Questioning the Strategies and tactics of dealing with Islam and its opponents

While I think its great to see more and more people becoming educated about the true nature of Islam, and having a greater willingness to look at actions motivated by Islam and scriptural support for those actions etc., I think it’s worth taking a moment to look at what some of those actions are by those who oppose Islam, and more importantly, Islamic manifest destiny.

While it seems clear that the vast vast majority of graffiti on mosque walls have been written by Muslims themselves in order to ‘put on the victim face and then take over’ (common Arabic phrase) or for reasons of internal mosque politics or to demonize opponents of Islam, it is possible that some graffiti, perhaps the ones recently in Paris, are in fact done by non-Muslims trying to make a point.

In the spirit of one of my favorite questions, specifically:

‘If I were to say that I wanted for Islam what Islam wants for me, and if I were to say that I wanted for all Muslims what Muslims want for me, and if I were to say that I want Muslims treated in Western nations the way Muslims treat everyone else when in positions of power, would I be guilty of a hate crime?’

I wonder if graffiti put on mosque walls were nothing more than direct quotes from Koran, would that be a hate crime? That is to say, what if someone was to write on a mosque wall,

“And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than killing…” Quran (2:191-193)

And similar verses ad nauseam, would that get the artist a hate crimes charge? Or would it have to be reduced to simple public vandalism? After all, you are just exposing Islamic central dogma where it is spread right? You are not attacking their fetishes and icons but exposing Islamic doctrine outside the very building created to spread it.

To be clear, I am not suggesting anyone do this. I believe it neutralises good people actually willing to do something to fight back against Islamic erosion of individual liberties, and takes them ‘offline’, so to speak, for stupid charges with questionable results when they could be working to educate others about the facts and truths of the effects of Islam on all nations and people throughout history. I am simply musing about how a charge would read if the graffiti was in fact, nothing more than central dogma of Islam where everyone can see it.

Which brings me to Quebec’s tactic of banning all visible religious gear in the public work-space.

In one way I agree with it. No uniform of authority such as police at any level etc. should be contaminated with any symbols of any ideology other than the ones associated with the police force of that territory. The acceptance of the Sikh turban with the RCMP uniform was an absolute disaster and truly the beginning of the end for rational society IMO. No matter what you think of Sikhs and their religion, the idea that their history and ideology should be mixed with the uniform of the federal police force of Canada makes it quite uncomfortable for any other people living in Canada that may have had bad history with Sikhdom.

Imagine if you were Jewish and had the RCMP come to your house with a Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood symbol on his uniform. Or, if you subscribe to the Palestinian-as-victim narrative, how about having an RCMP officer with a star of David armband come to a Palestinian-Canadian house showing his proud Israeli-Canadian heritage? Would that be OK?

So yes, all of Canada should ban religious symbols and force people to make choices like everyone else has to. Like any decision, once a course of action is decided on, this precludes other choices. I don’t see why this is different based on a persons voluntary beliefs. If they are so important that they must broadcast their adherence to these beliefs all day every day then don’t apply of a job that requires a uniform. It really should be that simple.

At the same time I would like to offer a prediction as to how this proposed Quebec law will play out, remembering that this extends past the law enforcement arm of the state to all the aspects that Canada has taken upon itself to make state run institutions, such as hospitals, schools, regulatory agencies and inspectors etc.

Highly skilled Jewish and Sikh and perhaps Hindu practitioners such as doctors and so on will most likely move to Ontario. (You will be most welcome, by the way! Can’t wait to meet you at work! Ontario needs you!) while pretty much no Muslims will leave Quebec. Instead, the first time a Quebec law-enforcement official tries to enforce a no veil law on a Muslim woman, she will text a few friends who will text a few friends and it will look like Paris in the spring. Which is to say riots, police stations burned down and possibly an officer of the law wounded or killed.

Next thing you know, this law will only be enforced against the groups who never meant Quebec or its culture or its laws any harm whatsoever. The few who are left, I mean, and meanwhile, Muslims will have established primacy in Quebec. This is how it seems to be working in Europe now, and I don’t see why Quebec should expect a different result.

The problem with Nazis was not the uniform it was the ideology. The Nazi uniforms made it easy for opponents of the Nazis to know who the enemy was. Opposing the uniform will aid Muslim enemies of a secular or non-sharia compliant Quebec and not even slow them down.

Even so, it’s nice to see a state recognizing that there is at least a problem and trying to do something about it. But I would try and make sure what you do doesn’t fit in with their actual plans for our defeat. I believe the proposed Quebec charter actually does do that.


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  1. Sabaditsch-Wolf shows that even if you use the laws or written terms of Islam, if you are not a muslim then it will be classed as a hate crime.
    Islam has all the answers even if it is the logic of a child.The fact that there are any Christians left in the middle east helps there claim that they are tolerant. Indeed it is the only question I have with any doubt on Islam. How did or have these communities been able to survive till now?

