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6 Replies to “Al-Qeada in Syria demands a caliphate. Sept 13 2013”

  1. Senators McCain and Graham could be the first ambassadors to the new Caliphate formed by their ‘rebel’ friends, of which they speak so fondly of. The actions by these Quislings in our government is sickening.

  2. Of course al Qaeda wants a caliphate. Our elite know this, and have been quite deliberately helping them to have one. On their own, these Muslims do not have the power to overturn the dictators. So we, for our own strategic reasons, are helping them.

    I have written before, that all Muslims, as well as the millions of Muslims in the West, should take heed. Once a caliphate is established, the game will change to the extreme detriment of all Muslims.

  3. I suppose the US administration is being advised by Middle East “experts” with PhDs from the Georgetown University Saudi-funded John Esposito-led department of Middle Eastern Studies or whatever name they give it. Of course al Qaeda wants a caliphate – that’s pretty much one of their reasons for existence.

    Syria is being attacked by a huge collective force of Sunni Muslim religious fanatics who are, and always have been, dead set on killing every blaspheming heretical apostate infidel Alawite Shiite in the country. Why, oh why, is it incumbent on Bashar al-Assad to simply surrender to the people who hate him? How is shooting some Sunni Muslim up from Australia, “Murdering his own people”?

    Think of all the lives the British could have saved by simply laying down their arms and letting the German soldiers march into London. The only difference here is that the Nazis only wanted to enslave the British after killing all the ones they didn’t like. In the case of Syria, it’s going to be like that scene in “Lawrence of Arabia”. “Take no prisoners!!!”.

  4. If/when the Caliphate is reformed it will be bad for everyone in the world, the Moslems will be forced to live under a sharia law enforced with modern technology while the rest of us will be fighting for our very survival and the survival of freedom and civilization. I have no doubts that in the long run the West will win but will the west that wins be one we want to live in and will any vestige of civilization survive?

    We are sailing uncharted waters in a leaky boat in the middle of a hurricane.

  5. Richard wrote: We are sailing uncharted waters in a leaky boat in the middle of a hurricane.

    That much is true in this war that one finds in the “Looking Glass”.

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