News links for Oct. 31 2013 – 2

1. Muslim school in Australia closed for a variety of reasons. School is asked to return $9M it took under false pretenses among other issues. (It might be worth looking at the British schools which have been closed or are under close scrutiny for similar reasons and ask if there is a policy at work there rather than occasional crime or incompetence)

2. Obama admin. stop military chaplain from having a Catholic mass even as a volunteer. This makes a solid breach of what, 2 amendments so far?

3. Twin bomb blasts rip through two shops in Dagestan (As these shops sold alcohol, its reasonable to assume this is the enforcement of sharia law)

4. Russia Muslims Face DNA Tests Ahead Of Sochi

Russia has reportedly been taking DNA samples from religiously conservative Muslim women in the North Caucasus as part of its security measures for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

(This kind of profiling is so obviously the right thing to do it causes cognitive dissonance when you realize we do the opposite in order to appear not to do it at all)

5. Left leaning publication, the Huffington Post, features an oped which questions just how liberal islam really is. The article is in French but here is a google translation of it, which is pretty good overall. The thing is, while the article is good, the fact that it is in the Huff Po is what makes it interesting. Just perhaps the soft left is starting to figure out who the liberals really are, and are not.

[…] During my career, and even after I had to deal with several criminal cases involving Muslims of all ethnicities. I was able to see that we were not playing with the same deck of cards. For them, it seems lie, exaggerate, embellish, pretend, are not especially serious errors [..]

[…] The man swore on the head of his son a few months, taking” Allah” as a witness, that he knew nothing of the case. Faced with the evidence, he said simply: “I had to lie, it does not matter, you are an infidel.” […]

6. Muslim brotherhood in Egypt staging victim pictures.

Thank you M, Softly Bob, M, and all of you here. Thanks again!

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  1. AUSTRALIA : Andrew Wilkie to put forward bill to end ‘systematically cruel’ live exports Government response to revelations of cruelty shows it ‘doesn’t give a toss’ about animal welfare, says independent MP

    The independent MP Andrew Wilkie is to put forward a bill to end the live export trade after claiming that the government’s response to the latest revelations of cruelty shows it “doesn’t give a toss” about animal welfare.

    Wilkie will table a private member’s bill once parliament resumes to “wind up the trade after a few years” in light of a video showing Australian sheep being badly treated in Jordan.

    The footage, shown by the ABC on Wednesday night, was shot by Animals Australia investigators during the Eid religious festival earlier in October. It shows sheep having their throats slit multiple times, with some animals being dragged along the ground and thrown into vehicles.

    The Australian government has sought to downplay the prospect of a sweeping response to the video, with Tony Abbott claiming on Thursday it would be “foolish” for the government to make “policy on the run on the basis of one or two media reports”.

    the video :

  2. AUSTRALIA – Live export investigations

    For animals, a step onto a live export ship can lead to a most cruel and brutal fate. We know, because 25 investigations have revealed what the industry doesn’t want the public to see. When Animals Australia’s first Indonesian live export investigation was aired on Four Corners, a massive public outcry forced the Australian government to regulate the live trade for the very first time. New rules made exporting harder, more expensive, and fewer animals today endure this journey.

    But while animals continue to be exposed to all the known risks of live export, and with most still enduring fully conscious slaughter in importing countries, Animals Australia’s investigations into this trade continue.

    more on the page :

  3. #5

    Maybe you’re right, Eeyore. At the bottom of the article there was an information box giving a nice little rundown of taqiyya and Kitman and the three official “reasons” when it’s OK for Muslims to lie. I’ve never seen such a thing in the mainstream media in my life. Perhaps the penny is finally dropping, or their fear of Islam is starting to override their fear of being called “racists”.

    What’s happening in Quebec – are they waking up or something?

  4. Chris:

    Quebec has always had a position of determined cultural self preservation. So much so over all they are a giant pain in the ass for Canada. In fact, the entire concept of multiculturalism arguably stems from Pierre Trudeau, a former fairly Marxist prime minister of Canada who was trying to placate Quebec by instituting forced Frenchness on the rest of Canada for no practical purpose but at enormous expense and to get tons of unilingual French people fat government jobs.

    This of course expanded into ‘multiculturalism either by Trudeau again or his Conservative successor, Brian Mulroney.

    All this to say, it may well be our fault in Canada for starting this pernicious idea because of our attempt to cling to Quebec as a genuine part of Canada. Naturally it did not work. Quebec became a separate country by pretty much any rational definition of one other than the rest of Canada still picks up the cheque and we have to accept people who bribe their way into Canada through Quebec’s own immigration services as if they were Canadian.

    So it should be no surprise that the first push back would be from Quebec even though, quite frankly I find it a crappy one.

    If Nazis were opening Nazi community centers all over the place and implementing Nazi rules on people and using thuggery and crime to finance Nazi activities, banning the uniforms would be the last thing I would care about. And that is what Quebec is doing along with France and Belgium and all these idiotic states who care about form and not function.

  5. #2

    the fact the the US gov’t shut down catholic mass is a disgrace. I’m not sure what can be done about it as the brown shirts were under control Perhaps suing is the only recourse though it makes my heart sad. Priests willing to perform mass “voluntarily”, of course they were… being threatened with possible arrest.
    I wish the priests allowed themselves to be subject to arrest.
    That actually might happen the next time.

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