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5 Replies to “Taliban kill woman for adultery, blame her for lack of rain. April 2013”

  1. That is not a perversion of Islam or a “fundamentalist” interpretation, that is precisely what the Holy Quran tells Believers to do with a Muslim caught in adultery. Islam must be eradicated from the face of the earth. It is the epitome of evil. Did you catch that moment when the crowd started shouting “allah”? Did it send a chill up your spine? Well it should. That is the very worst face of the human ape, and Islam encourages it with every page of its “holy” Quran…

  2. “They were right to do so — but not for the reasons many conservatives suggest.”

    “Conservative politicians and commentators warned ahead of the ruling that the emergence of parallel worlds must be prevented. Some even detected in the unwillingness of Muslims to participate in co-ed swimming courses a sign of the creeping “Islamization” of Germany. Today swim class, tomorrow Sharia. This attitude is based on a form of anti-Muslim racism that remains widespread in German”


    The ruling faction of Der Spiegel and maybe most of them are incorrigible. Even if a court ruling is the same as what conservatives would make they have to come up with an alternate and thus face saving explanation. And they allow no comments. Many newspapers are only allowing comments on selective articles. It is a game so people can see how their fellow countrymen think. they would not like the masses to know they are numerous and strong.

    I looked a the headlines for some other stories. They have a definite leftward slant form Green energy, to AGW and to flagellating themselves over WW2.

    “A miniature railway museum in Hamburg has given the country’s six largest political parties a small plot of “land” to show off their visions of a future Germany, which include gay blood donation, Bavarian festivals and members of the far right taking a beating.”

  3. subhuman,inbred humanoids! imam obama wants to import millions of these into our country and force us all to live under this kind of demonic horror! These are his “peace partners” the taliban!

  4. If Obama’s anthropologist Mom was still around, she could go live among the fascinating indigenous people of tribal Afghanistan on a Fullbright scholarship and publish papers on this thrilling link to archaic scapegoating practices and our moral obligation to respect and preserve it. Or one of her successors could celebrate the diversity on an Ann Dunham Soetoro Graduate Fellowship from the East-West Center in Hawaii.

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