  2. They would simply lie, Eeyore, and they would paint you as an extreme right-wing hate monger and close personal friend of Anders Breivik. They would bring on a guy with a huge beard and a stupid little hat, and he would explain that not one word of what you had written was even in the Quran, and his word would be taken as the final authority on the subject, ’cause of his hat and his credentials. .

    The Muslim Brotherhood and friends have us so infiltrated we don’t know if we’re coming or going. Who knows what mischief all those Muslims have been up to with their endless supply of explanation-free oil-money and their Russian advisors. Who knows whose mortgages they’ve paid, whose gambling debts they’ve cleaned up, whose tenure they’ve arranged. They’re really good at being tricky and devious, while we are stalwart well-meaning Christian Blockheads…

  3. If you were to write accurate-but-damning quotes from the Quran on the walls of a mosque, you would be arrested for hate crimes and the Lovely Dawna Friesen would be declaring you a dangerous extreme right-wing hate-monger with all her lovely might. Then they would cut to a guy with a huge beard and a beanie who would explain that not one word that you wrote is even in the Quran, and that you made it all up because you are nothing but a typical hate-filled white man who lies with his every breath. As for the fact that it’s all lies? They simply wouldn’t mention that. And Ezra Levant would try to tell people the truth, and the educated elite would sniff, “I don’t watch FOX News, let alone SUN TV, and that would be that. They have an almost total lock on our information flow. Sure, there’s freedom of speech, but they make damn sure that no one ever hears what you’re saying…

  4. Oh, Jeez! I went and posted twice ’cause I got distracted and had to do something. Could you delete entry #2, Eeyore? Double-posts look so dumb…:)

  5. Chris.Jones.- Great Idea, if there are any Genuine Graffiti Artists out there who want to make a difference, let them spray the Walls of their nearest mosque, that way we would know if it was one of us or, one of them, i don’t think they would like or print, the truth about their “korky-kran” or, THE TRUTH about shit-slam, I think the TRUE protesters against shit-slam,( if they were Graffiti Artists with a point to put over.) would take a passage out of the “korky-kran” and spray it all over the Walls, verse-word & paragraph and make sure the ANTI-Islamic message was put over and NOT WANTED in the West.

  6. I just had a look at the positions on the Quebec Charter of Values of the Anglican and United Churches in Canada. Chris’s ‘stalwart well-meaning Christian Blockheads’ at both churches oppose the Charter on grounds of their ‘commitment to the values of inclusivity and respect’ and because it ‘may foster racism.’ Many of these deluded, well-intentioned Charlie Browns must see themselves as champions of the unloved mistreated small and helpless Christmas tree of Canadian Islam (so different from other kinds). It’s hypnotism. Ban or no ban, all roads lead to ruin if such goodhearted folk aren’t somehow shaken out of their PC MC trance.

  7. Read your food-for-thought musings, dear Eeyore, and my answer to each question (rhetorical or not) you ask in them would come down to “islam”. E.g. I wanted to say something like: lets only do away with religious signs of religions that incite to kill in the name of their god: Christianity? Dont come at me with the times of the crusades ! Buddhism ? Mormon? (whats the noun for this religion?), Atheism, ??? Nope, only islam does this. So, if only we had NORMAL human beings, with a modicum of courage as our political leaders we could implement the solution in the West: Outwardly signs for all religions are permitted every time everywhere, except islamic signs. And I would extend this to food: E.g. Kosher is allowed, because the Jews will not force us to eat Kosher, HALAL will be verboten, because the muslims force it down our throats.

    But, of course, we dont have normal human beings as leaders in the West. They say that power corrupts, that’s true enough, but more than that: power seems to turn them into cowards.

    Pssst, warning, I’m now going to say something which lends itself to misinterpretation, but I just have to say it anyway: I do not condone the actions of Anders Breivik – THAT IS A GIVEN, but recently I talked with a very angry person who said: “why did that bastard have to kill his own kind”…and I thought, he probably saw in those young people the future cowardly leaders who would continue the sell-out of their country, sell-out that had been started by the generation of their parents,

  8. Yup, everyone is more and more educated?
    Who exactly is behind the push to get hijabs as part of the uniform for Edmonton police
    Last night on Global news, some wack job leftard multiculti vegetarian in the name of
    all good things, antiracism, acceptance of religious diversity, states her group is hopeful
    of attracting more muslim women into seriving in the police force, wearing their backward
    religious symbols of a savage cult that promotes coveirng womens heads just to bring attention
    to the gender apartheid practices in islam and by islamics who parcipate in this demeaning adhearance to idiocy. Who lobbies and precipitates the actions of these civic committees?
    The infiltration is so ingrained now it doesn’t matter any more…the braindead operate as one
    massive blob of jel, and spread like viruses by the mucus of the media

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