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2 Replies to “Pro Muslim Brotherhood muslims march in Montreal pretending to want democracy”

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    I think the thing that makes me truly despise Islamists is their mendacity. In the Holy Quran, the Arab god, “Allah” actually boasts about what a liar he is and makes the claim that he is the biggest and best liar in the entire universe – no kidding. Look at those marchers marching down the street, proudly lying their bearded little heads off about how much they want “democracy”, when we all know they crave a Muslim theocracy. Their god, “Allah” considers lying to be a sign of cleverness, while Westerners see it as a sign of being a piece of solid waste. It just never occurs to these people that if you lie all the time, people will start to get the idea that you cannot be trusted, and then they will start referring to you as a “liar” and stop believing anything and everything you say. Then, after a while, people will start wanting to build huge concrete walls around their neighborhoods, just to keep you out because they fear and hate you to the point that they don’t want you coming around at all. Islam is a really bad idea for absolutely everybody, including the Islamists themselves…

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