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20 Replies to “Russia warns world powers not to use islam to weaken the Russian state”

  1. I can’t help having respect for Putin and his leadership. And he has been “nice” by giving the muslims a clear warning. But Jihadists never listen to warnings – which I think Mr. Putin is very well aware of.. It will be interesting to follow the way Mr. Putin will tackle the nextcoming riots.

  2. I guess he forgot the proverb …. “We have a Russian proverb: “Do not call a wolf to help you against the dogs.” If dogs are attacking and tearing at you, fight against the dogs, but do not call a wolf for help. Because when the wolves come, they will destroy the dogs, but they will also tear you apart.” ~ Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, “Words of Warning to the Western World”

  3. Executions, explosions – day in, day out…

    Iraq: Wave of deadly checkpoint attacks hits Anbar (BBC, Oct 22, 2013)
    “Militants have killed at least eight Iraqi policemen in a series of attacks in the western province of Anbar, officials say. At least four officers died as a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a checkpoint at the entrance to the remote town of Rutba. Shortly afterwards, four more police died when gunmen attacked three other checkpoints in the province. Recent months have seen a surge in violence….”

  4. Mmm, the worlds only unashamed Christian leader. The only leader of a white nation who unashamedly puts his own culture, nation and people first.Pennies starting to drop yet.? To defend a culture you first have to have one. Anything goes, let it all hang out, do what you will “secular democracy” is NOT a culture, it is the greatest con trick, spiritual and cultural dispossession ever perpetrated in the history of the world.
    I hope we don’t have to suffer the same pain as the Russian people – or worse before we relise what we have been tricked out of.

  5. FYI

    This is what the left of a Muslim activists are hanging their hat on n a counter argument.

    “Here, you can read about “the Rape Jihad” (ha ha ha, that word) ” Peter J

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/maga…Sweden’s rape rate under the spotlight
    By Ruth Alexander
    BBC News
    14 September 2012 Last updated at 19:37 ET


    “The thing is, the number of reported rapes has been going up in Sweden – it’s almost trebled in just the last seven years. In 2003, about 2,200 offences were reported by the police, compared to nearly 6,000 in 2010.

    So something’s going on.” -Sweden’s rape rate under the spotlight
    By Ruth Alexander

  6. Kidnapped Gypsy Girl’s DNA Has No Matches in Interpol Database


    But her DNA might be able to localize where she was likely born. It would make it easier to blanket a country or region with photos.

    If she lose a baby tooth .they might surmise from isotopes what region she has been kliving in. Although with Gypsies that might be several countries in as many years.

    Her DNA microsatellites should tell police her ancestry.

    “Forensic analysis

    A partial human STR profile obtained using the Applied Biosystems Identifiler kit.

    Microsatellite analysis is a relatively new technology in the field of forensics, having come into popularity in the mid-to-late 1990s. It is used for the genetic fingerprinting of individuals”


    She cannot be a Jane Doe. We have to get to the bottom of this.

  7. Culture:
    1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
    2. the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

    What the heck are you talking about Phil? There are many things wrong in the west, and western civilization certainly isn’t perfect by any means but it is absolutely the greatest civilization in the history of the world. And it does indeed consist of many cultures living together in comparative harmony under various governments generally based on secular democracy. Now if you want to talk about the subversive qualities and Marxist deceptions inherent in the term “multi-culturalism” which is essentially a progressive sham in that it treats all cultures as valuable except our own, then I’m right there with you, bro. Or if you want to chat about how the MSM has no journalistic integrity whatsoever these days, and how they are treasonously willing to sweep serious issues like islamofascism under the carpet in a fantasy bid to avoid war – thereby subverting out secular democracies and risking even bigger war by delaying the inevitable – well now you’re cooking with gas. And what’s the point of mentioning “white nation” in your comment. Noting the color of people’s skin is for moonbats and leftards who actually think skin color is somehow the end all and be all of everything. Please think before you post nonsense next time.

