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1. Activists: Syrian rebel infighting kills nearly 50

BEIRUT (AP) — Activists say infighting between rebel forces in Syria has killed at least 50 in clashes in the country’s northeast.

2. Greece’s Golden Dawn uses 9/11 to degrade Jews (Warning: this is very nasty stuff)

3. WTF is this?

4. EU auditors must tone down criticism of Brussels spending, says Herman Van Rompuy (commies like muslims cannot allow truth to be told)

5. Are cosmologists moving back to geometry and away from the quantum zoo?


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  1. Re 5., Membrane theory and string theory are not related to the quantum “zoo” in this context. The latter are the elementary particles that compose matter, and are actually experimentally verified. The latest is the higgs-boson, which is now looking more and more likely to actually exist from experimental data. The membrane and string theories deal with the actual structure of the universe itself. Further, its likely that neither the membrane or string theory can be “directly” verified by experiment unlike quantum particles.

  2. Adam wrote: Further, its likely that neither the membrane or string theory can be “directly” verified by experiment unlike quantum particles.

    First, your choice of Web name is quite apt in this context.

    As you point out, it is that it is unlikely we will ever have experimental confirmation of strings or branes. They are metaphysical theories, and not really in the bound of Physics.

  3. #3 Vlad will love this. The Golden Dawn actually think of themselves as socialists.

    Yeah, they call themselves “Social Nationalists” but, aside from that obvious nod to Nazism, they also think of themselves as more sincerely socialist than left wing socialists.

    At the top of their website is a tab to an article “Golden Dawn’s Socialism”. If you read their whackadoo rhetoric they really do think of themselves as socialist and the left as betrayers of the working class because it has sided with capitalism.

    Another example of fascism going hand in hand with socialism and of socialism being connected directly to antisemitism.

    My thoughts on Nazism’s connection to socialism differ but The Golden Dawn is yet another example of how bossypants types are attracted to socialism.

  4. I fail to understand what could be behind the anti-Jewish fervor of the Greek Nazis. Are they simply showing adoration for Adolf Hitler? What do Jews have to do with Greece? Why would Greeks, of all people, be in love with Adolf Hitler? I suspect that the Golden Dawn Party is being run by Dumb and his good friend Dumber. This is unfortunate. All my life I have feared that “political correctness” would one day spark a backlash that would be worse than the political correctness itself. Is Golden Dawn that backlash? Are the stupid violent morons of the world going to rise up and try to take over, like they did in the 30s and ’40s? Oh, goody…

  5. @ Chris

    Hitler was courting Greek dictator Metaxas.

    “The regime’s literature gave praise to fellow European authoritarian states, especially those of Franco, Mussolini and Hitler” -

    Now Hitler was not an evil genius, because he was not a genius. To call Hitler a genius is the uniformed or dilettante’s way of saying I was watching the 1930s equivalent of “Kim Kardashian”.
    It is a cop out. it is a way of saying he was so smart, that there was nothing I could do and I am blameless.

    So if Hitler was so bad, why in the latter half of the war is it that the British gave up trying to assassinate him?

    Hitler was like any other primate. He made coalition size up the opposition and saw who he could intimidate, who he could roll. Hitler had 2 bad events. They were Yugoslavia and Greece. Yugoslavia was pro-NAZI until the king. Government was overthrown due to the British intelligence and of course a significant segment of population being unhappy.

    Hitler was also courting Metaxas. Metaxas was probably reading the tea leaves and deciding which way things were going to go before jumping on the band wagon. Mussolini was envious of hitler’s success so he invaded Greece and got his @ss handed to him. Hitler bailed him out.

    Just think of Hitler with Greece as his ally. How much would Greece have added? Maybe it doesn’t matter. The fact that it wasn’t a drain would be significant in itself.

    I hate Time-Life analyses of WW2. it was much more mundane, much closer to the edge than most people think.

    One has to ask themselves if Yugoslavian campaign had not happened, and Barbarossa had kicked of 10 weeks earlier, if Moscow had not fallen. the Germans got very close to it. Stalin, the man of steel, lost his nerve at one point. He was supposedly catatonic for 3 days. What if they had gotten closer sooner? Stalin also put the excellent general Zukhov in charge. If he hadn’t and kept relying on yes men would Moscow have fallen?

