Why do muslims insist on public and inappropriate displays of ritual?

By now, pretty much everyone has at least seen a video of massive amounts of muslims pointing their derrières skywards whilst sniffing the one immediately in front of them. This activity, or some variant of it, is repeated in public in pretty much every area that is not under official islamic rule and where the percentage of muslims is high enough to obtain the desired result.

The story here may explain a good portion of the reasons why this is done.

As we see, muslims gathered to ‘pray’ in an area designated for soccer and at a time when the building was full of people for soccer-related activities. The reaction from the general public was 100% predictable. Which of course is why muslims do it. It is a provocation more than an invocation. If the unbelievers do nothing, then they have succeeded in turning all events and public properties to their purpose. But even better, if the public react in a hostile way, which would actually be the appropriate response to an inappropriate activity, then muslims can capitalize on the most treasured of all political substances (and also perhaps one of Canada’s largest exports) – Sanctimony.

The government will show its largesse and willingness to sacrifice its own values and those of its people, by creating dedicated space for muslims for activities not only unrelated to the purpose of the building, but that are often 180° antithetical to it, such as ‘prayer spaces’ at universities (assuming that a university is for continuing the essentially Greek thinking of The Enlightenment). It’s as if somehow, hundreds of publicly-funded mosques just aren’t enough, but that all other public spaces must also become mosques.

From the article linked above:

This evening, one prominent campaigner against anti-Muslim prejudice and a leading MP called on Premier League clubs to invest in prayer rooms for fans so such abuse could be avoided.

The “abuse” of course, was soccer fans chanting a club slogan while muslims were reciting islamic dogma. Remember, this was a soccer stadium during a game. Which action was the provocation? Which one was inappropriate? Again, the public reaction was 100% predictable.

So why do muslims do it?

As the hadith says:

“The (whole) earth has been made a mosque (or a place of prayer) and a means of purification for me, so wherever a man of my ummah may be when the time for prayer comes, let him pray.”

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Below, a gift for your local dhimmi politicians. We know they already have plenty of it, but this way we can at least smell it on them before they get too close.

Perfume 4

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7 Replies to “Why do muslims insist on public and inappropriate displays of ritual?”

  1. People don’t understand. The religion of Islam was purposely constructed by its inventor, Mohammed, to make it’s followers clash with Unbelievers. Islam is not meant to live alongside anything, it is meant to be supreme and annihilate everything around it, so Mohammed made it spikey and hard to get along with. It’s not an accident – it’s on purpose. The tenets of Islam are nothing but manufactured points of contention. It reveals all this in the Quran.

    Islam is a scam – a long game if ever there was one. The basic idea is to get everyone so uptight about the constant conflict that they eventually lose the will to resist and simply give in to Islam out of sheer exhaustion. That’s where the “religion of peace” thing comes from, by the way. If our authorities had any brains at all they would officially recognize the religion of Islam as the evil political/military conspiracy that it is, and they would send in the riot police at the first sign of mass praying. The Islamists are being real cutie-pies, they are. Mo was a very clever Warlord.

    Imagine an illiterate, frightened woman with a screaming baby in her arms, standing in a crowd of shouting, jostling, angry, hostile men. There are fires burning everywhere, fruit stands turned over, camels fighting each other, and it’s 42 degrees celsius in the shade in downtown Yathrib. Now imagine someone turns to the woman and tells her that everything will return to normal if only she says, “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his Messenger.” And, oh yeah, there is some praying and you can’t eat pork and you can’t have a dog and there’s a small poor tax, which is kind of a good idea, actually… Why do you think Islam is still alive and growing 1400 years after the death of its inventor?

    If big violent strong guys with weapons don’t move to counter this stuff, these tactics will win the territory for Islam every time – sure as shootin’. Islam is like the fireman who sets fires himself, so he can get all the glory himself when he plays the big brave first-responder coming to the rescue.

  2. Muslim Comments: Brilliantly reasoned! Some real thought and effort went into your rebuttal its clear. I will have to reconsider my whole world view on that basis. Allow me to give you a standing ovation! Socrates would be in awe.

  3. Muslim Comment “You are one sick individual. You should get some professional help, really.”

    I would agree that “…massive amounts of muslims pointing their derrières skywards whilst sniffing the one immediately in front of them.” does not ridicule enough.

    To “get some professional help” however, is just more of the same problem. No professional hired-hand, (political, medical or religious), understands the evil of submission to an Idol, God, or ideology. The degradation of their children and the dehumanization of Believers that kill to the blood-lust call of “Allah Akbar”. Those vain, ‘I think, therefore I am,’ nutjobs.

    Your yes be your yes and your no be no. That’s how simple life is.

    Hired professionals can help no one. They live by their sleeve.

    John the Baptist had absolutely nothing to give, to allow Jesus to repent and upchuck his birth-pride.

    So what made Eeyore reach right into your soul and take with him your ego? How could he do that? Because there is a truth about a man who only prays five times a day parading his rug-burn on his forehead. It’s homoerotic. Convincing others about what you do not have.

  4. “It is a provocation more than an invocation.”

    And that is yet another reason I think it is good to provoke Muslims as much as possible.

  5. It’s Muslims Comments that needs professional help as he is afflicted with the terrible disease of Islam. Once it is caught, the only cure is death.

    Know Islam, Know Violence
    No Islam, No Violence

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