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3 Replies to “UN Human rights council ignores gas in Syria preferring to attack Israel for fictional or defensive moves on homes”

  1. I completely share the authentic outrage by UNwatch and have said before that the UN should not only be disbanded, but indicted for facilitating and encouraging human rights violations. They also should transfer their HQ to Teheran.

    But I think that in the case of Syrian’s gassed children, we have to point the finger, not so much at Assad, but at the very ordures who – even in this video – have attacked Israel, because it was they who sent the child-killers to Syria and it was their child-raping jihadist “rebels” who first kidnapped the children from the minority Alawites (I dont know the spelling right now, it’s the Assad branch of islam in Syria) and who then gassed them. Obama knows this. The UN knows this. And this increases the stench of all this posturing about “do we go into Syria or dont we” a thousandfold.


  2. Obviously Iraq is failing miserably. Where is the outrage?

    Suicide bomber kills 30 at Baghdad mosque, police say (CNN, Sept 11, 2013)
    “A suicide bomber blew himself up amid a crowd of worshipers at a Shiite mosque in Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 30 people and wounding 55, police said. The bomber wore an explosive vest, which he detonated Wednesday evening in the northwestern al-Kassra neighborhood, police officials said. The force of the blast damaged not only the mosque but several buildings nearby, police said…”

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