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10 Replies to “Spanish festival of the Reconquista, the take-back of Spain from Muslim invaders”

  1. This is prime evidence that the Caliphate in Spain was no golden period. There would be a positive folk memory if the Moor brought a good time.

  2. There are a lot of people in Spain who don’t want the Moslems there, and who want to fight back, unfortunately they don’t control their government.

  3. The Reconquista: 1492 final expulsion from the Iberian Peninsula of Moors & Jews by the Catholic monarchs King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella. Big celebration every year re-enacting that glorious victory with elaborate parades.

    A popular mixed bean soup is called “moros-y-judios. It may or may not contain a bit of ham for flavor. Legend had it that avoidance of such a delectable dish would serve as proof you’re a secret Moor or Jew.

  4. Those last 2 clips — No way would that procession of niqab-witches have appeared in Spain until recently! That swaggering lot dancing to the music of Gulf money, what whores.

    The whole point of this holiday has been subverted. It’s always been shamelessly offensive to everyone except pure-bred, native Catholic Spaniards. Tourists didn’t know or care what happened when or to whom, it was just fun.

    Tourism posters spelled it out: “Spain is different!” Bull-fights, local color, cheap wine, even Opus Dei. But that was the Spain that was.

    The singular achievement of Spanish history was the termination of Muslim domination after 800 years of fighting. Every aspect of Spanish Renaissance culture — art, literature, music — glows with the triumphant spirit of La Reconquista.

    It cannot be made PC. So it’s been turned inside out & upside-down. By knowledgeable Spaniards for 30[+] pieces of silver [euros]. How tragic.

  5. @ Red : Moros y Cristianos is a festival taking place each year in many Spanish towns to celebrate the Reconquista and the victory against the Muslims …

    you can read this wiki page to get an idea :


    @ yucki This is a masquerade – locals are divided in two groups, the Christians and the Moors, and dress in colorful costumes accordingly

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