News links for Oct. 24 2013 – 2

1. Angel of Woolwich ‘threatened with arrest’ for facing up to thugs 

The woman dubbed the “Angel of Woolwich” following the killing of soldier Lee Rigby today claims she was threatened with arrest after tackling youths who threw eggs at her home.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 48, stepped in to confront the alleged killers moments after Drummer Rigby was attacked in May. But now she says she has been threatened with arrest herself after thugs pelted her house with eggs and stones.

She says she dialled 999 and went outside to “calmly” remonstrate with the gang but when police arrived she claims they “manhandled” her and threatened to arrest her for a breach of the peace — and that instead of dealing with the youths responsible, a policeman grabbed her arm and twisted it. […]

2. Tunisia ruling Islamist party’s office in Kef torched 

Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party office in the town of Kef was torched by angry protesters on Thursday, an AFP photographer reported, amid a main opposition party ruling out talks without the government promising to step down.

3. Tunisia: protesters in Tunis chase Al Jazeera crew out

(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, OCTOBER 24 – Demonstrators staging an anti-government sit-in on Thursday chased an Al Jazeera TV crew out of Kasbah Square in the nation’s capital. Protesters had greeted the crew with shouts of ”Al Jazeera go home”. The Tunisian opposition has long accused the Qatari-owned broadcaster of pro-government bias in its coverage of the country, which is currently led by the Islamic Ennahda party.

4. Speaking of Al Jazeera:

Al Jazeera America to air on Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable, the second largest U.S. cable TV provider, said Thursday it has agreed to carry Al Jazeera America in its lineup in the coming months, a distribution deal that the upstart network has sought for months.

5. Saudi reiterates warning against women trying to defy driving ban

Interior Ministry Spokesman General Mansur al-Turki told Al Arabiya that “women driving inside the kingdom is completely banned.”

The ministry on Wednesday warned against “disturbing social peace” ahead of the “October 26 driving” campaign, which urged Saudis to put its logo on their cars and called upon women with international driving licenses to get behind the wheel that day.

6. If anyone in the history of Journalism ever deserved a Pulitzer, or a Nobel Peace Prize for that work, it is the great people of Vice Guide to Travel. Watch the one on Liberia or North Korea sometime. These people are amazing.

Posing as a Prostitute in a Turkish Brothel: Correspondent Confidential


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8 Replies to “News links for Oct. 24 2013 – 2”

  1. NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts

    • Agency given more than 200 numbers by government official
    • NSA encourages departments to share their ‘Rolodexes’
    • Surveillance produced ‘little intelligence’, memo acknowledges

    The Guardian approached the Obama administration for comment on the latest document. Officials declined to respond directly to the new material, instead referring to comments delivered by Carney at Thursday’s daily briefing.

  2. #1 If a large enough group in Ingrid’s community posed as much of a threat to the police as the Muslims did, the police would arrest the stone throwers or do nothing at all. What they would not do is arrest Ingrid.

  3. 1/ This brave lady is worth a hundred Muslim men. Shame on the cowardly police who did almost nothing during the Lee Rigby attack.
    Michael Had-a -Banana and Michael Had-a-Potato should be dismembered, disemboweled and dragged through the streets.
    As Marcellus could well have said in ‘Pulp Fiction’, “it’s time to get medieval on their asses!”

  4. There is no point in complaining about the British police. For at least twenty years, the British police in my view, are the worst police in the world.

    They are highly paid but picked from the bottom of the barrel. Even African police are better, They may be corrupt in minor ways, but at least they catch crooks.

    The British police are very good in harassing motorists for a quick rip off, but nothing more challenging or dangerous.

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