Links and news for Aug 23 2013 – 2

1. Twin bombings rock mosques in Tripoli, Lebanon

At least 29 people died and more than 500 were wounded in the bomb blasts, Lebanese Red Cross head George Kettanah said, according to Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency.

There was heavy gunfire after the explosions, Tripoli residents told CNN.

While the motive for the attacks was unclear, NNA said they appeared to target mosques run by imams with ties to Syrian rebels.

2. U.S. tax dollars help fund UN ‘hate camp’ in Gaza: documentary

Palestinian children as young as 5 are being taught to hate Jews, glorify martyrs and support jihad, and a U.S.-funded United Nations agency is helping to underwrite the effort, according to a controversial new documentary.

3. How to Survive as a Jew in Sweden

in Sweden kosher butchering was outlawed in 1937 and has been illegal ever since. By contrast, hallal slaughter is not banned in Sweden. My government, when asked about the disparity, replies that the methods of slaughter in Judaism are uniquely barbaric.

4. Police: Arrest Made In Beating Death Of 88-Year-Old WWII Vet

Authorities say the two young African American men, between 16 and 19 years old, approached Delbert Belton in his car Wednesday night outside an Eagles Lodge as he was waiting for a friend.

Belton was found by police with serious head injuries and died in the hospital Thursday.

Belton’s daughter-in-law tells KREM-TV that the suspects beat him with flashlights. More also here

5. 400 British citizens emigrate every day

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of British citizens who have moved abroad has risen by a fifth under the Coalition, reaching 154,000 last year.

Separate figures, published by the OECD, show that almost 1.3million Britons with university-level education are living abroad, more than any other developed economy.

6. Caroline Glick:  Resetting US foreign policy

(this is well worth reading)

7. The imam who defected: Extremists run all Danish mosques

 The truth is that there is not a single mosque or Muslim organization in Denmark that is not run by Islamists. As soon as you enter the house of the believers, you are met with Islamism whether you want it or not. As soon as you become a devoted Muslim, you are infected by extremism, says Ahmed Akkari.

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10 Replies to “Links and news for Aug 23 2013 – 2”

  1. #4 The scum that did this aren’t fit to be in the same room with their victim, I will bet that if he had been in his prime they would have avoided him like the plague.

    #5 If the British government would stop catering to the Moslems and instead support the British and their culture a lot fewer people would be leaving, they are leaving Britain to try and find a place where they can fee safe and welcome.

  2. #6 I wish I was as articulate as she is, she has writing skill, brains and good looks. Everything she says in the column is true and those facts should be told to every person in the world.

  3. “While the motive for the attacks was unclear, the state-run National News Agency said they appeared to target mosques run by imams with ties to Syrian rebels.”

    Duh! Duh! Duh! says the drooling CNN reporter.

    What is known of Tripoli. In Lebanon it is a Sunni stronghold and not a Hezbollah or Shia stronghold.

    Was not the head quarters or within a block of Hez HQ car bombed about a month ago?

    There are Sunni neighborhoods in Beirut. They could be held for some time. The only real safe stronghold that the Sunni could readily defend and expand is Tripoli.

    This is just tit for tat. Each side bearding the lion in its’ den.

  4. Richard

    What galls me, is that for over 15 years, Muslims have been raping underage girls all over Britain. The authorities ignored their pleas for help, and the media hushed it up.

    The same is happening in Sweden, and probably everywhere in Europe.

    Something is terribly wrong in Europe when things like this can happen, and for PC reasons it is ignored.

  5. RE # 7 Not just Denmark these inbred mutants are using most of their mosques as a base HQ for their ‘fifth column’. Doing nothing and keeping quiet is SOP for the ‘faithful’ I don’t trust them at all. It has been said that many mosques have enforcement squads to keep the ‘faithful’ in line, and ‘counsel’ them when they stray from the teachings of the prophet. This I believe is why most Muslims are silent on terrorism and other ME developments, out of fear of reprisal or worse violence.

  6. Richard

    There is another aspect to Muslim numbers – immediate large scale mobilisation of young Muslim men at the drop of a hat. Fjordman writes, that in Europe, any altercation on the street involving Muslims and other people, or the police, leads to hundreds of Muslims gathering at the spot in a matter of minutes. This can only happen if the there is a communication, command/control and conveyance system to facilitate such a rapid response.

    1. Communication – the mobile phone does that

    2. Command centre – the mosque or its affiliates

    3. Conveyance – in most European cities the taxi service is operated by Muslims. This provides a quick and reliable service to take Muslim units to the confrontation zone.

    4. Combat ready young men.

    The result of this integrated system is that in any confrontation, Muslims, though a minority, are able to have local superiority in numbers at the confrontation zone. This system allowed them to gain superiority even over the police, as apparent in demionstrations.

    What Muslims have done is something quite unique for a group of people who have come as “immigrants”. They have set-up Rapid Response units in all the major cities of Europe. From these locations they can mount effective responses to even small towns, even when they do not have any presence there. Its an invasion force in all but name.

    Even if we arm ourselves, all we will have is a group of people who are armed but disorganised. Unless we have an informal militia like Muslims do, we will fail. Americans with arms is not sufficient.

    Muslims as one notes, are not just organised politically but also militarily with Rapid Response units, and yet not seen as such by the authorities.

  7. DP I can’t argue with you on anything you have said, in my opinion almost all of the elected officials in all European nations are committing treason, as are almost all of the bureaucrats. I know the reason why they are doing this, they want to tear down the west to build a socialist utopia, but don’t know what can be done to stop them right now. I also see a lot of signs the ordinary people are getting upset and are fighting back against the socialist leaders as well as the Moslems.

    Not too long ago I read an article about how late 19th Century and early 20th Century technology need a big government to keep the people safe, but that the IT technology as well as the other new techs (3D printers, 5 and better axis milling machines that can go into anyone’s basement or hobby room) are making big government impossible. There is a lot of truth in the article and the author if anything has underestimated the effect of the new techs.

    What we have to do is hold on and keep fighting until enough people join us to make the conquest of the world by either the socialist/Marxists/progressives or the Moslems impossible. And with the new tech looking like it is going to return us to the local craftsman being the source of choice for many things the big government will be very outdated.

  8. DP the only way you can combat the rapid response teams of the Moslems in with your own, you have ample evidence based on the actions of the government actions against the EDL of what will happen if you do this. Technology gives you the ability to organize and fight back, it also gives the police the ability fto discover what you are doing.

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