News links for Sept. 12 2013 – 1

1. Another rapper-jihadi gets it doing jihad in Somalia

2. Abu Hamza’s lieutenant cannot be sent to America to face terror charges because it will breach his human rights

3. Zimbabwean immigrant, 32, jailed for infecting his girlfriend, 16, with HIV then telling her to sleep around

4. German Court ruled ‘social reality of life in Germany came above her religious beliefs

5. In Denmark, a new group emerges of women who want to fight Islamic oppression of women. At last.

6. City busses in Ottawa sport ‘truther’ adds suggesting 911 was an inside job. (interestingly, yesterday I also saw an add on a bus warning gay men to take no as an answer)

7. West Quebec institutions undecided on ‘opting out’ of Charter of Values (Burka ban)


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  1. TURKEY – Erdogan Says Ready to Die for Democracy as Turkey Protests Flare

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was ready to die to defend democracy and attacked the main opposition party for inciting protesters, after demonstrations flared up again throughout the country.

    Protesters have fought with police in several cities since a demonstrator was killed at a rally in the southern city of Antakya against plans to build a highway through forest land in Ankara. The unrest echoed the nationwide protests against Erdogan’s government in June that led to at least five deaths and hundreds of arrests amid a police crackdown.

    TURKEY – SEPTEMBER 11th 2013 :

  2. 6/
    So despite the fact that hundreds of witnesses saw two jet planes fly into the twin towers, and the fact that thousands of Muslims around the World cheered when it happened, and that al-Qaeda accepted responsibility, it was still an inside job was it?

    And why was it an inside job? Because Bush desperately needed an excuse to invade some poxy Third-World sewer called Afghanistan, which doesn’t really have much oil, if any, and is not worth fighting for. Might as well invade Luxembourg, at least it’s a nice place.
    Leftists think that they are such clever detectives because they can spot hidden clues, but they’re too stupid to notice the blatantly obvious.
    So the tower collapse was a controlled demolition because it fell down straight? How was it supposed to fall, to one side? And to which side, to the left, to the right or to the direction in which the wind was blowing?

    These claims are all ridiculous.
    Another thing – why do Muslims threaten attacks against the West every September 11th? Why, if they had nothing to do with it? And if 9/11 was really an inside job does that mean the Madrid bombings were as well, and the London 7/7 bombings? Maybe the Boston marathon attacks were inside jobs too, and the Lee Rigby murder.
    Leftards are clueless bufoons. They really, really, really want to believe that Islam is peaceful and that the U.S.A. is a tyrannical, imperialistic nation that is only interested in oil and money. If any old crackpot theory comes along that supports their belief they’ll fall for it hook, line and sinker. It’s a case of making the evidence fit the desired result, rather than use the evidence to find the result. Yet they mock people who have religious beliefs!
    The U.S. has plenty of oil of its own and if it really wants more, why not invade Saudi Arabia and be done with it, instead of spending millions on planning some sort of secret attack against its own citizens?
    If Bush and co. were really that evil then why didn’t they just invade other nations anyway, and to hell what anyone else thinks? Hitler didn’t need excuses, nor did Stalin. They just did it!

  3. RE # 1 Just as in the era of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, other dictator and fanatics when the ‘movement’ considers a person no longer ‘useful’, they are quickly discarded. These fools and dupes are just cannon fodder soon to be replaced with more idealist recruits.

  4. #2 No prob. just call in Seal Team 6 again. If they want to protect terrorists like Pakistan then treat them their boarder the same way.

    Seriously the conception of what is cruel and unsusual punishment is clearly subjective in this case.

    And lets look at what their standards for schizophrenia are in this case.

    ‘auditory hallucinations” The idiots have only the word of a terrorist who doesn’t want to go to America that he has experienced auditory hallucinations. NEXT!

    thought disorder. Duh. He’s a muslim fanatic.

    delusions of reference, “perception that is irrelevant, unrelated or innocuous and assumes a connection to something else, on account of some special personal significance, that is otherwise unrelated: ‘the notion that everything one perceives in the world relates to one’s own destiny’

    Again DUH, he’s a muslim fanatic. (have you ever read one of their rants?) They believe all sorts of twisted nonsense. Plus in the middle east people believe things based upon their desire to believe them, rather than basing their judgment upon objectivity. So there is a difference of culture that caused a missdiagnosis.

    delusions of grandeur DUH HE’S A MUSLIM FANATIC!!! He thinks killing people will lead to the grand result of creating a world spanding empire. He thinks he is a part of a group that will participate in the creation of a world spanning empire. That’s the whole F-ing point of Al Quada.

    and guarded and suspicious behaviour’ F-itty F-ing DUH!!!! HE’S A TERRORIST CAPTURED BY HIS ENEMIES and being interviewed by a psychiatrist. OF COURSE HE’S GOING TO BE GUARDED AND SUSPICIOUS.

    By the standards presented in the article ALL muslim terrorists can be diagnosed as schizophrenic.

  5. #3 “The ‘callous’ man, who cannot be named for legal reasons” – dailymail

    Deny information, deny information deny information. Do not allow people to form judgments outside the purview of the government or the complicit press.

    He has been freaking CONVICTED. So what GOOD legal reason could there be? Slander? It is not slander if it is true.

    That he cannot integrate back into society after his lackadaisical sentence of 4.5 years? Between the joke of a sentence and his anonymity he will try to do it again and he will be able to get away with it thanks to a press that slobberingly follows the government

    “given a 10-year anti-social behaviour order which bans him from having penetrative sex with anyone without disclosing to them that he is HIV positive.” – dailymail

    So are we to assume that 15 years from now he is free to have penetrative sex with other without telling his HIV status? Or that it will be considered habit by then and he will always be truthful and will no longer need to be monitored? Maybe they are counting on the fact that in his late 40s he will not be able hook up?

  6. Naturally being an Islamic realist site by definition apparently means any analysis of the actual physical evidence that was ignored by any official investigation is wrong. Welcome to a political polemic.

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