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5 Replies to “Brief disease report on Syria”

  1. “Hippie dipshits in Norway” cannot be viewed from the Ban Koran video library.

    It is a classic video of normalcy bias of the leftists. I wanted to post a link to it and I was unable to.

    What is the point of posting a link if the video is missing?

  2. That was a video I subtitled some time ago, and I had it hosted on a site I couldn’t afford to maintain anymore so I let it go a year or more ago. The video may still be floating around out there somewhere on Liveleak or MRCTV. Ill see if I can find it for you. But as I told an ex girlfriend some many years ago now, “You can have my money or my time but not both. If you take all my time there won’t be any money” and with this, I put all my time into it. so I don’t have the cash I need to host the various sites I would like to have such as Ban Koran video library. I had some great material there. Maybe I can resurrect it some day or better, someone else will host a site like it.

  3. I mostly hate muzzies because they have turned me into a person who can rejoice at the misfortunes of others. (That would be flesh-eating bacteria, polio, birth defects, wife-beating, honor killing, etc)

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