    So yes I think WW2 was a near run thing.

    The coalition building of Hitler was not genius. It was run of the mill stuff. Part of the reason it worked was because of crappy leaders.

  6. #1 This news story is a blatant lie. It is leftwing newsroom propaganda. The Kurds are not rebels, not part of the rebellion, and have no intention of rebelling. Thus there is no infighting.

    The Kurds desire to have their own state, but they are not planning or preparing to revolt. They maybe ready to revolt, but, if they are ready to revolt, it is ready in terms of a BOYSCOUT always being ready for anything. That is an important distinction. There is no intent formed in their minds. Therefore they cannot have committed treason. They have been suppressed too any times to hold meetings or to organize to revolt.

    Still if Assad was surrounded in Damascus and going down or embattled in Latakia, they would set up a Kurdish state in a heartbeat that would probably survive unless Turkish tanks rolled in.

    This is simply ‘BOSSYPANTS” al Qaeda types from around the world, foreigners, trying to lord it over Kurds.

    The implicit subhead of the story was that there is infighting, the U.S., the U.N. should go in and make them stop so we can have our new world order.

  7. The trouble with nationalist politics where you demonize immigrants is that anti-Jewish sentiment will be expressed. When I compare Golden Dawn with the EDL and how they are viewed in nationalist circles this keeps showing up: the EDL is controlled opposition and is zionist.
    Golden Dawn otoh is the third largest party in Greece whilst Robinson gets hauled into jail and controls no MP or council seat. One big difference between the two is that EDL embraces Israel and the diaspora as chums and Golden Dawn sees liberalizing Jews and Israel as two sides of the same dodgy coin.

  8. Expect what you inspect « The Mu – David Muir

    Lou Gerstner, former chief of RJR Nabisco and then IBM, once said famously “People do what you inspect, not what you expect.


    If you don’t audit, they could be setting up an hereditary oligarchy with adoptions on non-blood relations with different justifications but to the same result.

    I mean it is not like we have never ever had problems with nepotism in public corporations or government. And the nobility of the Middle ages never had the justification that they were doing it all for the people. I mean just because the word noble and nobility ave the same root doesn’t mean that upper class in times of yore did not justify their high flying life with “it is for the people”

  9. The Jews have been the traditional whipping boys of Europe, the 70 years since WWII have not been enough to erase the hatred that many of the rulers instilled in their people to help control them. Hitler used that hatred to his advantage and so is Golden Dawn, they by themselves aren’t much of a danger but their influence on other European groups is a massive danger. Fascism started in Italy and was a much milder version that the version that sweep through Germany. Bad economic times bring radical leaders out of the woodwork, and unfortunately the really dangerous ones tend to gain power.

    Blue you are right about WWII, Hitler made many mistakes in WWII, and the fact is that if he and not made one of them, any one of them, Germany would have won WWII.


    1, going to war with less then 100 U boats. He almost starved Britain with the small number of U boats he had, if he had waited until he had 100 to 150 U boats he would have won.

    2. He insisted on the broad front in the invasion of Russia, the General Staff wanted a single column approach to move rapidly into Moscow and catch most of the politburo,

    3. He didn’t invade Britain, there is some speculation he never intended to, if he had done this just after the fall of France would have knocked Britain out of the war.

    4. Since most of the nuclear physicists were Jews he dismissed it as Jewish Science and didn’t pour enough resources into developing the nuclear bomb, he could have had one before us if he had done this and hadn’t driven the Jewish physicists out of Europe.

    5. He turned the SS death units loose in Russia, prior to this the Russians greated him as a liberator and entire Russian Armies shot their political officers and joined the German Army. The situation in Russia was so bad Stalin as Churchill for a battalion of commandos to be his person bodyguards because his Russian ones were unreliable.

    6. He retained personal control of the Panzer units in France and refused to turn them loose on the Normandy beachhead, turning them loose would have given the Germans a very good chance of driving the invasion back into the sea.

    There were other mistakes but these are the ones that I can think of off hand.

  10. @ Richard

    #4 I did understand the depth of the stupidity until I read “Loyalty is my Honor” It was almost to the point that Jewish scientist had made great strides in physics so physics was abhorred. It makes you wonder how they managed to build any wunder weapons. I imagine engineers and scientists ignored the NAZIs and kept using the principles of physics. Still it had to have had a chilling effect (fortunately for us) on NAZI nuke research. Neils Bohr seems to be sympathetic to the allies if not an out right spy. Of course the NAZIs could not do anything because they did not have smart enough people in that field to check up on him.

