The Europeans are waking up: Surveys show rapidly increasing support for Islam-critical parties

By Nicolai Sennels

If you think Europe will sleep through its Islamisation, you are wrong. Surveys predict a sharp increase of power to Islam-critical parties in coming elections in several European countries. This reflects the Europeans’ increasingly negative attitude towards Islam and Muslim immigration. This does not mean that the explosion of Muslim violence against non-Muslims all over Western Europe will stop, or that the heavily armed Muslim bastions that are eating up thousands of cities on our continent will start obeying secular law and authorities instead of imams and homemade sharia courts. Nor does it mean that Islamic terrorists will quit their plans to destabilize our societies with the use of bombs, poison, kidnappings, highjacking, train derailments, cyber attacks, political lobbying, etc.

What it means is that the final blow between Islam and Europe will happen earlier than many expected. The point where the conflict could have been solved through a full stop for Muslim immigration and refugees, crackdowns on mosques preaching the unrevised and thus unconstitutional version of the Quran, complete rollback of any kind of islamization, effective policing in troubled ghettos, repatriation of criminal and unemployed immigrants without full citizenship, decreased welfare for people unable to speak the country’s language, child support limited to two children, paid repatriation, and much heavier sentences for engaging in gang-related crimes, violence and rape (with the possibility to get a cut in the sentence if they emigrate to a non-EU country) without losing blood, sweat and tears fighting civil war-like riots and organised Islamic guerrilla groups was passed more than a decade ago.

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Also by Dr. Sennels, an important analysis of the meaning of jihad, both the greater and ‘lesser.’

Jihad Watch—Greater jihad is an inner struggle aiming at removing psychological habits and biological instincts that keep Muslims from following the Islamic teachings. The problem is that the pinnacle of these teachings is the lesser jihad, killing or subjugating non-Muslims. Greater jihad is just another word for self-radicalisation.

In some Islamic traditions, scholars talk about two kinds of jihad: greater jihad and lesser jihad. Greater jihad denotes an inner psychological struggle of submitting to Muhammed’s example and the teachings of Allah. Lesser jihad is what is commonly known as Islamic holy war — the attempt to spread Islam by submitting non-Muslims and non-Islamic areas to Sharia through preferably violent, but also non-violent, means.

Lesser Jihad

It would be a grave mistake to think that just because the term jihad is used in two different ways, violent jihad is a misinterpretation of Islam. It is not. Using violence to physically impose Sharia on the world is a duty of all Muslims, stated many places in the Islamic scriptures.

And just because the inner psychological jihad is called the “greater”, it does not mean that it is better than the “lesser” — the outer and violent jihad. On the contrary. The hadiths, the Islamic scriptures describing the life and sayings of Muhammed, clearly define killing and being killed fighting non-Muslims as “the highest jihad” — and therefore also higher than the inner jihad. One example (Ibn Nuhaas, Book of Jihad, Translated by Nuur Yamani, p. 177): “Aman asked Rasulullaah: ‘…and what is Jihad?” He replied: ‘You fight against the disbelievers when you meet them (on the battlefield).’ He asked again: ‘What kind of Jihad is the highest?’ He replied: ‘The person who is killed whilst spilling the last of his blood.'”

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12 Replies to “The Europeans are waking up: Surveys show rapidly increasing support for Islam-critical parties”

  1. UN:s vice general secretary Jan Eliasson says Syria didn’t delay UN inspectors from access to the areas of the alleged chemical attack. Instead he says it was the quickest negotiations he has ever been part of:

    “- The attack took place on 21 August, on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. We negotiated immediately with the Syrian regime. I personally handed over the formal request on Thursday. And we sent our special representative Angela Kane to Beirut and then into Syria. And Saturday night, she met the deputy foreign minister and on sunday we had the agreement. So I would argue that it is one of the fastest negotiations we have made to get the samples, says Eliasson.”

  2. Reports from inspectors on the ground, said they bravely did their job under sniper fire. My question is if the Syrian Government was the ones who gassed their people, then why would the rebels be taking pot shots at the inspectors? My bet is it was the Rebels who gassed the people and were hoping for a stronger response from the US and the rest of the free world against the Assad Regime. We know who the rebels are. Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Not exactly Mother Teresa.

  3. Europe, come on. We can work together on this. Though, I must say that once we have defeated our enemies let’s part and go our separate ways, please.
    Okay, okay, we can have a free trade agreement…. but no more EU. We don’t need it. Let’s keep our separate cultures.
    Friends? yes… Allies? yes…. Bed-partners? No, not any more!

  4. (b)arack “Insane (o)bama is guilty of deceiving the American people and the world by placing the blame for the chemical attack on the Assad regime, rather than the rebels. It is not that he is simply misinformed, he knows the truth and so does John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others. They are guilty of criminal conspiracy and need to be held to account. It is my sincere hope that they all never again see the light of day.

  5. ” This does not mean that the explosion of Muslim violence against non-Muslims all over Western Europe will stop ”


    USA/Europe + “israel” killed about 20 millions of muslims since end of 2ºWW.

    saudi arab

    and many countries are being attacked and being invaded.

    Massacre of muslims is in fact the major massacre against one faith in all the times, winning cruzades or inquisition.

    CIA/Mossad/MI-6 created “conconting” lies in sites like this to whip up hate against islam while all europe and USA are bankrupting

  6. It will certainly be a war against islam.It’s just matther of time before it happens.The final war and never accept islam in Europe again.

  7. We need to run them out of all non Muslim countries. Either leave or convert to something else. Practicing the Islamic faith- that faith that hates all other faiths- needs to be destroyed. let them rot in the middle east. Although If I had my way I would take back all the old countries that used to be christian.

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