  8. Dear Billy Goat, You really need to do a bit of research, the culture that delivered modern day europe, England, US, Australia, Canada, was a Christian one. The country that I grew up in just sixty years ago was a VERY Christian one. NO other civilization in the history of the earth has delivered anything like Christianity. Europe was catapulted from a few warring iron age tribes to the most powerful, wealthy, technological, freest, most decent civilization the world has ever seen, in a little under two thousand years – the blink of an eye in terms of human history as we understand it. This did not happen anywhere else, in fact the majority of the worlds land mass was still in the stone age until the age of empire. All of our laws, our literature, our art, our music, our architecture, our whole culture basically stems from Christianity, with a smattering of classical Greco Roman. This may be hard for someone without much knowledge of the arts and history to appreciate, but, for example virtually all of the great composers were composing religious works, and you hear their music repeated time and time again in on TV, film scores, pop music. The English language certainly cannot be fully understood without an understanding of the bible. It permeates our culture far, far more than most people understand or appreciate. THAT is why the soviet union banned Christianity and tried to destroy it, because that IS the biggest threat to totalitarianism, utilitarianism, eugenics, all the bad things that they want to impose on us. Why do you think Christianity is, UNIQUELY under continual attack all over Europe and the Anglosphere, what, until very recently was called Christendom. Where do you think (the concept of) God given inalienable rights come from ? Without them you are NOTHING, as the people of the United States are just beginning to find out.You are a chattel, a pawn, a ‘human resource’,, a piece of genetic material, beholden to whoever can seize power, whether at the point of a gun, through bribery, graft, corruption, or rigged elections. Have you noticed how de -humanising terms are now creeping into the language ? The most creepy and insidious one being ‘human resource’, a community (state) asset to be used, abused, and eventually disposed of ‘for the common good’.
    I have only barely touched on the subject, I could fill a book, but space dictates. I hope my words will give at least some people food for thought, because Christianity is (still, just) the core of our civilization and culture. Destroy that and you have destroyed us COMPLETELY, in every sense of the word, and THEY KNOW IT, that is why they expend so much time and effort trying to sideline, ridicule, undermine, discredit, legislate against it, because without it THEY are God THEY are the ultimate authority, and the future for the common man, the ‘human resources’ of the future is VERY bleak indeed

  9. Reply 2. In my reference to colour. LOOK, just wake up and smell the coffee ! White people are under attack all over the world. White people, uniquely, in terms of skin colour are under attack all over the world, and it’s not US that choose to identify ourselves by our skin colour it is THEM.
    NO OTHER RACE in Europe, the Anglosphere is being told that race, culture are social construct, and have to be abandoned – Quite the opposite in fact – other races are having their cultures respected, promoted, given precedence. NO OTHER RACE can be legally discriminated against under the law, in employment, in a court of law. Anti white propaganda is the norm in our schools and universities, there are even whole courses dedicated to denouncing ‘white privilege’. NO OTHER RACE in the world is expected to give over their lands to unlimited, financially and culturally suicidal levels of immigration. Add to that the 24/7/52 anti white propaganda in our media, the selective application of the law, the ‘open season’ attacks on white people in their own towns and cities – with NO reporting in the media, the rape epidemic, the child molestation and prostitution, plus lots, lots more and you have a civilization under siege, a (sometimes not so) slow motion genocide of the white race. And if we have have the audacity to complain about our discomfort, our dispossession, our gradual destruction THEY do what you just did – play the race card. Well some of us ain’t wearing it, we want a decent, safe, prosperous, comfortable future for our children, their children, and their childrens children. And that is what it is all about, at my age I could easily ride this nonsense out, but the future for my descendents, my country, my people DOES matter to me.
    Search your heart, and use your brain, do you REALLY think that the world will be a better place for the passing of the white european race, western civilisation and Christianity ?
    As I said at the beginning, it is not US that choose to define us, judge us, condemn us for our skin colour, it is THEY who have set out to destroy us.

  10. Reply 3. ‘Secular democracy’ ? That’s a term which has been bandied about, as long as I can remember, certainly in the public domain over the last ten years, or even less together with the ‘separation of church and state’ (as a historical fact rather than an aspiration). EVERY English head of state, for well over a thousand years has been installed in a Christian ceremony, has sworn on the Christian bible to fulfill his/her duties to God, country,and people on the Christian bible. EVERY English/British MP has done the same, until VERY recently, as has EVERY U.S. president. (Of course, if the person making the oath, and the people expecting the oath maker to be held to that oath are non-believers then that oath is useless, as the American people are beginning to find out). In the country that I grew up in prayers and hymns accompanied every important occasion, public and private : Inaugurations, memorials, celebrations, weddings, CHRISTenings, funerals, everything. EVERYONE I know of my generation can recite the Lords prayer by heart, most have a favourite hymn, most could quote you large chunks of the bible(often without realising it). ALL of our public holidays were, and mostly still are Christian festivals. SO, the ‘secular democracy’ and ‘separation of church and state, historically, are certainly an absolute, complete and utter LIE.
    So how did we get here ? A quote from George Orwell might help:
    If we have our education system teaching lies, and our media spewing lies 24/7/52, then the lies become the ‘received wisdom’ and can be reduced to soundbites : ‘England is a mongrel country, there’s no such race as the English’ – ‘There never was a golden age for marriage’ – England/US/whoever you want never was a Christian country’. ALL lies that are now bandied about regularly now, INCLUDING by those who’s solemn duty aught to be to uphold the truth. WHY ? see below.

