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16 Replies to “Attempted assassination on Lars Vilks?”

  1. Another great and truthful man has been attacked. But, in the case of Lars, it’s not the first time. Muslim cowards will keep on attacking the same victim, and why? Because they can’t handle the truth and the same victim is always a target…

    But now, I’m going to talk about kettles. Have you seen a kettle? Do you use a kettle? Have you ever put water into a kettle and put just put enough water in to boil your own coffee, but nobody elses?
    Have you ever actually filled a kettle and realised that there is enough water to fill several cups? Maybe you want to make tea or coffee for your entire family, or maybe you have friends around.

    If you fill the kettle, it takes longer to boil, but it sure boils for longer and with more pressure. Am I not right?

    This is the thing. A lot of kettles have been filled and many are about to boil. Don’t forget that the steam engine is a type of moving kettle. Steam can make things move and it can make them move fast!
    The West is full of switched-on kettles, but they haven’t reached boiling point yet. At least, not all of them – but some have. Many kettles haven’t boiled yet.
    When all the kettles boil, Muslims will be scalded by the heat. We are a people of boiling kettles. Don’t fuck with us. We are almost simmering. Soon the kettles will boil and the whistles will be blowing. Don’t fuck with Britain or the U.S. Don’t fuck with Canada or Europe. You will feel the heat and you will get your fingers and faces burnt.
    Muslims, don’t fuck with us!

    Cup of tea, anyone?

  2. All it would take for us to win the fight against the religion of Islam would be for the Mainstream media to simply show some of those beheading videos to the general public and then say, “This is what we’re up against, folks. These are the savage animals that are attacking us – what are we going to do about it?” That’s all it would take to snap the soft lefties out of their trance of denial, and put a good solid majority behind the fight, instead of only the right wing, as it is now. I wonder if any of the “journalists” working in the MSM are aware of the monstrous lie they are perpetrating, or are they simply too uneducated and incurious to even know it.

  3. I also like the aforementioned blog because of the pictures of the Hezbollah soldiers and you giving Hitler/NAZI salutes.

    I don’t care what godrey’s rule is. Supposedly WW2 is the last good war that the left and right can agree on. By good I mean that we can come to the same conclusions for the same reasons. then again nothing is ever easy when dealing with the left.

    So here is my beef. We have all this pictures of Hesbollah youth that look like hitler Youth. They have you camps that look like hitler youth camps. These kids are being indoctrinated. We also have all those soldiers.

    So the left says now we we have to get Assad because of what he did and only now does the left pay attention to the pictures. Where were they from the 1980s until now. That is 33 years of being missing in actions.

    Now they want us to jump in bed with Al Qaeda and the Muslim brotherhood. The left does not think clearly.

    Then again the only reason we had peace at home from the left is because the Soviet Union as attacked. Otherwise the left would have stabbed using the back then too.

  4. There are times when one can take the view that both sides are equally bad, and the best is we do nothing, but let them get on with it.

    In the case of Syria that is not the case. Syria with Assad or any other Allawite leader will, respect the rights of all minorities and people. This is not because of some moral reason – morality is never the issue in politics, but the fact that Allawites have no option but to safeguard everyone, or else they will be toast.

    In Syria, the biggest faction is the Muslim Brotherhood. Assad senior crushed them, and that was good for all Syrians. Now, with Obama as president, the MB think they might get what they want.

    Democracy, as in one person one vote, is good only when there already is broad tolerance in society. “One person one vote”, then is merely the icing on the cake. At this moment in time, Islamic societies are not ready for democracy – Muslims agree with this. Any power, like the USA, that goes around the world deposing reasonable dictatorships with “one person one vote”, is not really extending civil society but imposing chaos for the longterm.

    I have never considered American leadership (strategists and political advisers, who define and implement strategic policies), to be ignorant and stupid,

  5. Commenting ob DP111’s comment

    #2 & #3 That sums it up. The tolerance of minorities is based necessity not morality

    #4 on a sliding scale the American people might not be ready (fit) for Democracy anymore due to the Democrat party. I would blame identity politics as a major contributor. But there are all the normal stressors for people and groups such as corruption. Ben Franklin answered a woman who asked what we had won at the end of the American Revolution. Franklin said “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”. John Adams said “Our constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”

    America is less corrupt than the Middle east or has been. What about now? Of course once we reach the threshold of corruption, poverty and whatever, a politician could say Democracy won’t work, what we need is an Administrator a la Woodrow Wilson. A book called The Administrator” about a benevolent dictator was very popular in Wilson’s time (at least with some swathes of society).

    Never mind that it is the crony capitalism, Santa clause politics and Cloward-Piven strategies that get us there.

    #5 Unless politics is all kabuki theater, there has to be some stupid strategists and political advisors. I’ll grant that many are smart enough to fool the electorate (as whole) because they get their team elected and they get influence to enrich themselves. But I hardly call that statesmen-like or that it ensures long term survivability

  6. Red

    Your quote: Franklin said “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”. John Adams said “Our constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”

    is right.

    The constitution of the USA was never meant to encompass all cultures. “Give me your huddled masses” was never part of the constitution, and yet has become the rope to hang faithful citizens to the constitution. Heck, even the last now believe that sharia fanatic Jihadis can be converted to the American ethos. Fort Hood and Hasan seems not to make any difference.

  7. Red #5

    When I wrote of strategists and political advisers, I’m was not referring to those who get their man elected but to those permanent civil servants who devise long term strategic policies in a global war.

    The strategic policy for dealing with the USSR and the Warsaw pact was defined by top civil servants in the US and the UK , and then followed with little deviation by all NATO members. They devised a policy that was carried out by subsequent administrations regardless, as the senior civil servants would have advised them, that that was the best and only available option. So it is after 9/11.

    No PM or president can function if he does not have the confidence of the senior permanent civil staff.

    If you get an opportunity watch the “Yes PM” series, if you havnt already. Very funny. Even Margaret Thatcher watched it regularly. They are available on Amazon quite cheap.

    Thanks for responding.

  8. The Three episodes of Yes Prime Minister which are back to back with one of them being called, ‘The Key’ are excellent and explain UK – Israeli foreign policy and the relationship with the UN rather interestingly.

  9. EEyore

    Thanks for the lookup. I have the whole set of DVDs – Yes PM and Yes Minister.

    PS How is Tigger these days? He is an optimist.

  10. @ DP111

    I have to check into “Yes PM”.

    To some extent whether it is pre modern China and their mandarins running the civil service or the United States, agencies seem to have a life of their own. Which seems to agree with sociology which teaches that organization can be thought of as organisms.

    What you say is very interesting. But I would think in such a large body of people there would be factions and not just of the right and left.

  11. Red

    The whole set of Yes PM and Yes Minister are not just witty, but insightful in the way government works, particularly the UK and Anglophone countries.

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