    If they saw the results of Einstein’s work is brilliant, then that rubs off on Einstein, which put into doubt NAZI racial theories, which undermines NAZI doctrine and power. They put themselves nto a catch 22. The NAZIs f____d themselves. but that is what you get when you are that way.

    It also scares me. Now I understand how the left can be so blind.

    #5 I had not hear about Stalin’s request. I will have to look it up.

    I think the NAZIs could have won if they had supported Ukrainian nationalism and if Lebensraum had been brought up to deny it, obfuscate it or say it was a mistake. It would not be the 1st time Hitler rewrote a book.

    #7 This was not a mistake. it was British involvement though. Hitler wanted free passage through Spain to attack Gibraltar. Franco owed Hitler. the British secret service got a hold of Franco and said look, Hitler does not have the forces to threaten you because he is spread too thin and proved it. Then they pointed out to Franco that Germany might not win.

    If Gilbraltar had fallen would the Rommel have been better supplied and the British worse supplied in Egypt. Might the Rommel have one.
    Also in the same vein, Goring assured Hitler that he could conquer Malta with air power alone. Hitler trusted him. Goring was not the man he had been in WW1. Point is I can see Egypt falling if Malta and Gilbraltar had fallen.

    Anwar Sadat was conspiring with the Germans to get rid of the British.

    Just a tiny little bit more success like the conquest of 2 postage stamp sized territories( Gibraltar and Malta) and I can see the Germans winning convincingly enough for Spain Turkey and the Arabs siding with Germany.

    We seemed to have been saved more by personalties at some points in time than preparedness or sound decision over time. It makes me think about divine intervention at times.

    But people are blase blase about the military now as then. It scares me.

  11. I hadn’t thought of those two, you can add in the invasion of Yugoslavia, there were several divisions tied down there fighting the guerrillas, if those had been avaible on either the eastern or western fronts the war would have ended differently.

    Another mistake was in not funding the jet fighter, it was developed early enough that if the Germans had funded it production they could have made the bomb of Germany too expensive.

    Any student of military history can find numerous places where the Germans made massive mistakes.

    I just thought of another one, Germany declared war on the US after we declared war on Japan, since they hadn’t hit us it would have probably been politically infeasible for FDR to fight Germany, the public would have screamed that all of the men and materials were to be used in the Pacific. If that had happened We would have ended up facing a massivly armed Germany with just Canada, Australia and New Zealand as allies, and most of their fighting age men were in North Africa or Britain.

  12. Hitler ordered that technicians on jet and rocket projects be sent to the front in 1943 or maybe before. About a 1,000 went. Not all came back.

    It was still too late whether they sent them or not, but they would have done maybe a little more damage. The allies were shooting up to many air fields, German pilots were really green, and the allies had too many planes. so whether Hitler sent them to the Russian front of not made no difference in the outcome of the war.

    But it is a very clear example of his micromanaging & blunders.

    People also like to say Hitler was a genus because his public speaking while vile was effective. He learned that 3 ways. Debating with his fellow many while a private citizen, as the result of training given to him right after WW1 by the German army and psychologists training him for the elections in the early 1903s before he came to power.

    the last 2 should shake people up. Ever fool and his father snicker at yelling “Nein, Nein, Nein” and pounding his fist. But the truth is he learned, was taught and adjusted his style. it was not all genius. None it might have been. it was hard work for the wrong purpose.

    Hitler is no different than the dictators who are advised to lose the combat fatigues for a 3 pice suit by campaign advisors. Different Day Same S___

  13. Jewish people in general are a lot like my father. His name is on patents on nearly a dozen items some of which we all use every day without even thinking about. My father is extremely intelligent person and his friend that came to our home a number of times the only person I ever head of that got a 300 IQ which at the time only six people got. Neither were Jewish at the time (more history not important)

    Point is they are extremely focused once they get an idea in their head that is it they are done talking and have no patience whatsoever. When it came to real world applications or street smarts most of us call it they are stupid and I mean very stupid. They have absolutely no social interactive skills what so ever.

