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2 Replies to “Diana West speaks on her new book and the controversy it has generated”

  1. “(When I sent her a collegial email questioning this assertion, and requesting that we get together to talk about it, she became huffy. “Dialoguing is one thing,” she emailed back; “issuing directives is another.”)”

    What kind of adult writes like this? “She became huffy”

    Is this one of those sovietized code-words that infantalized people are allowed to say to disparage someone, but did not infer their ethnicity, gender or religion in anyway?

    Or should “huffy” should become the new “retard” with posters showing victimized huffy-bearers of misery.

    When a writer ‘of facts’ disparages another writer by telling us what they are thinking, it’s time to end the discourse.

    Since the 1970’s the socialists have been ‘minded’ to act out everything a sane person would not, that they themselves would claim was not really them, but a journey based upon a figment of their imagination.

    “I have a dream” is such wishful propaganda as are “hope” and “change”.

    “I have a reality” is more the case when you step outside your front door.

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