News links for Oct 22 2013 – 1

1. Is there an oil component to the Syrian conflict? Is Europe cutting off the branch upon which it sits? Gates of Vienna

2. Brunei introduces death by stoning under new Islamic laws

Brunei is to introduce a raft of tough sharia punishments including amputation and death by stoning for adulterers

Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah delivers his speech during the official opening of the Majlis Ilmu 2013 in Bandar Seri Begawan on October 22, 2013

Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah delivers his speech during the official opening of the Majlis Ilmu 2013 in Bandar Seri Begawan Photo: AFP


9:38AM BST 22 Oct 2013

The Sultan of Brunei on Tuesday announced the phased introduction of tough Islamic punishments including death by stoning for crimes such as adultery, in the monarchy’s latest step towards conservatism. […]

3. If you are not a far left activist, you had better do all your own security and consider the law your enemy. Especially if you are in Denmark. It seems the violent and criminal left are immune from criminal punishment there.

4. Same goes for Belgium. 

5. Women activists in Saudi Arabia demand the right to be not allowed to drive.

Justifying their action, the activists, who have sent copies of the letter to the interior minister and Shoura Council chairman, said that women driving was not only a violation of the Kingdom’s public order and scholars’ fatwas, but would also impact the social fabric, family values, religious sentiments and even security.

6. What does it look like when a “Mayor of integration” of Copenhagen visits a culturally enriched area?

7. “Mr. Cameron is not (yet) a practicing Muslim.” -Mark Steyn on the tickle fight on terror.

8. Where’s Waldo (When Waldo is an Israeli flag)

9. UK PM directs the collective anus of British financial institutions skywards.

Thank you EDL Buck, Fjordman, Santor and everyone who sent in material. Thank you again for your contributions.

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5 Replies to “News links for Oct 22 2013 – 1”

  1. I just watched Prometheus. Charlize Theron is crushed by a huge Crescent.

    She didn’t think of running sideways. I’m pretty sure the black goop on the Crescent ship was refined Jihad. Any thoughts? The Alien is essentially a morphing rapist too. Ridley Scot appears to be Christian on some level too.

  2. TAJIKISTAN – Infertility treatment by the Magic Mullah

    Ibrohimov was arrested in September after a video of one of his infertility-treatment sessions appeared on YouTube. The Tajik Interior Ministry identified Ibrohimov as the man in the video and pressed charges against him.

    The five-minute clip appears to show Ibrohimov consulting with a woman before he begins the treatment while reciting the Koran. The male figure embraces the woman, fondles and kisses her, and lifts her dress to expose her belly and breasts as he gyrates behind her.

    According to the presiding judge, Ismoil Davlatov, the mullah admitted partial guilt, claiming “the woman forced him to do what he did.”

    The mullah’s family, including his wife, is standing by his side. The family has accused the victim of provocative behavior and leading the mullah astray.

  3. 2/ The Sultan could play Lo Pan but he’d have to pin back those ears.

    Is he worried that the time approaches when he will have to answer to the great slave-owner in sky?

  4. #3 and 4 The left can already commit a lot of political crimes in the US and we are rapidly approaching the time when they can commit violent crimes. This is what we get for not punishing the criminals in the Democrat party when we catch them.

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