France: Beaten by her father and brothers for writing a love text

An original translation by C.B. Sashenka

From LeProgres.Fr

A father of a Turkish family and 2 of his sons, were indicted in Montbeliard (city in eastern France near Switzerland, part of Doubs) for having beaten up, in the name of Family Honor, their daughter and sister of 17 years as she was caught in the act of sending out a love text (a picture of her in a bra to her boyfriend)

The 55-year old father and 19 & 21-year old sons will be tried on Nov. 21st for “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.  The father is also charged with death threat accusations.

The next day, the girl went to the hospital where she was seen by a social worker. She had bruises and welts notably on her face and went on temporary leave from work for 15 days.

The father and one son admitted to the violence, but said they purposely minimized what could have otherwise been, and they did it as the only way to safeguard the family’s honour. The other son denies having committed any violent act.

The 3 men were arrested 4 days after the fact, and have been placed under arrest and under judicial watch. They are not allowed to have any contact with the daughter.

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One Reply to “France: Beaten by her father and brothers for writing a love text”

  1. Safeguarding honor.

    Don’t Socialists have this? A slur made against a group-think?
    Isn’t that about safeguarding honor?

    An Islamic code of objectifying women and when they objectify themselves as individuals -outrage!
    A Communist code of objectifying castes and when they objectify themselves as individuals – outrage!

    This containment, conformity and imprisonment of humanity that every child cries out to break free, from a system of reward and punishment that demoralizes and defeats into dom and sub cultures of righteous exploiters and exploited.

    Men over women, political class over workers.

    “Purposely minimized what might otherwise have been”

    Reminds me of Tommy Robinson entering America on a false passport. No illegal immigrant has been imprisoned by the country they departed from. Tommy returned the UK with his own passport. The conceit is they have the right to do what they like to you. That’s what breaks women’s backs. The realization they are all in it together. No Policing Officer to run to.

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