Links and news for Aug 21 2013 – 3

1. Jaw-dropping attempt at deception by grandson and former faculty member of Oxford, Tarek Ramadan who claims that it was not the Muslim Brotherhood or its supporters who have been attacking the Christians in Egypt.

(reminds me of the alleged change of heart of the Danish imam on the issue of the cartoons)

2. Greece headed for third bailout.  and also here at the DM

3. Still no description of the 2 men who are suspected of releasing chemicals that sent many people to hospital several days ago, despite security cam footage an hundreds of witnesses. It is truly amazing how we can live in an age of such easy access to global publishing to all in the West and yet so much government control. This like so many stories that appear weekly need to be followed up before they fall down the memory hole.

4. Saudi Arabia’s war on witchcraft 

The sorceress was naked.

The sight of her bare flesh startled the prudish officers of Saudi Arabia’s infamous religious police, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV), which had barged into her room in what was supposed to be a routine raid of a magical hideout in the western desert city of Madinah’s Al-Seeh neighborhood. They paused in shock, and to let her dress.


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  1. 1/ Tariq Ramadan (like Reza Aslan), is one of the most dangerous of Muslims because he is not all that he seems. He represents the civilised, suit-wearing, pleasant-faced side of Islam.
    Ramadan is a charming, smiling, wolf in sheep’s clothing, but he is also the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet there are still many idiots around who take him seriously!
    I personally, would not trust the bastard as far as I could throw him!
    He does not represent your usual pajama-wearing, bearded, hate-ranter, but instead he is one of the most proficient of taqiyya-merchants, a devious little weasel who probably gives lessons in deception to Satan himself!

    People like Ramadan should be exposed for what they are, and personally, I think that they should be the first onto the gallows, even before we get round to stringing up the violent fanatics.
    At least the real fanatics are as clear as crystal and have some honest intentions, but Ramadan and his like are nothing but seditious, conniving, fork-tongued snakes. No punishment is too severe for parasites like these.
    A special (and extra hot) place in Hell has been reserved for Tariq Ramadan and all the other deceiving pieces of Muslim shit who are just like him.

  2. 1/

    @ Softly Bob: THANK YOU!!! I agree with everything you said there and more ! Taric Ramadan is as dangerous a piece of excrement as shit can be – somewhere (and I cannot find it now) I saw a video of him, showing himself as close to what he really is – from memory he was addressing a muslim crowd in arabic and it was translated into French – he was soooooo fundamentalist islamic spruiking the non-sanitised sharia that it made your blood curdle – he did not know that this was being filmed and translated into French.

    Yet, remember the massacre of the little Jewish children in their school in France by that “should-have-been-aborted” Mohamed Merah? Well in Australia, our national broadcaster ABC, the very next day brought a 2 page long comment by Taric Ramadan, not only “explaining” why a muslim should shoot down to little children and their father in their school and then ran after a 8. y.o. girl, who was running away, having seen the massacre, pulling her to him by her blonde hair, and shooting her in her little face – filming the whole thing (a video Al Jazeera was about to publish if it would not have been for the begging of the then French President Sarkozy not to) and declaring this arab/muslim/ paper-French piece of shite THE VICTIM! (meanwhile Mohamed Merah is a “hero” among the muslim colonisers of France) and so, Softly Bob is right, when he says that Taric Ramadan is extremely dangerous.

    In the French (nearly wholly dhimmified) media, Taric Ramadan is the adored poster boy.

  3. Softly Bob wrote: Ramadan is a charming, smiling, wolf in sheep’s clothing, but he is also the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet there are still many idiots around who take him seriously!

    Its good though that these wolves are in the public eye, for when the times comes to undress them, it will be done in public.

  4. #1 He wouldn’t believe notarized confessions.

    #2 Each bailout delays the inevitable collapse, the big problem of the bailouts is that while they delay the collapse they also insure that it will be worse then if there had been no bailout.

    #3 Either the authorities are lying about not having any pictures or the attack was carried out by a real pro who knows how to disguise himself and plant the weapon in a smooth and almost unseen manner.

  5. This ramadan guy doesnt seem ton know muslim brotherhood history very well. He claimed in the video that MB and the Copts the “last 60 years were very close” That is not true. Copts have never felt that MB is on their side, rather the opposite. That guy can not be taken seriously Copts verify his story. As I understand Copts (after googlign old newspaper articles from the past) do not feel the same way about MB and Copt relations “the last 60 years” as this ramadan guy.

  6. I’ve tried searching Harris county crime stoppers but nothing is coming up for the Walmart attack. They must be spending a lot of time analyzing the video! And where are the eye witnesses? Didn’t anyone actually see this attack? It could have been theft but there are no reports of merchandise being taken from the store.

  7. Les it has the marks of a well planned professional attack, sad to say but true. Remember there are suppose to be thousands of highly trained spec ops types in place in North America.

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