News and links for Aug 31 2013 – 1

1. British woman, in argument over illegally  parked Gypsy trailer, fined a pile of cash for racially insulting them back.

Former Sunday school teacher and community stalwart José Hampson claimed she was sworn at and intimidated when she backed her Jaguar through the gates of their camp to turn it around.

But the respected toyshop owner was fingerprinted and ordered to provide a DNA sample after the gipsies told police she had shouted racist abuse at them.

2. Anyone who thinks that Islam is friendly to other religions or ways of life should really have a look at this 4 min video  of fairly pedestrian orthodox Islamic prophesy. Notice what ‘dropping the Jizya’ means. It is not dropping the requirement for non-muslims to pay it but dropping the option to pay it and offering only death or conversion to Islam.

3. Montreal convention centre cancels Muslim conference, citing security concerns

  The Parti Quebecois government, which wants to introduce a new secular charter this fall, had asked Ottawa to block some of the conference’s speakers from entering the country.

In a letter to her federal counterpart last week, Quebec’s minister responsible for the Status of Women, Agnes Maltais, said some of the speakers were circulating ideas that violated the “principles of equality.”

4. Finland: Christian church premises stained with slogans glorifying Islam

Seurakuntalainen: The premises of the Helsinki, The Living Word church has been the target of long-term vandalism. The windows of the church’s assembly have been repeatedly defaced with texts idealizing Islam.

The public spaces of the Helsinki Living Word Church has been vandalized during August, at least three times. The windows of the church premises are painted with slogans glorifying Islam and criticizing Western culture and values. The incident was first reported on

5. Quebec’s attempt at cultural self defense generating some news.

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3 Replies to “News and links for Aug 31 2013 – 1”

  1. Seems to me, if there is a dress code /school uniform, then everyone should follow it, not just atheists.
    Maybe if the dole (unemployment benefits) was refused to people who refused to work because they would be expected to follow the rules, then more people would work.
    What is more important to you: Covering your face – or earning a living?
    If it is not the second, you don’t deserve to live in a western society.

  2. #1 She said, they said. Any gypsy that lives a nomadic lifestyle has no honor. So it does not matter how many witnesses there were.

    These particular gypsies are particularly stupid. Sure they got a pound of flesh from this woman, but now she hates them more or just hates them whereas before she did not.

    It is like in business. A satisfied customer tells 4 people and a dissatisfied customer tells 16. So what ahas happened? Many more people distrust gypsies which will make it harder for them to get honest jobs. It will be harder to get jobs because most people who deal with gypsies think the gypsies think of them as marks. Who wants to be a mark? If you cannot network it is much harder to get a job.

    Point is these gypsies have F_____ themselves and they are so smug they are patting themselves on the back.

    Oh and the law and law enforcement made an @ss of itself. Handel on “the law has a favorite saying. The law is an @ss.” There was a famous case where a guy got his record cleared by Judge Judy. A woman hit a guy and the woman lies so badly that the judge, prosecutor and everyone wanted to convict this guy of a felony. And the thing is no one cared. That is until he went before Judge Judy. The guy got hit by the woman and all he wanted was an apology.So she went feral on him and charge him with all sorts of crimes. That was in America. Same crap happens in Britain as we can see.

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