News links for Sept. 12 2013 – 2

1. Swimming pool ordered pregnant mother to remove vest top covering her bump… but let other women stay covered up for religious reasons


Lowell Green     
 (If callers are reflective of public view, we are winning the battle for eduction on Islam)

3. Fjordman: 9/11, Twelve Years On

4. Diesel ad featuring topless model with burka sparks controversy

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  1. Anyone know what the original sources of the picture from this blog entry? posted that

    I think this is a really good blog entry. it makes the point that so many bloggers make. they are fighting the good fight.

    The pictures of the beheading come from around the world and that is the important point. It is not anecdotal. I want to go to my representative this.

    The LSM sneers at bloggers and thus status quo politicians and reporters might say that it is untrustworthy. so I wan to know original sources.

  2. That review of the burqa ad was tame compared to this.

    I think the writer is actually non-Muslim. I would love to see this much passion from non-Muslim women in standing up for women who have no choice to wear the burqa and helping to free them from the oppressive garb. It is ridiculous that left wing women in liberal societies go to bat for radical fundamentalist women who choose to wear the burqa. These same radical women look down upon non-Muslims and women who are not covered up like them – look down upon the very women penning commentaries like the above. I would also love to see these left wing women come to the same defense for traditional or conservative women of other faiths – but they don’t because they are hypocrites. The burqad Muslim woman is on a pedestal.

  3. She could have written she was offended by the ad because it turns an oppressive garment into a fashion statement. That it makes light of the suffering of countless women who are forced to remain faceless in public. But she didn’t. She was offended about the “cultural appropriation” by the white woman (because there are no white Muslims in her pea brain) wearing a burqa in a milieu rife with “Islamaphobia”, and disrespecting the “agency” and “experience” of brown burqa wearing women. A lot of interesting PC nonsense buzz words

  4. 2/ It’s encouraging to hear so many Canadians state their objections to the niqab. It shouldn’t even be an issue in Canada. No one gets to go around in public with her face hidden, end of discussion. Promptly arrest and fine the ones who do.

    It’s also clear that many of the callers on Lorne Green’s show have only begun to unpack the problem for themselves. Maybe that includes Green. The focus should not be on the oppression of women in Islam. The niqab (and the burka and the hijab) are an assault on Canadian norms and values. For my sins I have spent too many years around too many hijabis and niqabis. In my opinion, trying to save these women from themselves is a waste of time. Many of them are worse than the men in terms of the virulence of their so-called religious beliefs. The converts of course are the vilest. The effort needs to go into saving ourselves from them.

    Women who are serious about getting out could have special shelters to flee to, something like Pamela Geller has tried. They would need protection from other Muslim women as much as from Muslim men.

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