News links for Sept 11 2013 – 2

1. Islamic mosque, cultural centre approved for city’s southeast outskirts

A large mosque will rise in Calgary’s southeast corner, after council brushed aside planners’ worries the city shouldn’t approve projects in zones that are not even planned yet.

A major Calgary Islamic group that has outgrown its Queensland worship centre bought the 3.7-hectare site in 2007, just south of Marquis of Lorne Trail at 104th Street S.E. and several minutes’ drive from any current neighbourhoods.

It wants to build a $27.8-million community campus that starts with a mosque and community centre, but eventually would include schools, apartments and a strip mall.

2. RT: Foreign jihadis going to Syria to fight jihad and for a caliphate in Syria

3. “Two Million Bikers” Rally Roars Into D.C. for 9/11

On their Facebook page, in all caps, the group said they will stand by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, adding that they’re “against any fundamental transformation of America.”

(On the second one skip through to 50 seconds to save yourselves a minute)

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9 Replies to “News links for Sept 11 2013 – 2”

  1. From the video’s I can count under 20 people all non-Muslim all with signs that blame the attacks on the US government. There is about about 1000 cops most you can see parked cars in different locations not at the walk site.

    The black guy leading the march using a loud speaker he never said anything of relevance throughout the march. Then a lady takes over the mic and jabbers on about our prisons and other issues.

    If they were on a Forum like this one we would call them trolls

  2. 1/ A “community campus?” New one on me.

    “I can’t see why we can’t build a neighbourhood around a mosque,” Ald. Gian-Carlo Carra said, calling it an “ideal” hub for a future community.

    Yep, perfect. And as long as they’re planning ahead they could reserve a parcel of land for a chop chop square.

    Nice shot of Nisar, Khurram, Arshad and Ghufram wading in the tall grass, striding across their newly acquired piece of prairie, looks like a shanty behind them, a line of poplars maybe, a rail fence. This land was your land, this land is my land.

  3. re: 2 Million bikers rally in DC . . .how long before NSA and IRS audit, tax, and penalize anyone who owns a motorcycle in the US in retribution for offending the perpetually offended cult?

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