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2 Replies to “Four dead so far in Pro Morsi protests in Egypt today”

  1. We have evil people too! So I am occasionally told… I am just missing out on those market explosions, church bombings, parking slot executions, massive attacks against jails and the following jailbreaks, fatwas against modern and classical music, cartoons and homosexuals and so on and so forth – I guess. However, it looks like we could easily make it up soon. All we need to do is to keep importing those mustards…

    Iraq unrest: Samarra car bomb ‘kills 16’ at city market (BBC, Aug 29, 2013)
    “At least 16 people have been killed in a car bomb attack on a market in the Iraqi city of Samarra, officials say.

    Another 26 people were wounded in the explosion, which struck at 06:45 (15:45 GMT) as shoppers attended the popular Mraydi fruit and vegetable market.

    Samarra, a mostly Sunni Arab city, is 100km (62 miles) north of Baghdad.

    Sectarian tensions are on the rise in Iraq. On Wednesday more than 80 people died in a series of co-ordinated bomb blasts in mainly Shia areas of Baghdad…”

  2. What the world needs to do is to build a visible-from-space wall around the Muslim countries, complete with gun towers, helicopters, and satellite surveillance. Then, they need to keep these people behind that wall until such time as they come to their senses and abandon this terrible cult that they have fallen prey to. Islam has nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with worldly conquest. It is not a religion, it is a gang. One day, maybe a hundred years from now, they will free themselves and become eligible to live alongside the people of Earth.

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