News links for Dec 1 2013 – 2

1. Egyptards burning Israeli flag

2. How can they call Syria a civil war when its clearly a foreign invasion? This video is quite instructive as it shows the alleged Syrian civil war for what it truly is. A war of islamic supremacy and manifest destiny, and more, Sunni islamic supremacy.

3. Another stunning lecture on islamic ethics. To be clear. On sites like this videos like the one below may seem redundant. But I believe that still the vast majority of the Western civilized population have little to no clue as to the basic value set of religious islam and that it is very important that a sizable fraction at least, do come to know it so that we can make the decisions necessary to preserve our peoples, our culture and even our history, which muslims and leftists are successfully rewriting in order to pave over our culture with their dogma. So please consider sending the link out to videos like this one to people who don’t get it yet, or not fully.

4. Anti-Brotherhood protests in front of two embassies in Egypt to protest those nation’s interference in Egyptian internal affairs over the support of Morsi.

(I wonder how they missed the American embassy?)

5. Somali who raped dead woman will be allowed to stay in Sweden

Thank you M. Many more posts to go

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5 Replies to “News links for Dec 1 2013 – 2”

  1. 5/ “There is a rule that says if you have had permanent residence for more than four years, it takes something very unusual in order to expel anyone.”

    I had to reread that several times trying to see if I’d missed something. But I guess there is no longer anything unusual about Muslim men sodomizing dead kafir women in hotel parking lots in Sweden.

  2. I agree, let him stay, in a nice box six feet down. Shame most European countries have done away with the death penalty. Hanging was so effective as a preventative measure – not a single hanged murdere ever murdered again.

  3. The problem that Swedes men have, goes a long way back. Fjordman was pointing out the gutless nature of Swedish men, as they watched placidly as their sisters, daughters, wives and girlfriends, were raped and murdered.

    It takes a change in the DNA, or something in the water, that makes a man behave in the way Swedish men have behaved for decades.

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