Belgium: Training camps for young jihadists in Ardennes

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Belgium: “our judiciary authorities are on high alert”

It is a curious invitation that has been launched on Facebook. At the initiative of a certain Abu Moussa, a radical Islamist near Fouad Belkacem, this call invites young jihadists to assimilate the basics of the Holy War and this, in the heart of the province of Luxembourg. “There is seven or eight of the fifteen seats available, “says the relayed by our colleagues at Sud Presse and Nieuwsblad

The multiple trainings are set to begin on October 25 and end on November 1. According to a police officer, this stage could take place in the forest of Epioux.

Abu Moussa has been doing this since last year, when he used his networks in order to find young recruits and then send them to Syria.

Our judicial authority is on high alert. On the other hand, the province of Luxembourg did not know about this rather strange solicitation.



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3 Replies to “Belgium: Training camps for young jihadists in Ardennes”

  1. To this day few realize the danger we in the west are in. I’m sick of the PC crap from the lackeys, lapdogs, and groveling apologists of Islam, in the MSM and the political class..

  2. Frank the time is rapidly approaching when the politically correct will become irrelivent to what is happening and people will be acting in the best interest of their families, themselves and their nations while ignoring the politically correct.

  3. So as well sharing his decapitation videos on Facebook afterwards, the modern Muslim can use it to plan and coordinate the atrocities. Facebook, serving all your terrorist needs. It must see itself in competition with other social media for jihadi market share.

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