  11. Reply 4 Firstly, as I have stated above, if nobody believes in anything, then a solemn, sworn oath, to quote someone famous, ‘Is not worth the paper it’s (not) written on’. ANY politician, ruler can promise ANYTHING and not be bound by it. Sound farmiliar ? If you take God out of the equation, then you have NO God given rights – only those that the ruling that the ruling elite choose to give – or take away for whatever reason THEY decide. You are not a unique, sacred, valued human being, with a spirit, a soul, intrinsic, inalienable rights – You are at best their chattel – at worst a ‘human resource’ to be used, abused, even disposed of ‘for the common good’, or even worst for the good of the planet. If they decide that unhappy people can be happily disposed of, for the good of all concerned, then they will bring in laws that allows the state to murder you (as they have in Holland). If they decide that your body is ‘a valuable human resource’ to be used as they see fit, then they will bring in a law allowing them to plunder your body for spare parts (as they have in Wales) AND THEY GET TO DECIDE WHEN YOU ARE DEAD, or not worth saving. Some hospitals in Great Britain are already refusing life saving treatment to people who smoke, or are unfortunate enough to have weight problems. So what if someone with an ‘unapproved lifestyle’, or, the way things are going, an unapproved political opinion needs life saving treatment, with a tissue match to a prominent politician, a Saudi Billionaire who needs a new liver? Can’t happen ? Just look how the US tax system treats those with the ‘wrong opinion’, the wrong political allegiances, and just look at some of the leftish websites – the utter bile, contempt – HATRED of people who disagree with them politically – THINK AGAIN !
    AND listen to the public utterances of some of the movers and shakers on overpopulation, it ranges from enforced planned birth control to human beings are a cancer on the planet and need to be culled SEVERELY for the future good of said planet. AND THESE ARE NOT JUST FRINGE LUNATICS – they are people who hold very high and influential positions in government and international organizations like the U.N. Don’t think they’ll do it ? As Stalin, said, in the pursuit of their man made utopia ‘One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic.’ Make no mistake, this is how these people think.
    So what do you prefer, treasured, unique human being with intrinsic value and rights, God given and inviolable. Or valuable public resource, to be used, abused, exploited, managed for the public good ? And that IS the choice that you are making.
    SHOULD be a no brainer !

  12. Reply 5, and whilst I’m about it, England has NEVER ever been a ‘secular democracy’ in all of it’s just over one thousand year history, nor were the Anglo Saxon kingdoms before it. They were pagan until around the mid sixth century, when they started converting to Christianity. So secular NEVER. Neither has the US,in all its history, when presidents swear on the Christian bible, as do, predominantly people in a court of law. When all it’s laws, its culture, it’s perception of right and wrong are founded on Christian values then it is NOT a secular country. Although it has been very stealthily and successfully pushed that way in the last two or three decades. The Idea that Britain, the US, or any european state was anything other than a Christian state until Very recently (in fact most can still be described as such, culturally at least, in the majority) is an outright barefaced LIE.
    And whats so good about democracy ? When politicians can import an electorate BY THE MILLIONS?, When they can levy taxes on the ever shrinking productive part of the economy to bribe the ever growing non productive sector with benefits and totally unproductive state jobs ? When they can promise anything for years leading up to elections – and do absolutely the opposite when in power? When elections, especially in US, UK, are being so blatantly rigged, gerrymandered?, (and, I suspect not so obviously so). When governments pass laws and impose taxes that they exempt themselves from. What we have is (the illusion of) an elective dictatorship, designed to give us the impression of having some influence over how, and by whom we are governed

  13. Putin is playing a dangerous game using Iran and Shiite Islam to weaken the west, he is afraid that Obama or some other Western leader will start playing the same game. So far Putin has managed to successfully juggle the live grenades of Iran and the Shiite terrorists/rebels in Russian Territory. the question is how much longer can he succeed? Will it be long enough for Iran to attack Saudi, Israel and the US or will things blow up in his face before then.

    Never forget that Putin was raised in a KGB family to love communism and hate the west, he wants Russia to once again become a major player on the worlds stage and is willing to risk nuclear war in the Mid East to achieve his goal.

  14. Right, Richard, we must not Be like the crocodile ferrying the scorpion across the river. Its nature doesn’t change even draped it in ecclesiastical vestments & speaking your mother tongue.

