Derby Muslim free school Al-Madinah closes after inspection

(‘Free’ in this context means state funded)

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Al-Madinah School The school is also facing a probe by the Education Funding Agency

A Muslim free school accused of imposing strict Islamic practices, such as segregated classrooms, has closed following an inspection by Ofsted.

The BBC understands Ofsted’s findings were so damning that the acting head of Al-Madinah, in Derby, had little choice but to shut it down immediately.

The school said the move was due to a “health and safety issue” but expected it to reopen in the “very near future”.

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4 Replies to “Derby Muslim free school Al-Madinah closes after inspection”

  1. Unfortunately, there is going to be a lot more of this kind of stuff in the UK. eg Sunday Times 29.9.2013 (also reported in the Daily Mail) –

    ‘a state funded school in Blackburn has become the first to force its pupils to wear the hijab both in and out of school…the Tauheedul Islam Girls High School requires pupils to…recite the Koran at least once a week and not bring stationery into the school that contains un-Islamic images such as pictures of pop stars…About 10% of pupils in the 6th form wear the Niqab, and all pupils have to wear long purple tunics over black trousers so no flesh is exposed’
    Further: it is reported that a Saudi cleric who has referred to Jews as ‘pigs and the scum of the human race’, has made a visit to the school to address the girls.

    If I lived in Blackburn, I would be very anxious, and angry, that this has been allowed to happen in my community

  2. Actually, “free” in this context means free from the overbearing influence of the hard left teaching unions, the NUT and NASUWT, who are largely responsible for the collapse in education standards in the UK these past forty years. They are free also as they are formed by parents, and not by the state.

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