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4 Replies to “Two more clips from the OSCE conference in Warsaw”

  1. Did they sign some non-disclosure agreement or what is this about…

    Derby Muslim free school Al-Madinah closes after inspection (BBC, Oct 1, 2013)
    “A Muslim free school accused of imposing strict Islamic practices, such as segregated classrooms, has closed following an inspection by Ofsted.

    The BBC understands Ofsted’s findings were so damning that the acting head of Al-Madinah, in Derby, had little choice but to shut it down immediately.

    The school said the move was due to a “health and safety issue” but expected it to reopen in the “very near future”.

    Ofsted says it cannot disclose its concerns until the inspection ends.

    It added it had “made some findings and shared them with the principal”.”

  2. Bravo Valerie,
    She is a force to be reckoned with and one of the few outspoken voices in Canada,
    perhaps the only one,
    who else is there to speak the truth in these times
    the media is complacient and participates in the propaganda
    Bravo Bravo Bravo
    subscribe to Act for Canada
    excellent newsletter

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