    1.) Long excerpt from Algemeiner: “What Russia’s Mideast Rise Means for Israel” :

    “It’s no secret that Russian-Israeli bilateral relations still depend on the level of Russian-Syrian, Russian-Iranian and Russian-Palestinian relations. This is why relations between Russia and Israel can only be explained in the context of a broader regional strategy,” she said.
    Putin sees Israel as a nation with high economic, military, scientific, and technical potential, with close ties to global major powers. Russia also has common social and humanitarian interests with the Jewish community in Russia, and with the Russian-Jewish community in Israel. In fact, along with a change of attitude towards Israel, there has also been a significant change in the modern Russian government’s attitude about its own Jewish community.
    “Putin himself has repeatedly expressed his extremely negative attitude toward anti-Semitism in all its forms,” Karasova said.
    According to Mark Levin, executive director of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry (NCSJ), Russian Jews are now “not dealing with state-sponsored anti-Semitism, which is a big shift.” The fact that a million Russian Jews immigrated to Israel in the 1990s and now reside in the Jewish state “had an impact not only internally, but on how Russians and the Russian government view Israel,” he said.
    “It doesn’t mean all the problems have disappeared… but [Russia] is a much different country than once existed 25-30 years ago,” Levin said.
    Statements Putin made about his pride regarding Israel’s Russian-Jewish community “would never ever have been made by his Soviet predecessors,” according to Leibler. But while Putin “doesn’t dislike Jews,” it is also important to consider that the Russian president is “not a philo-Semite,” he told JNS.org.
    Russia and Israel still have different attitudes regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Russian political cooperation with Israel’s traditional opponents, particularly Iran and Syria, continues to be a factor, as is Israel’s tendency to fear Russia’s political and financial instability.
    The fact that Russia also maintains its support for the Palestinians in United Nations votes is not as significant an issue as Russia’s relationship with Iran, Leibler said, noting that most European nations and Asian countries like India also vote in favor of the Palestinians. Yet overall, it is a “big mistake” to suggest that Israel and Russia are allies, Leibler believes.

    Read the whole thing: http://www.algemeiner.com/2013/10/10/what-russias-mideast-rise-means-for-israel/

    2.) Careful before you fall headlong in love with Putin. Take it from a former KGB colonel named Kalashnikov [no less!] : Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog » Exclusive! Part 1: Former KGB Colonel Victor Kalashnikov on the Dangers of Putin Worship, Russia’s Anti-Western Alliance With Islam, Plans to Destroy NATO, Iran, Syria, the New KGB and Cooperation With European Fascists

    (http://www.trevorloudon.com/2013/06/exclusive-part-1-former-kgb-colonel-victor-kalashnikov-on-the-dangers-of-putin-worship-russias-anti-western-alliance-with-islam-plans-to-destroy-nato-iran-syria-the-new-kgb-and-cooperation-wi/ )

  15. ‘Putin is juggling hand grenades’
    Who’s the aggressor here ? Who’s going around invading sovereign countries on the pretext of preventing unstable regimes from having ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ? – and then leaving them in a far more unstable and dangerous condition than when they invaded them, and killing a few hundred thousand people in the process ? Who’s supplying absolutely evil murderous terrorist groups with money and arms right across the middle east ? – NOT Putin
    Who single handedly deflected the USA from ANOTHER middle east invasion, completely outmaneuvered the O’Bummer war machine, and probably saved another few hundred thousand people the US muder machine wanted to help – to their graves. THAT would be Putin.
    Of course, we all know Assad is an evil dictator – because the western media tells us so – you know-poison gas – sniping babies and all that.
    GROW UP |!

  16. I know, Phil, I know.

    To the extent that I loathe & fear Obama (as Tool #1 for our enemies), I’m feeling downright cuddly toward Putin, his RT, his handling of Pussy Riot & Edward Snowden. Even among the enormous Russian community here, who certainly know better, Putin’s got groupies.

    We watched his interview during the G-20, & he coughed. Those watching with me worried, shouldn’t he see a doctor? maybe strong tea?

    This for the man who murdered Litvinenko: Radioactive Poison Killed Ex-Spy


  17. Well, I don’t know about the Litvinenko murder, the trouble is anything I read in the western media I distrust automatically. If the bbc told me that grass is green I would look outside to check. As someone who lived through the cold war period (I remember the Berlin wall going up) I find it so bloody ironic (and a bit of a slap in the face) that I trust Pravda far more than any western news outlet. All I know is that every time Putin opens his mouth he strikes a chord with me. He has a very calm, measured delivery – none of the swaggering, threatening manner of western politicians. He seems to be pulling his country together, not least, I believe because of his Christian faith and the great Christian revival that is taking place in Russia, and he does seem to be emerging as the leading world statesman.
    Please check out this article, and especially the video, which, as a Christian and a patriot I find absolutely awesome. You may recognise Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture, which is actually a traditional Russian hymn. Does ‘secular democracy’ produce such inspirational music ? Lady Gaga and snoopy ice T or whoever hardly compare, and can you imagine ANY western politician endorsing traditional values, morality, talking about patriotism in a positive light.? True, he may be just playing the ‘God card’, but he seems sincere to me – and it appears to be working for him- and the Russian people. So he gets my vote.
    Heres the link http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/22-07-2013/125204-russia_beast-0/

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