. Blue:

    Recently I bought a sort of ‘Ninja’ style head dress which is great for sports in the cold but can raise up to cover the whole face except the eyes. It has been a fascinating social experiment to wear it around just walking as well as sports. People do not look at me or interact with me. When I am smiling as I pass (A habit I have) they cant see it and scowl or ignore me completely.

    What I have learned is, that Muslims play the victim when they claim they are socially isolated. When people see me they know for a fact that I am male and almost certainly not muslim. But I am treated as if I am not part of a social fabric because they cannot see my face. This proves that it is me, and the muslims, who socially isolate themselves and not societal ‘islamophobia’ or any similar nonsense.

    It has been quite enlightening to wear this thing. Great for keeping warm during sports but it really does put people off.

  3. 1/ Right, the problem is not with the imam and his mosque, it’s with everyone else – government, media, ignorant non-believers, defamers of our sisters, whoever. When the actual problem is not even the interruption of ‘routine normality’ by the burka break out, but the fact that having any of these people in the UK should have come to be considered routine and normal in the first place.

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