    You can see it through out history with Jewish people as well.

    Some examples:
    Jews fought side-by-side with Muslim soldiers to defend Jerusalem against the first Crusaders.
    This action really hurt the Jewish people reputation for centuries maybe even to this day.

    Genrikh Yagoda Jewish soviet in charge of the great purge and democide of largely Jewish people.

    Ernst Kantorowicz Jewish and one of the very few founding member of the Brown shirts of Nazi Germany.

    Today I hear Sheldon Adelson Jewish is supporting the attack on Syria siding with Al Quada

  14. I disagree, 43 wasn’t too late for the jet fighter to make a difference, if they were flying through the bomber formations at high speed and firing cannon at the bombers enough of them would have been destroyed to make the daylight bombing too expensive. This would have given the German Air Force and their industry a much needed relief. Remember back then were were pattern bombing cities with large number of bombers because the bombers were so inaccurate that was the only way to hit the rail yards factories and airfields next to the cities. The B17s were flying at speeds of between 250 and 300 mpg, a jet fighter moving through the formation at 500 or better would be able to do massive damage and cause the formation to spread out which would make them vulnerable to the propeller driven air craft. Those speeds would also have allowed the Germans to destroy a lot of the escorts without a much smaller chance of being hurt. Pilots that flew the bombers and escort fighters have said the same thing.

    With out daylight bombing to give greater accuracy and prevent the Germans from getting relief from the bombing the war would have lasted several years longer.

  15. Hitler was an idiot. Russia was allied at the beginning of the war and turned on them. If he had any brains he would have dealt with them ‘in good time’

  16. OxAO

    Very Interesting history. I learned a lot.

    I do not veiew Hitler as a genius like they like to do on Time-life Books or some of he rmedia company is selling books, or there is a documentary. I view him as reasonably intelligent or he would not have survived the politics of the NAZI party. But i consider him of average intelligence and driven. He was shrewd when it came to building a coalition & bullying. But those were all in the human norm. and yes he made a lot of mistakes whether from drugs, hubris or lack of IQ, they probably all figured in. But I do not want to consider him “magically” genius nor a bumbling idiot, because then i ‘ll never know why things happened.

    His promoting of blitzkrieg tactics or specifically armor might not have been foresight of what would work. It might have been currying favor with younger officers who needed someone one their side (And Hitler needed people on his side in the Wehrmacht). Hitler was playing off factions within the army off against each other. That can be called cunning, but not genius.

  17. Ox AO

    Kantorowicz joined right wing militias and fought in the Greater Poland Uprising (1918-1919) and helped put down the Spartacist uprising. But I don’t not see where he joined the NAZI party. It looked like he joined the FreiKorps from the description.

    The NAZI party was in Bavaria early on and spread. He may have joined and later quit later. What info do you have?

  18. The Germans never had a chance. Overrunning France was a fluke.

    Now lemme see. The problem here is that Nationalism which is directed at Muslims will inevitably have to address Israel in some way. It will also have to deal with the liberal Jewish diaspora which despises nationalistic sentiment of the Anti Immigrant variety. Expressions of this clash are inevitable.

  19. Every German campaign was a desperate gamble. Every single one. Had Rommel and Guderian been repulsed by French artillery at Sedan and the Meuse crossing the General Staff would have assassinated Hitler. It was all dependent on contingency.

  20. Blue:

    Originally the Sturmabteilung SA or Brown shirts where call the Freikorps they were a paramilitary organization that did assassinations and all kinds of fun stuff like that. They were forced to change their name to the SA. All members were part of the SA including Ernst Kantorowicz

  21. Dan:
    ” Overrunning France was a fluke.”

    I don’t think it was. there were a lot of people in high office that liked the Nazi’s in France
    There were more vichy volunteer early in the war then the French resistances.
    François Darlan was about to turn the French Navy over to the Germans.

  22. Dan German Officers were among the best in the world, Guderian designed the blitzkrieg as a combined arms operation to remove all opposition, their attack through the low countries that sweep around the French lines was good sense but since on one expect it, it was a stroke of genius. What you are doing is ignoring the way the German military was built up and strong while all other militaries in the world (with the exception of Japan) were weak. WWII was a close run thing with the result in doubts until late 1944. Saying anything different is denying the facts.

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